Preparing for death? Anonymous 2019-08-26 05:38:49 No. 3358
Anybody worried that the ability to push away guilt and justify actions is purely biological and when you die you are set to face the full force of your dishonorable and unjust actions with no way to push away the guilt or justify it?

Scholars are saying that actions involving pure honor, justice, fairness, compassion, logic, etc. are only possible in the first instance because our biology is complex enough to receive the concepts leaking from another immaterial realm . This leads many to theorize that only through cultivating the higher concepts such as these in thought and action while alive can one hope to not be torn apart at the moment of death when faced with an honest assessment of ones thoughts and actions.

I am concerned by this idea, because when I attempt an honest and unbiased (non-contextual) assessment of my past actions, current goals, general thoughts and feelings, I am faced with the fact that many of them, at their absolute core, are related to worldly concepts of prestige and survival and pride, which appear to be clearly worthless due to the inevitability of my death.

Occasionally when about to fall asleep or just waking up I get hit with an abstracted feeling of guilt over past actions and thoughts, even though it doesn't "make sense" for me to feel guilty because I had reasons and circumstances compelling me to think and act in certain ways and it didn't even cause problems for anybody. But the dishonorable or petty nature of these actions and thoughts causes me much distress for a moment before I can reason it away.

I used to assume these guilty feelings were products of being socialized (given "morals" and acceptable behaviors by society) and had to be overcome, but then I realized that petty, materialistic adults sink into a mire of resentment and hunger as their body ages, and you can see the abject terror of death in such people as they age. But those who lived lives where acting with honor, compassion, fairness and such were paramount, don't fear death and are able to maintain dignity, no desperate panics or lashing out, throughout their life until moment of death even if they have experienced much suffering.

So I wonder if humans are just like any other animal, full of powerful emotion and desire and pride and such because it keeps us surviving and thriving, but we developed such complex biological structure that we became able to receive immaterial ideas, meaning that our awareness is not fully of the Earth and unable to dissipate the way an animal does at death. So we either exist after death as a soup of these worldly emotions, or we manage to shape our awareness while alive for the higher ideas and thus are able to easily rise out of the soup and do whatever higher awareness does.

The problem is that my IQ is only verified to be 91 and I have trouble knowing whether this way of thinking is more flawed than I understand. Do you think it is correct to say that dedicating your life to removing all worldly influences, as in acting with pure honor, justice, fairness, compassion, logic at all times no matter the worldly outcome, is the best way to prepare for death?
Anonymous 2019-08-26 13:48:13 No. 3359
>be usual smug-humble me
>read all this shit about immaterial ideals acting on material biology
>connects a good amount of dots
>think to myself "really interesting thoughts but a bit too self-chastising for my taste"
>think to tell OP something to give him self-confidence
>something like "you're on the right track bro yaddayadda but lose the fear yaddayadda also Hermes talked about immortality yaddayadda"
>IQ is only verified to be 91
>realize I have to rethink a good amount of my current view of intelligence

Is it really 91? Because mine is in the high 120s and I crank out thoughts like your post on good days. Either your emotional intelligence is way off the charts, or I really have been looking at it wrong.

To answer your question:
>dedicating your life to removing all worldly influences
It's a mixed bag. Sure, you can have exactly the same and much greater satisfaction from all things spiritual, and ultimately to stay aware while eliminating the material would definitely be of divine power, but I personally dislike this idea that the material is corrupt. Yes it's slow, sure it's "muh cause of all suffering", but nonetheless it is the thing that makes you seek the spiritual. If one was molested as a child, overcame that trauma and now helps others to heal such trauma, can it be really said that the original molester is genuinely evil? Likewise the material realm supports yes even allows those creations of time that strive for eternity. Does that not redeem the material in many ways?

In short: yes, dedicate yourself to some ideal or cause and you will sleep soundly and act boldly and justly until your last moment. I wouldn't however dedicate myself to an ideal like logic, simply because such an ideal bears cold hard fruit. Don't Spock yourself up and devalue your emotions in favour of "rational thought". Western man has been doing that and it gave him mental illness and ideological rigidity.
Lots to think about. Thank you OP.
Anonymous 2019-08-27 20:46:46 No. 3362
This is actually the center of true Christianity before it got corrupted and turned into a state religion. Basically it’s:
>be true to yourself
>admit your faults, fears and desires to yourself
>never lie to yourself
>forgive yourself and try better next time

