The book is done Mossa 2017-11-26 08:25:38 No. 940
The project started in January, a book based on the ego session that helps bring awareness of suffering. It is now completed, spell checked, semantics checked and ready for to "leave early access on Steam".

The book is free.
Print it, read it and criticize it.

Now that the general template is made for a book, the second book will be more quickly written. Just the design work of the book took 40 hours. Magically enough, translating it to Swedish only took 2 days.

The first PDF is the English version and the second one is the Swedish.

Enjoy a "fringe" original.
Mossa 2017-11-26 08:26:04 No. 941
English version.
Mossa 2017-11-26 08:26:22 No. 942
Swedish version.
Anonymous 2017-11-29 11:31:19 No. 994
Book thread?
Anonymous 2017-12-16 10:38:09 No. 1087
You ARE your ego. When your body dies, your spirit will live on, but YOU will die. You are only along for the ride of a higher entity enjoying a vacation on Earth and creating you as a vehicle and tossing you out when he's finished. The real Demiurge is your Higher Self.

You are mortal, irrelevant and disposable. You are NOT an eternal soul, but at most a disposable, temporary etheric vehicle.

Deal with it already.
Anonymous 2017-12-21 23:20:42 No. 1110
I came to the same conclusion and wonder how the fuck to deal with it. I don't like cinemas that much.
Anonymous 2017-12-24 19:08:12 No. 1126
You cannot so certainly state such things. For neither you nor I know for certain whether or not there is a distinction between the total unity (god) and a character that god creates. The character may as well be god if god's choice is to be that character for some time.
Anonymous 2017-12-25 02:08:06 No. 1129

You are also your body and your spirit, balance them with spirit, as much as can shine through you, this will align the soul in accordance with the higher self.

I think, in more evolved beings, or beings who are not inherently limited and in possession of spirit, the higher self, its connection is not as distorted.

While you are absolutely right in your post, its also wrong in that, the moment you seize the now and channel spirit you will be in a new state of mind, your brains ethereal threads grasping and growing outside its box, you are enlightened and no longer your ego.

Enlightened you are an eternal soul who have chosen to reincarnate, one personal part the trinity anchoring itself into the other two thirds trinity to become the actor and the witness, motion, energy, life, whose ultimate goal is to FEEL, to transform base matter, food, into breath and emotion in an eternal cycle of birth and rebirth [spoiler] for the sole purpose of hearing her say, with a sly smile on red lips "I'll just try harder next time" after being rejected a kiss. [/spoiler]
Anonymous 2018-04-28 17:59:21 No. 2109
If you're looking for a particular book, chances are you'll find it here:!AE5yjIqB!y7Vdxdb5pbNsi2O3zyq9KQ
Or here:
Anonymous 2018-05-01 19:26:33 No. 2167
Here you have some OC. The Egyptians knew how to ensure the astral body lived indefinitely and encoded it in here.

Ignore those pesky "vampires". The real deal if you want to live forever is here!
Anonymous 2018-05-15 00:05:07 No. 2267
i liked it thanks for writing it
Anonymous 2018-05-21 22:44:48 No. 2294
Anyone has anything about telekinesis that actually works? Any clues?
Anonymous 2018-05-22 22:32:31 No. 2297
tl;dr: learn to oobe, use poltergeist powers, author's explanation is meh
Anonymous 2018-05-22 22:53:11 No. 2298
How much success have you had with it?
Anonymous 2018-05-26 22:58:33 No. 2317
> Anyone has anything about telekinesis that actually works? Any clues?
Well for starters telekinesis is basically just moving things with your astral body, but it's way harder than moving things physically for 2 reasons namely. First being while the astral is the next step over from the physical, it's still quite a gap to bridge, and secondly because most people don't realize that the density and power of your astral body is in part related to how much awareness you have focused in it. That's why even random dead normalfags can move physical shit astrally while you astral projecting cannot, they're using 100% of their power, while in a light trance ap'ing you're using like 10%. If you wanna git gud at telekinesis, besides the general tips like practice or strengthen your energybody, I recommend you get really good at trance, that way you can employ a higher fraction of your total power
Anonymous 2018-06-15 01:35:59 No. 2361
When you talk about "power" and "energy". Can you be a bit more specific? How does it feel to "use" that power? Or is it something that comes automatically with the trance?
Anonymous 2018-06-15 04:38:11 No. 2362
First of all, thanks for the very well written book with great exercises for beginners. It has just enough theory to help a beginner without overwhelming them with unecessary information. As it is I believe it is already a useful tool for people at a certain state.

