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>>2 I know this is shitposting but please don't delete this.
>>45 Telekinesis
>>86 I spied on a military aircraft with astral projection
>>152 Fringe Wizard's Guide to Demons & Demon Hunting
>>691 Fringe Wizard's Astral Projection Guide
>>745 Have you ever considered this...
>>1407 Elements of Harmony
>>1624 Anomalies Report
>>1631 Examining the Potential of Vril for Folk Vitality…
>>1662 Spirituality and masturbation?
>>1666 Fast Track to Becoming a Fringe Wizard
>>1714 psychadelics?
>>1829 Charles Fort
>>1831 The Emerald Tablet
>>1847 Deep sea creatures thread.…
>>1867 Fringe Music
>>1870 Healing through Magic
>>1872 Energy Work & Chakras & Meditation
>>1875 Mind Control
>>1882 Hinduism General
>>1892 Frequency & Planes
>>1893 Alchemy
>>1900 Realm Dynamics
>>1930 Chaos Magic & Sigils
>>1934 Occult Hierarchy
>>1936 MAGIC GUIDE 3.0
>>1937 FRV - Making it Rain
>>1938 Wizard Survival
>>1940 Guindo Von List
>>1944 Magic Guide to Cultivating Love
>>1945 Laws of the Magus, Fringe Wizard on Emotion, and a lot of links....
>>1946 Fluoride
>>1963 Tempel ov Blood
>>1970 Leo.txt
>>1978 The Tibetan Book of The Dead
>>1989 Ragnarök/Irlmaier/WW3 prophecies from that one /new/ thread (fuck why can't i upload an 1mb file)
>>2000 Unlocking the mystery of Dead Mountain
>>2036 Witchcraft Double Standards
>>2042 Magick
>>2044 Reality Models
>>2060 Science Redpills
>>2073 Simplified Theory of Magic
>>2125 Quantum Teleportation
>>2134 A spiritual guide to waking up by Tila Tequila…
>>2139 The Poetic Edda: Hidden Knowledge in Old Norse Myths…
>>2140 Ancient Odinist Viking Prayer HD…
>>2146 Aliens are Demons
>>2147 Magic of The Orient
>>2152 Please tell me what you think of this?
>>2169 Ouroboros Society (Reincarnation)
>>2193 Tummo Meditation
>>2209 Will taking antidepressants affect my Magic?…
>>2212 Socrates, Daimon, Demons, Spirit Guidance
>>2235 Berserkergang/Somafera
>>2252 New Astral Projection Theory
>>2254 Maybe God Really Is a Sky Wizard
>>2267 Are alpha waves greenpilled /fringe/?…
>>2269 >Pineal Gland Awakening,DMT, DNA Upgrade, Activating the Astral Body. Evolution, Enlightenment.…
>>2279 What are your thoughts on shinto religion and spirituality /fringe/?…
>>2280 Successful Magic Experiment is Successful!
>>2285 Becoming a Wizard
>>2313 why do you call yourself "wizard"? It sounds D&D and feel like you…
>>2329 Fuck the capitalist imaginary
>>2335 Scepdicks
>>2340 Mind-controlled technology in action…
>>2348 Give me all the greenpill/redpill information you have.…
>>2363 The Twelve Dimensions of Creation
>>2369 What are the best /fringe/-approved spells and magic casts?…
>>2388 Meeting Eris
>>2393 The Psychopath's Bible / The Toxick Magician
>>2401 The Ten Major Principles of the Gnostic Revelation
>>2403 TRUE liberation
>>2410 What spell has the best mana cost to dmg ratio?…
>>2423 Thoughtforms
>>2428 Still using non 432hz frequencies?…
>>2435 Dream Journal Thread
>>2468 A Record of Anomalous / Magical Experiences
>>2479 An Excerpt from The Secret Teachings of All Ages
>>2486 Please help fellow Gnostics - god is coming down on me
>>2502 I noticed something for the first time today that was strange...