Basically all the crap in the bible about turning the other cheek, god forgiving you always, etc, but think of it as if it was some inner, pure as a child part of you doing the judging, not any external god.
You can view the Egyptian views on the afterlife through that lens too.
There’s a book called The Lost Secret of Death that talks about this.
The rest is about Jesus supposedly having done a magic ritual to save people who fail to do these things, but that’s difficult to confirm.
tldr don’t lie to yourself and you’ll be fine
sage 2019-08-27 23:20:26 No. 3363
or maybe you're in fact iq91 if you actually believe in iq tests anyway
Anonymous 2019-09-10 05:27:24 No. 3426
I have something good on this in a few hours, lemme finish what I'm doing
Anonymous 2019-09-10 14:05:27 No. 3428
>The problem is that my IQ is only verified to be 91 and I have trouble knowing whether this way of thinking is more flawed than I understand. Do you think it is correct to say that dedicating your life to removing all worldly influences, as in acting with pure honor, justice, fairness, compassion, logic at all times no matter the worldly outcome, is the best way to prepare for death?
Well regarding the morality thing and preparing for death, yeah absolutely that's the way to go. Infact given The Veil of Isis only lets people of a certain purity find certain knowledge and attain certain power, that's actually the best road to everything including godhood really, though it only opens the door, you still need to practice to walk through it. But to summarize that can make you happier, healthier (and in the extreme I mean literally genetically healthier and more resistant against disease), and more prone to attracting better shit in life be it magical knowledge, people, surroundings, you name it. Regarding your iq, the simple answer is don't worry about it and what you've thought about here shows you have great empathy and intuition which's slightly more useful in magic anyway, but if you want a real in-depth explanation on what intelligence actually is so you can understand what it and maybe even rate your intelligence in a fair way, I put it below since explaining something as intricate as human intelligence takes alotta explaining
Anonymous 2019-09-10 14:07:05 No. 3429
So regarding your iq, yeah don't worry about that, intelligence is much more complex than what modern science believes. To simply put it, while human intelligence's usually pretty low just cause it's the Kali Yuga and most people're retards, humans're unique in that being the microcosmic expressions of the universe, they have the potential to have a mind exactly equal to God (can't surpass him though cause God is the absolute apex of existence). Given existence is infinite and cascades infinitely, there are no real concrete categories to intelligence the same as there aren't any concrete borders between the colors in a rainbow, just a cascading transition from one to the next. However to make it easier to understand we can kinda split up a rainbow and, by analogy the cosmic mind into multiple vague categories so it'll be easier to understand.
With this in mind I think it'll be easier to give a general explanation of what the true and whole matter of intelligence takes into account and what it actually is. If we're going by The Tetragrammaton (the 4 elements in Hermeticism), true intelligence is split between Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. Fire governs the will and passions of your intelligence, Air your intellect and raw thinking power, Water your empathy and emotional iq, and Earth governs how well your mind works as a machine. (An autistic kid might be so smart he can become a math prodigy, but regardless of his strength in air if he lacks earth, his air won't work properly and for air he might end up an idiot savant, or in water he might fall in love with anime girls while at the same time not even being able to recognize human facial expressions from real humans.) Modern scientists only acknowledge Air and sometimes Water when grading intelligence and even then some scientists still cling to the retarded notion that "emotion don't real :^(", but every element's equally important. For example, a water spirit might score low on a purely intellectual iq test, but water spirits are extremely empathic, being able to telepathically speak and transmit mental images and emotions to other beings easily, even being able to walk into a room and feel everything that happened there for years, maybe like an 80 iq, but an over 300 eq.
Anonymous 2019-09-10 14:33:09 No. 3430
As for your ideas on death, what actually happens is when the physical body dies, the astra-physical matrix which basically acts as a glue that holds your soul in your physical body withers away and the soul floats off to a higher density similar to how air rises through water. For most spirits this's a traumatic experience that knocks em into a short coma-like state where they stay until they rise to the frequency of energy they're naturally resonant to or just... whenever they wake up lol, sometimes sooner sometimes later, but spirits who've mastered the more advanced levels of astral projection're sometimes used to the trauma of suddenly seperating their soul from their body so they don't pass out. Regardless, when the soul loses the physical body it's immediately bombarded by its full astral consciousness, including any past-life memories, karma, if they were karmically sentenced to any sorta mental retardation they might gain back their old intelligence... whatever really, but a key thing is they get extreme visions of their physical life playing back to em like a recording and, given the dense physical body isn't there anymore to drown out their inner moral conscience which's as strong in the astral body as instinct is in the physical, if they were bad they're gonna feel extremely guilty for that to the point even the evilest people'll beg for karmic punishment to equalize their debts themselves, and they'll thank God for the punishment afterwards too sometimes even. Good spirits'll feel very good about all the good things they've done in life and'll go off wherever's most resonant to em (aka whatever plane they'd feel most at home at). There is no concrete heaven or hell but that which we create for ourselves and karma is merely a means of equalizing energy, as in whatever you do will be returned to you equally, and even at that not in a concrete good or bad sense, just exactly equal. Eventually, (depending on the spirit maybe 1 or 1,000 years), they'll either astrally die or decide to incarnate again for whatever reason. Astral death involves the slow (or quick >:^) ) decay of the astral body, and the leaving of the mental body or "spirit" to make a new astral body and usually then incarnate to quickly gain some foundational wisdom. In reincarnation the astral body gets pulled into the most resonant physical fetus and loses all his memories so he can start over fresh in a new life, but to clarify he's still practically the same person. The mental body can't actually die but it's only the absolute most basic awareness so, if you die astrally there goes everything that was "you", and all that's left is that silent percieving awareness behind everything else. It can merge with God though, which doesn't kill it, but does transform it into something completely different. From the human perspective it'll seem like a weird psychedelic experience where you slowly become more like God until you are him and embrace spiritual infinity, and you'll be God, just that you won't be anything like you once were
Anonymous 2019-09-10 14:35:14 No. 3431
also if you want I can explain where humans actually come from. We didn't just evolve here from animals like you seem to think in the op, but the actual truth's kinda crazy so I figured I'd go ahead and ask before I type out some 90 line schizoshit
Anonymous 2019-09-10 14:39:59 No. 3432
oh btw that aura picture is labeled wrong btw, just serves to depict the actual human mind in-general
Anonymous 2019-09-10 15:05:19 No. 3434
Give schizo shit pls.
Also what about astral immortality?
Dom't hold back bro.
not op btw