However I believe after the first set of exercises and theory the rest become redundant. The book essentially repeats the first section over and over again. Perhaps this is necessary for someone with a lot of armor, but I suspect that it is because you the author are missing some critical ideas about the ego that lead to an understanding beyond an early beginners.

Like the sentences in the book, these are not meant to be replied to but simply placed in the mind, focus on the space not the reply.

1) This sentence is not thought by my ego.
2) Who thinks this sentence is not thought by my ego?

I believe these two may lead away from attachment from egolessness, and also away from attachment from detachment. Your consciousness is here to experience ego, or to experience destruction of ego, or many other possible things; so while you can reject ego to reach egoless enlightenment, it does not result in full self actualization and instead results in reunification with oneness which is ok but not necessarily best.
Anonymous 2018-06-15 05:06:15 No. 2363
Also I think the section with the true/false statements is particularly painful. Let me see if I can go through them for you and help you out a bit.

Normally I use True to mean "A statement which is experienced from a particular ego or is expected from the ego's models." while False is the negation of True.

Instead below I will use your definitions of True and False which rely on universality of Truth; ie statements that are true from the perspectives of all egos.

>Grass is green.
False like you say. Grass only appears to be green.
>Grass appears to be green.
False. Grass only appears to be green from your ego's perspective. In my ego's perspective, grass is many different colors including brown, green, yellow, blue, orange, red, and many more shades. The color of grass is not universal.
>Canada’s president is a good person.
False, for the reasons you state (There is no universal good or bad).
>The moon reflects sunlight.
False. My ego believes the moon reflects sunlight, but many egos believe the moon generates its own light, especially certain subsets of flat earth believers. So the statement is not universally true.
>All Swedish people love IKEA.
False, for the reasons you state (No universal hate/love).
6. Paris is the capitol of France.
False. Not all egos perceive Paris as the capitol of France. Some egos may know about Paris but not France, or vice versa. Some egos may perceive some other city is the capitol of France such as Marseille. Still others may believe that Paris is the false capitol and that the true capitol is the Vatican. So Paris as the capitol of France is not universal.
>The weather outside is bad.
False, for the reasons you state.
8. Bananas grows on Banana trees.
False, but not for the reason you state. I personally have seen bananas growing and picked them myself, and can certainly say that they are what I would normally call trees, no matter how they are classified based on evolutionary ancestry. Many others have other perceptions about Bananas; some may even perceive them as roots.

I also wish to point something else out, which is the preponderant use of the word "I" in my writing. It is my ego that is communicating to you. Now in the form of a book, it is good writing practice to hide the "I" and present the book as a product. However, there is still an author, so the ego is still implied. Very rarely have I seen books written by pure consciousness without any ego. Words imply ego, as words require thought which is generated by ego. However this is not the reason given in your book, which makes it extremely misleading as you are pretending to write without ego when in fact your ego is a critical (and very useful!) tool you used in writing the book.

The book is obsessed with becoming egoless while in actuality creating a hidden ego that is far more powerful by hiding itself. Instead of destroying the ego, it should be accepted. Perhaps for some ego destruction will follow, but the book assumes everyone is on that particular path.

However it is a very good book, like I said before, and I am grateful for it. Definitely should be in any noobie's pack, and might even work as an initiation for mundanes with a small amount of tweaking.
Anonymous 2018-06-17 00:02:21 No. 2364
>obsessed with becoming egoless while in actuality creating a hidden ego that is far more powerful by hiding itself
You just described Mossa himself mate.
Anonymous 2018-07-09 17:28:30 No. 2371
Mossa 2018-08-21 15:49:00 No. 2410
The ego is but a program to the computer. What we are is neither the program or the case but the underlying awareness of these things.

The consciousness we were born as is our original personality, but language and belief created our identity.

Who is it that doesn't like what? Go to a cinema and sit there until you have conquered yourself.

Thank you for writing it.

It's been repeated multiple times in the past and it will be repeated again. Awareness of ego is number one priority. Killing, destroying, removing or etc. ego will not happen in the individual until that person understands the truth behind the ego.