>>2506 Kundalini and Conscious Dying
>>2510 Fringe Feels
>>2512 Huge dump of worthy paranormal info
>>2525 I'm not a fedora tipper, I DO believe in a creator,…
>>2536 Philosophy Pictures
>>2578 Mathematical Proof That The Supernatural Exists
>>2583 Suicide
>>2587 Confirmation that Elongated / Conehead skulls from Peru and elsewhere are extraterrestrial fossils!…
>>2588 Quantum Metaphysical Fuckery
>>2595 Butthurt Demiurge Lover Trying To Warn Others Against Us
>>2597 Temple 88 - Aryanism
>>2600 Some fuckhead author writes some hard shit but evidently thinks he is humourful
>>2604 Esoteric Nazism and Dermon Hitler
>>2609 Transcendence Through Intuitive Thinking
>>2620 Come home, white man.
>>2621 Which one of these theories do you believe?
>>2640 Occult Films Thread
>>2642 Order of Nine Angles (O9A)
>>2665 >get into accident at work…
>>2672 D.O.A. Threads
>>2694 Fortune telling and future prediction
>>2714 Supernatural Rulers
>>2727 Zamolxis
>>2729 What is your thoughts on this song.…
>>2735 Bodhisattva Types
>>2750 The greatest thing a magician can achieve
>>2760 Reptilian Thread
>>2788 Mind over matter
>>2789 Joy of Satan
>>2802 Ok,…
>>2826 Reincarnation: The Cycle of Necessity
>>2831 Important Basics To Get You Started With Magic
>>2832 The importance of helping others
>>2842 Was Odin hanging himself from a tree degenerate?…
>>2850 Ceremonial Magick and Sorcery…
>>2858 Liber VIII
>>2860 The Holographic Soul
>>2875 >The AWARE Study…
>>2883 Why is druidism considered a primitive religious system compared to Christianity?…
>>2908 Astral War Imminent, Major Synchronicities Taking Place
>>2943 Yoga & Similar Practices
>>2950 Vibration
>>2953 Vaccines
>>2968 Does anyone have any links on beginner (solo ;_;) sex magic?…
>>2988 Primordial Gnosis: The Forbidden Religion
>>3028 Contact with Entities in the Astral Planes
>>3039 IOT
>>3072 Ian Lawton - Rational Spirituality
>>3073 Using Lust to Astral Project
>>3083 Decision
>>3098 The Philosophy Of Suicide…
>>3110 Fuck YCOR, Fuck New Agers
>>3162 Ein Sof
>>3180 Your Infernal Being Failed
>>3190 Solar Activity Changing Moods on Earth
>>3234 thread on /x/
>>3253 Wizard Research Thread
>>3325 If magic/occultism works, how come you haven't used it to improve your life(for example find/get a j…
>>3349 Biocentrism
>>3354 How do you drain peoples energy in the astral place?…
>>3376 I sometimes feel like I hear my aim in music. Or I hear a worthwhile aim in music. Like I can here a…
>>3411 A channel I found
>>3442 Glass Triangle Meditation
>>3450 I want to visit another world.…
>>3453 hello /fringe/, i come to you today for assistance.…
>>3458 Glorious Pasta
>>3486 Mind over Drugs
>>3496 Chasing Phantoms
>>3523 Mind Control / Microchip Implants
>>3525 hey smiler want to learn some ki blasts? meet me in the forbidden forest of your astral plane…
>>3533 Is this the only way to power?
>>3558 check this out smiler its pretty cool…
>>3619 Anyone from the late here?…
>>3624 making a tulpa while using more drugs and imagining less
>>3630 Mastering 3D Matrix
>>3680 Interview with a Telepathic Wizard
>>3692 I am (basically) new to spirituallity and the idea. I have always believed but i have just now start…
>>3701 Fringe Music
>>3727 Developing Nuclear Fusion in a Basement with a Reclusive Gunsmith
>>3732 Does any of you practicing wizards share contact info and discuss experiences?…
>>3748 a
>>3754 OP
>>3758 No Fluff Magic
>>3767 BY THE WAY…
>>3769 A fridge as a gateway to project yourself to where you were before?…
>>3772 Temple of Set
>>3812 Hi, do you guys do the Jhanas?…
>>3817 Ragnarök
>>3826 op
>>3863 I'm serious when I say this, I think I'm cursed. It's kinda 2edgy4me, but I really have had one of t…
>>3873 Succubus
>>3962 Sigil Magic
>>4031 Schizophrenics -- Third Eye Awakened Wizard Master Race
>>4067 Scepdicks You Need Faith To Make Leaps In Your Understanding
>>4069 Rune Magic Thread
>>4091 anti-Pornography General
>>4110 Beginning My Occult Journey
>>4140 Very prolonged meditation
>>4167 Are any of you guys familiar with an organization called the "hollow eye"?…
>>4179 How many practitioners on /fringe/ identify with the Left Hand Path?…
>>4246 Wizard Needed
>>4247 Nazi Occultists: How do you avoid being consumed by hatred?
>>4257 Hello,…
>>4267 Possession, Demons, Negative Psychic Enemies
>>4269 What's your guys' opinion on Kundalini Yoga/Medtitation/etc?…
>>4293 Key To Magic
>>4304 How about trying a religion that has evolved among our own people that has a track record for reflec…
>>4305 Spiritual Edda - The Viking Faith
>>4306 Hello /fringe/. I have a LHP/nightside organization in the works, and am currently seeking out new m…
>>4346 A Tale of Applied Magic & Athletism
>>4403 Akashic Records
>>4411 The Holographic Universe - by Michael Talbot
>>4421 Dislodging Negative Entity Attachments
>>4429 Meditation vs Prayer
>>4455 Goetia
>>4461 Banishing Ritual Thread
>>4465 Alien Abduction by Pleiadians?
>>4513 How can I meditate longer? The longest I can meditate is around 25 minhtes, which is when I cleanse …
>>4600 Fringe Technology
>>4602 Personal Magic Book
>>4628 Dzogchen
>>4649 Nonduality is the answer to Nihilism
>>4742 Buddhism Thread
>>4773 Crystal Thread
>>4788 A whole lot of tripe that doesn't really say anything
>>4808 Whats a spell/ritual I can do tonight that will allow me to have a journey/see weird shit? I don't r…
>>4935 I was in her loving embrace and I still feel her linger…
>>5012 An Unexpected Turn at Tulpa Creation
>>5019 αδάμαστος
>>5030 The Vatican Connection
>>5045 Who controls the Wicca movement ?…
>>5087 I'm curious, /fringe/. What can you all tell me about sensory deprivation? It seems like it would be…
>>5168 divination
>>5188 Speculation on Alien Technological Intervention & Suppression
>>5192 Some Notes on Seeing The Future & Timeline Manifestation
>>5194 Question Thread
>>5286 Anyone have the episodes from David Wilcock's wisdom teachings from Gaiam TV? I watched a bit with …
>>5468 Blindsight
>>5495 List of Deities
>>5534 Ethics Discussion
>>5553 Fringe Wiki
>>5566 Check These Dubs -- Wizard Image Dump
>>5697 Fringe Wizard's Emotional Alchemy
>>5708 Fringe Wizard's Meditations
>>5748 The Occult Motives of the National Socialist Movement
>>5840 Unlimited Power
>>5857 Curing a Toothache Spiritually
>>5873 Lets talk about on the go magic.…
>>5977 Edgy Magic Theories
>>5982 Project CHAOSVOID
>>5995 The Philosopher's Stone
>>6026 Essential reading for psychic defense..…
>>6046 The Book of Knowledge
>>6084 Christianity debunked
>>6176 Intuition
>>6222 Does anyone else read several books, then later on when you forget the subject or something, you can…
>>6300 Thoughtforms
>>6335 You Forever
>>6340 Autobiography of a YOGI
>>6373 Questions for Montalk Himself!
>>6385 Seeker
>>6409 The Library, /fringe/ Knowledge Collection
>>6452 Getting PWNED by Astral Entities Intent On Disrupting OP's Meditations
>>6467 Food / Diet
>>6470 Northern Runes Radio is /fringe/ as fuck
>>6493 Multiverse travel, parallel realities.
>>6522 Occult Posters / Info Pics
>>6552 Shamanism
>>6558 Healing
>>6629 Procreation Magic
>>6666 General Notes Thread
>>6688 Evocation Thread
>>6690 Avoid 4/20 please
>>6737 Recently found all of this information posted on Shrekchan. It is very /fringe/ related.…
>>6815 Jivanmukta
>>6854 Karma
>>6887 Introspection
>>6895 /fringe/ needs more OC…
>>6949 /fringe/ School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
>>7030 Can we talk about the Meier Prophecies and Transhumanism?…
>>7057 Alchemy General
>>7138 The Philosophy of Time Travel
>>7215 What's holding you back?