>Also I think the section with the true/false statements is particularly painful

This is perhaps one of the most dangerous aspects about writing a book about the devil, is that people who have read it will somehow come out the other end with an opinion of something, while claiming to have understanding of what the book was written about. If the statements are painful, you have no one else to blame but yourself.

Objective truth is the first step towards realizing the truth. It is truth beyond subjective opinions and beliefs that helps us see the greater picture.

When you write:
>for the reasons you state
you write about the statements as if I had the reasons for their legitimacy, rather than yourself having them. Focus on objectivity and you will see that no good or bad things exist in this Universe without the subjective opinion of it being so.

>I also wish to point something else out
Yes, the ego uses language and what makes our identity with our memories and experiences, habits and practices. In order to communicate in words to another person, it is necessary to use ego. But with those same words, we can also make someone aware of their ego and force them into a meta state.

There's no pretending involved. The book is written with a minimum amount of: "I believe", "I think", "I say". Anyone that starts reading the book will be too focused on the reading to actually be able to discern that very few pronouns was used in the book. When I point it out in the book at that paragraph, you can then go back and look through and you will see that on very few occasions have "I" been written to imply: "This is about me".

Perhaps it was in your mind that the book intends for anyone to become egoless because it's one of your own struggles. The book's intention is for awakening to the darkness that all men carry in their mind ignorantly.

I will take your critique into consideration for generation 2 of the book, or an alternative rewrite.
Mossa 2018-08-21 16:00:42 No. 2411
There's been little to no visits to this thread over the last couple of months, mainly due to inactivity from all parties involved.

Currently there's four books that can be written to further expand beyond the original book, but time and research is not favorable at the moment.

There's no data indicating how many copies of the book has been downloaded, but a rough guess would be at little under 100. Some individuals have reached out to me about reading the book, some have donated money and some have read it in quiet.

Thank you for your time.
Anonymous 2018-09-02 22:27:30 No. 2459
Anonymous 2018-09-03 11:13:23 No. 2463
I read your book. I think it gives a good idea into ego death or completely dissolving it. Though I think once you've toiled and worked the soil you can start to plant new seeds.
In my view, the ego is our subconscious, the bones of the past.
I practice martial arts and in that we work on forms and practice techniques into our subconscious. In a fight they come out without conscious thought. You are of course still conscious to a degree but allowing your past experience to guide you.
This is similar to that of your ideas on thoughtforms, how they instinctively come out. Though I don't see these as bad or wrong.
So what do you think of working with the ego? Working with the devil instead of denying him.
Anonymous 2018-09-03 13:47:27 No. 2464
The ego is the opposite of the subconscious in many ways. Starting by the fact that the ego is what is reading these words and calls itself "me", while the subconscious doesn't really have a sense of identity.
In fact, one of the functions of the ego is to sort and filter perception for the subconscious.

I recommend you check out vid related, which explains this differentiation and the functions of the different parts of the psyche in magic. The series itself is pretty good, even though lately that channel has lost a lot of steam. That playlist should be in any magic student curriculum.
Anonymous 2018-09-03 14:55:54 No. 2465
The video is too boring. He just keeps going on about nothing.Not my thing.

So would you say the ego is the conscious part, that being the opposite of subconscious. Otherwise, where does it fit? Could you give a clean description. From what I assume it's related to the lower three chakras.
Anonymous 2018-09-03 20:16:54 No. 2466
I don't know if there's a proper correspondence with the chakras, I think it's more complicated. But yeah, it would correspond to the lower center in Mouravieff's terms. Well, not exactly. It's not a clear cut correspondence. Montalk has a nice video about it you can look up.

As for the conscious/unconscious dynamic and the ego's role in it, you can find the explanation in the video I posted. You just need to watch it.
>would you say the ego is the conscious part, that being the opposite of subconscious
Yes and no. The conscious is much more than just the ego, even though most people have a completely ego-dominated conscious mind.