>>7218 Hateful Emotions
>>7264 I've Developed A Discrete Public Banishing Ritual
>>7269 The Black Sun Unveiled: Genesis and Development of a Modern National Socialist Mythos
>>7297 meditators and magicians get in here
>>7332 Loosh Generation Thread
>>7345 Becoming the illuminati
>>7399 Austin Osman Spare
>>7486 Some technological cheats you can use to enhance your wizardly powers
>>7496 Fringe Experiments
>>7503 Vipassana
>>7539 Minecraft Occult Experiment
>>7541 decide whether we should show up
>>7574 >Have been trying to AP for a while…
>>7578 Bizarre tumblr page (reposted from /x/)
>>7650 Redpilled odinist forum for heathens, pro-whites and wizards
>>7709 E.A. Koetting
>>7744 Interview with Rick Strassman!
>>7801 Voodoo -- Greenpilled Niggers
>>7812 Homes and shit
>>7900 If Nordic Aliens are time travelers from the future, how come they are letting all the Nordic countr…
>>7906 Etheric plane
>>7962 Techniques For Achieving “Non-Thought” in Meditation - Northern Runes Radio
>>8049 Binaural beats for everything!!
>>8079 Eristic plots
>>8127 what is this?
>>8147 [redacted]…
>>8155 An Evolutionary Theory
>>8159 /discord/ General
>>8182 [redacted]
>>8411 Writing letters to Princess Celestia
>>8427 fixed
>>8564 Possession / Invocation
>>8608 >inb4 the butthurt
>>8613 All of the good shit in Visual Magick by Jan Fries
>>8626 Psychic Pinging
>>8708 Creation of an Occult Video…
>>8715 Zamolxis
>>8734 Money Magick
>>8739 #OPGreenPill
>>8741 children will be blessed for the killing of eduacted adults…
>>8803 Sorcery
>>8869 pineal gland decalcification
>>8880 >while Diogenes was relaxing in the sunlight in the morning, Alexander, thrilled to meet the fam…
>>8965 Hidden Books: The Bunî Pamphlet
>>8999 xXxLoO$$hBanDit_APcHaosWiZarDxXx
>>9051 The rope cometh
>>9082 Would recommend to anyone
>>9149 Online /fringe/ Grimoire General
>>9195 140 Secret Ancient Chants
>>9340 The Star Game by ONA
>>9380 In this thread we discuss element manipulation or just some basic psy skills.…
>>9408 My experiences with the paranormal
>>9538 The Path of /fringe/
>>9588 Norse shamanism/Norse european wizardry
>>9644 The History of the Red Haired Race
>>9700 Magical Creatures
>>9706 Sacred Geometry
>>9720 Siddhis
>>9744 Karma
>>9835 Is Transhumanism greenpilled?…
>>9856 Imagination
>>9863 Healing through magic
>>9910 Fuck Occult Secrecy
>>9932 Cyber-Enlightenment!
>>9954 The Buddhist Perspective on Magic and Supernatural
>>9965 Hey dermographics! Have you ever tried inscribing sigils on your arm or other meaningful areas?…
>>9999 Remote Viewing (9999 GET)
>>10000 10,000 GET
>>10014 Things for all of us to study and write articles about from here. Smiley, please delete ones we did
>>10125 Mindfuck Gnosis Pics
>>10173 salaam :p
>>10208 Talking with your subconscious on the edge of sleep
>>10211 Why so much hate for the Demiurge?…
>>10332 dream books
>>10343 Prince Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg
>>10377 War on ETs
>>10392 /fringe/ reported as an attack site
>>10403 painted this, getting very bad vimbes from it, want it gone now! free!
>>10405 Orgone Energy
>>10591 Hypnosis Thread II
>>10609 Who wants a O9A article?