If you find the video too boring, try reading Mouravieff's Gnosis series for a proper explanation :P
Anonymous 2018-09-04 06:39:35 No. 2467
You're not giving me a clear answer. I'm here to discuss it with you and other people in the thread not to go off and read more books or watch videos.
Give me some physical correspondences or pictures of models if you can't explain it.
From what I understand after reading the book ego seems to be any past conditioning that comes out instinctively, be it words, actions, thought or emotions, etc. But then I don't see why this is bad because you need this safety net system in place to survive.
Mossa 2018-09-14 22:09:46 No. 2506
>So what do you think of working with the ego? Working with the devil instead of denying him.
When you chose the conscious path, you are always working with the ego. Refining it, making it better, more patient through observing actions alone.

Dethrone the devil and refuse such actions.

The ego is a thoughtform that get signals from the body to play on the harp of emotions, desires and actions. In its degenerate state, it will be latched to the lower three chakras pertaining to: fear/strength, sensation/guilt, Wwllpower/shame. Few individuals have a creative and loving ego that can see past the identity.
>From what I understand after reading the book ego seems to be any past conditioning that comes out instinctively, be it words, actions, thought or emotions, etc. But then I don't see why this is bad because you need this safety net system in place to survive.
People who take actions and habits for granted are not aware of their ego's actions. This leads to suffering, living on auto-pilot, eventually death.

One great method for reaching enlightenment is to ask the question: "Who am I?" a thousand times. For whatever answer that comes to you is not the truth, just an opinion. We're here to wake up though, so just break the chain.
Anonymous 2018-09-15 04:03:13 No. 2507
Thankyou. So working with the ego, refining it is the work.
Way I see it is that the ego is like a block of metal that you fold continuously until making it into a sword. Ultimately once you cast a sword your days of refining are over until you remelt it again and create a new edition.
An occultist can fold and make adjustments while it's set and cast as a blade.

Another question. Once you've taken the lower chakras out of a state of evil or negativity do you allow yourself to enjoy them? To enjoy good tasting food, conscious and healing sex, creating a fitting life image, etc.
Mossa 2018-09-17 16:51:48 No. 2519
>Way I see it is that the ego is like a block of metal that you fold continuously until making it into a sword. Ultimately once you cast a sword your days of refining are over until you remelt it again and create a new edition.

Marble man, marble sculptor.

>To enjoy good tasting food
There's no such thing. To proclaim food as "good" when it slowly eats away your body and kills you in ignorance. It depends on what level of "good" any man is ready to accept.

>conscious and healing sex
Monks and prophets practice abstaining. It's a choice just like diets, how much anyone choose to indulge in sex.

The narrow path is walked by the few.
sage 2018-09-17 18:30:49 No. 2524
>how much anyone choose to indulge in sex
Your reasoning is flawed. Abstaining and indulging are not symmetric. Someone indulging in sex might or might not be actually be manipulated by an energy parasite, while someone abstaining might do it because they believe it's a path towards attaining something, a way to shed parasites in preparation for a ceremony of some kind, or just someone who chose it or was forced to "choose" it for any reason.

>Marble man, marble sculptor.
>The narrow path is walked by the few.
I have never met anyone with a more hypertrophied ego than yourself. Can't you talk like a normal person at least for once?
You speak in platitudes most of the time (I have posted the definition of that word next to this post just in case).
And maybe that's why you speak in platitudes. If you spoke like a normal person you would reveal your shallowness right away and you want to sound like you're enlightened.

But you need to realize you will never get anywhere like that. Don't get too annoyed by this post. I'm just responding to your call for help. You need to stop trying to help people deal with their ego and instead turn that spotlight towards yourself. Break the barrier and try to get someone else to help you with your ego.

Good luck.
Anonymous 2018-09-18 05:42:37 No. 2526
Right, so you're taking a light or more right handed path.
Do you think you'll ever go to a path of balance?
Good things in life are nice and relieve stress which lets you keep more calm.
Mossa 2018-09-20 16:45:13 No. 2538
Knowledge is the only counter to ignorance.
We are grey and we fall naturally to darkness, so balance is also rewarded with death. When we know what light contrast dark really means, we can chose light and develop the lesser stone.
There's no stress. Just dance, run, laugh and sing. Your body rewards you for moving.
Anonymous 2018-09-20 16:56:01 No. 2539
I agree. With knowledge someone can transcend the troubles of the world and of themselves. Through it we can create anything that we want, possibly of art, of science or whatever one fancies.
We just have to make sure to put our knowledge to good use.
Anonymous 2018-10-08 01:47:35 No. 2592
Anonymous 2018-12-14 11:30:14 No. 2760