>>10618 Question Thread #2
>>10634 What does it mean to encounter the astral double of someone? An astral entity which claims to be the…
>>10641 Ancient Knowledge
>>10692 == PDF ==
>>10735 Why do gloves bother the shit out of me
>>10847 Online Academies
>>10911 What would you do if you befriended one of the following:…
>>10929 Lebor Gabala Erren
>>10982 Fringe Wizard's Basic Magic Study Guide
>>11087 I posted this on /illuminati/ but only got one response so posting here. I'll be straight to the poi…
>>11103 Have you ever tried communicating with animals? That's a very important aspect of shamanic spiritual…
>>11194 how to deal with mundanes without going insane
>>11214 Sasquatch
>>11259 Darwin's theory of evolution:…
>>11369 /fringe/ I am reporting in the results I experienced today.…
>>11397 OP
>>11749 Hello /fringe/
>>11785 Lets talk about the tetragrammaton!…
>>11813 Magick Isn't Working? Then Read This!
>>11829 So, I have been planning to destroy the universe.…
>>11846 G.K. Chesterton
>>11897 Please help me /fringe/.
>>11962 Asatru/Odinism General
>>12173 Hey guys I got redirected here by someone on 4chan/x…
>>12209 Cosmotheism Trilogy (Teaser)…
>>12314 I suck at high magic.
>>12345 biting off more than you can chew
>>12347 So I'm about to go through multiple drug withdrawals. How should I utilize this magically?…
>>12387 nmttx
>>12395 Interesting Comment I Found
>>12413 Welp I think my room is haunted… Or is it all in my head? If so I've gone crazy.…
>>12456 Is it possible to harness the Ganzfield effect for tulpamancing/creating a wonderland?
>>12483 Akashic Records: From Us to You
>>12521 Occult Library
>>12533 Energy - A Powerful Magickal Force
>>12538 The basic metaphysical functions
>>12596 Shocking: Jordan Maxwell Research Archive And Belongings Burnt to the Ground…
>>12603 Undeniable proof that Jesus Christ is our lord and savior- or a hoax?…
>>12612 Has anyone tried this before?…
>>12645 TheThirdEye▲
>>12670 :(
>>12834 Fuck Yes Psychokinesis!
>>12898 Spiritualists Healing with Magic in my Area
>>12913 Money AhhahAHA-HAAA!
>>12930 Something big is coming?
>>12989 Jansenist Miracles
>>13016 Calling all Robert Anton Wilson fans
>>13028 High Magic (mind manipulating) is REAL and POWERFUL
>>13080 Provur
>>13141 Can't do the time, don't do the crime
>>13142 DDG Shill
>>13176 How do I get rid of negative structures in my brain?
>>13200 Owl
>>13202 Greenpilling Wizardchan
>>13204 Survey
>>13213 What if the strange celestial spirits described in the grimoires are not angels or fairies or planet…
>>13253 Copypasted and slightly modified from what I said on wizardchan
>>13261 Check /illuminati/ plox.
>>13277 I have one of these in my backyard and its causing me and others a lot of suffering HELP US FRINGE
>>13303 Survey #2
>>13333 Book Reviews
>>13416 Vices
>>13472 Anyone tried the Ars Notoria? I got to the first lunation (four days in) and did the meditation for …
>>13555 Turning a shit thread into something decent...
>>13625 Cosmotheism, Esoteric Hitlerism, and Related Ideology & Theology
>>13648 Wizard Clothes & Accessories
>>13713 Taking on an apprentice
>>13754 Herbs & their Magickal Properties
>>13863 New Age
>>13904 Fringe Wizard - Theory of Health
>>13975 Hello /fringe/ I am here to bring some credibility and class back to the name of Tarot. Tbh all thes…
>>14085 Chi
>>14112 Has magick ever gotten you a gf?…
>>14129 Conspiracy General…
>>14183 Chapel Perilous Experiences
>>14236 grumpy old constipated anon
>>14241 Eleven Benefits of Sexual Abstinence
>>14270 Question Thread #3
>>14300 Is their any magickal workouts and routines etc? General /fringe/ /fit/ness discussion, you gotta wo…
>>14318 Samael Aun Weor/Gnosis
>>14334 On the Demiurge
>>14359 Space Pyramids
>>14382 Chakra Game
>>14444 FOR YOU
>>14456 My thoughts are fucking up the world
>>14458 The Stellar Man
>>14466 using my powers of magick I have managed to get a theme park ride named in smilers honour…
>>14525 Excerpt from The Holographic Universe pages 224 and 225
>>14546 The Golden Saint
>>14568 List of Mundanes
>>14584 Is Love More Fundamental to the Universe?
>>14625 Aerokinesis
>>14682 Thought Experiment
>>14739 Orgone energy devices are the same a Tesla's radiant/cosmic energy collector
>>14758 Illuminati Magic Vid
>>14797 Hello, /fringe/. I'm afraid that I have only begun my studies into magic recently, and so, as of rig…
>>14833 JoS on Adolf Hitler
>>14851 3 simple questions
>>14895 Set goals; achieve results; grow as a wizard!
>>14949 Marijuana = Template Level reality
>>14955 Mind-Reading Demons
>>14966 Beware, Ebola is going to be used to kill billions of humans, focus on light and protect yourself an…
>>15005 Succubus
>>15039 Those Hitler Feels
>>15066 Altar Thread.
>>15128 Question about visiualization
>>15172 Hermeticism
>>15194 Magic sight thread
>>15214 Challenges Thread
>>15257 MPO/LERM
>>15357 LPG-C
>>15372 Provur
>>15444 sigil experiment
>>15463 magick orders
>>15547 philosopherkings
>>15614 Agree or disagree?…
>>15641 Renouncing Lust Thread II
>>15654 Siddhis
>>15672 How long will you go on pretending to be a powerful wizard who talks to demons and wields divine pow…
>>15676 Magic 8 ball
>>15703 I am going two help two fellow humans with their ghost problems, what does fringe think?
>>15748 What's /fringe/s opinion on entheogens?…
>>15757 me
>>15770 bodhisattva
>>15871 Sleep Discussion
>>15875 Ninjas are /fringe/, right?…
>>16000 >mfw…
>>16030 Hail the Darkness!
>>16073 National versus International Socialism
>>16252 A Manuscript That I Wrote
>>16368 Others may heavily disagree but I like what you're doing on wizardchan /fringe/. The information you…
>>16384 Universal Religion vs Relative Religion
>>16396 Online Psychics
>>16410 Wizard Skill Survey
>>16462 Pranayama
>>16541 A free Dzogchen Meditation course by email.
>>16546 The Self-Aware Universe by Amit Goswami
>>16551 Spirit spouse
>>16595 The Mystery and Magic of Sleep
>>16664 i also posted this very same thread on /x/ but that has been full of shit for a long time now so may…
>>16682 Title: Pseudoscience…
>>16738 The Scientific Method
>>16761 Tele-transportation of objects
>>16785 Demon Magicians
>>16859 Being Afraid Of Power
>>16897 Made you something. While back was watching Tsoukalas new show talking about a rock/crop circle desi…
>>16905 When I was on vacation with my extended family, my step-cousin picked up a small stone with a swasti…
>>16924 >supposedly, ancient man was primitive
>>16950 jan fries visual magick
>>16991 Black Sun Nigredo
>>16998 What the CIA(?) Agents that Moderate /x/ Don't Want You To Know
>>17006 Forming of a new manner of fraternal order?
>>17115 Problems Visualizing
>>17162 Ebola Chan Death Cult
>>17299 What if the holly cost was carried out using magick?…
>>17321 Psychic/subconscious self-defense
>>17322 Another Manuscript
>>17323 7 Hermetic Keys of Wisdom
>>17427 Why NoFap isn't Always Right? Willhelm Reich.
>>17684 Earthing
>>17691 Hello broather/sister! I went on a beamship for several times through meditation with some spiritual…
>>17754 C-can we have a new music thread, old one is on autosage…
>>17769 do you even wand? I have 2 lol…
>>17777 Reaching Out
>>17798 Does any anon here have more material and knowledge on the presence of White People in Pre-Columbian…
>>17800 Krystallnacht Library
>>17810 nigerian prince
>>17819 Nearing transcendence / 4D
>>17841 We're home again…
>>17856 How to Craft a Tulpa Fast
>>17870 New Advanced Healing Methods
>>17878 Kabbalistic Jews Took /fringe/. Down
>>17893 nigerian prince
>>17917 Billy Meier
>>17925 alien art
>>17927 endogenous morphine
>>17939 A Principle of Gender
>>17953 There’s a fundamental difference between the Projector and the projected.…