Basic magick Anonymous 2018-10-04 22:10:11 No. 2580
I'm calling this basic magick because it is foundational. It doesn't rely on spiritual influences as much as other disciplines. It relies on your own power as an entity. Have you ever wondered why do we even need to call on demons and angels to do our bidding? It is because we haven't mastered their way of interacting with reality. But the true way of evolution of humanity involves a certain degree of self-sufficiency.

Please read this post and make sure you have practiced the technique explained here before you read on. It is also recommended to be at least past step 6 of IIH.
Also watch these videos

If you feel resistance to this working at all, you need to do shadow work. Especially if you're proud or "edgy", you will need to work on those issues before this can work for you at all. They anchor you to 4th density. If you feel like this should be harder, or involve more serious sacrifice or obscurity, that probably means you're afraid to recognize mundanity or mediocrity in your life. You'll need to deal with that first, but that's beyond this post.

In short, you cannot approach this unless you've learned how to operate from the 5th or 6th density instead of the usual 4th. If you're operating from the 3rd you're probably not even reading this.

I cannot stress enough how important it is that you master this mode of perception (>>2419) before you try to do the technique I'm going to explain. What I'm going to explain is a way to channel information on any subject through your intellect. However, if you try to apply it the way I explain it, it will not work. You need to adapt it to your own predilections. Find a role you can identify with and embody. It is deceptively simple because it requires that kind of personal, experiential work, that can't be taught. Only you can teach it to yourself through experience.

Get into the astral, and using the technique of active imagination, intend to and place yourself in the Akashic Records, imagined in the form of a library. Find a book that explains whatever you want to know about.* You need to be in a decent trance state and removed from any resistance. Any entities you find on your way might or might not help you.
Imagine you're a university professor and are about to lecture on the topic of the book. If it helps, imagine such a professor opening the book and reading a few pages. Then he starts to speak. With full confidence in your deductive skills, just think about the issue while you see (with eyes open or closed) yourself perusing the tome and use your intelligence to come up with information about it. Then actually think about it. Come up with explanations with full confidence. Don't resist the ideas that come to you. Have confidence in your intelligence and start reasoning, as if you were that professor and you were explaining the subject to your students. If you're operating from a good enough trance above 4th density, information will come to you. It might be useful to write it down.

If you've ever done invocation and gotten information from an entity, you know what this feels like. This time, however, you're not directly asking any entity.

There is a risk you will run into your own prejudice and preconceptions, and you need to be able to recognize that. To this end, there's nothing to do but to "know thyself" as the delphic maxim goes.
If you think about it, experts on any topic have such preconceptions as well, and need to know themselves in order to avoid those pitfalls. The important thing here is not to "know" anything, but to convince yourself that you know what you're talking about, just like an expert, and deal with the problems that arise from that perspective. If you feel yourself stepping down from that requirement, doubting the information or yourself, or not identifying every now and then a hint of preconception or prejudice to steer away from, you're most likely not prepared for this. If you find a brick wall you cannot seem to be able to think around, maybe you lack foundational knowledge about the topic. Get on the internet and research whatever you're stuck in, just as an expert would. Then continue your deductions.

Keep going until you feel like you've exhausted the topic.

I repeat: if you try to apply it the way I explain it, it will not work. You need to adapt it to your own predilections. Find a role you can identify with and embody.

Post about your experiences here and I'll post more stuff.


* There's another pitfall you need to look out for: not all topics are made equal. If you ask yourself about the moon landing hoax, you will get info about the moon landing hoax, regardless of it being a hoax. Or perhaps you will start receiving information about the actual moon landing and the mythos of the hoax. Or maybe it was a hoax.
My point here is that you should let go of any preconceptions about the topic before you begin, and rely solely on the information that comes through from the point you start the working forwards. Any information or knowledge you had on the topic beforehand must be set aside.
Anonymous 2018-10-04 22:14:51 No. 2581
I should clarify something
>Imagine you're a university professor and are about to lecture on the topic of the book. If it helps, imagine such a professor opening the book and reading a few pages. Then he starts to speak.
You shouldn't imagine him speaking. You should jus set the stage, and wait for him to start speaking.
Watch the videos and read the linked post, regardless of you thinking you understand what I mean. If you've never done this, you most probably don't.
Anonymous 2018-10-04 22:25:35 No. 2582
Fascinating post bro, I will definitely try that today
Anonymous 2018-10-05 04:41:21 No. 2583
oosh, Alright I finally got around to trying out your method of reading the Akashic Records, I got some pretty good results and tbh I'm hooked lol, I'm gonna make this a regular practice. I layed down and basically mental projected to a big library, I tried getting a book with the answer to my question but the answer was too long and the words were too blurry and shifty to see, so I got another book, "the short answer to my question" lol, this worked alright, and while I was too tired (I said I'd definitely try it today, couldn't let ya down) to keep going until I got an absolute answer, what I read was both unexpected, and very interesting knowledge I hadn't considered in my question, and'll definitely help in figuring out what I was trying to divinate.

Eh fucc it alright I'll spill the deets. I was trying to divinate how to become absolutely invincible on all planes and I read that since God is perfect in the Earth element then maybe I should in some way mirror God's earthen aspect
Anonymous 2018-10-05 08:14:08 No. 2584
I think you should have pulled on that thread, deeper into the trance, and it would have unraveled. Ask yourself follow-up questions and answer them without waiting. Why is god perfect in earth? Why would it make you invincible? How does a human not perfect in earth and what does it look like to become?

Maybe try the longer book, but instead of trying to read all of it, hear the words, or watch pictures projected on a screen. In my case, the train of thought comes one word after the next, impossible to plan. That is why I say you need to modify it and find the modslity that works best for you.
Anonymous 2018-10-06 12:08:31 No. 2585
Interesting stuff.
I've found that the more you practice, the more it "flows" and if you say, specifically focus on reading words in your mind you will gain better mental sight.
I think the imagination is similar to the senses of a baby, as they've yet to develop the eye precision to read.
Anonymous 2018-10-06 13:57:25 No. 2588
Yes. Maybe because it's a baby. A new body or bodies we're growing? Interesting...
Anonymous 2019-02-25 19:57:18 No. 2949
>do shadow work
By shadow work are you referring to the type mentioned in "Robert Johnson - Owning Your Own Shadow" from the repository? Is this a good place to start?

I personally think its something worth doing before doubling down into the rabbit hole. I've been working on my energy body, mind, awareness and self ownership and would like to refine this before beginning to take any astral travels.
Anonymous 2019-02-26 14:39:03 No. 2951
Basically learn and own your ugly bits. Are you gay? A pedophile? Mommy and daddy issues, shame, shyness, fears… Anything you have/do that you don't want to accept about yourself can and will come back to bit you in your ass if you start a magical practice without accepting and owning it first.
Anonymous 2019-03-04 00:40:15 No. 2974
I appreciate the clarification, thanks! I can see what you mean by this. I'd like to ask another question, if you don't mind:

At one point there was a nasty entity attached to a female friend of mine that tried strangling her when I tried suggesting healing stuff, and tried to give her raw organic tobacco to burn like incense while mixed with sage. It was potent enough to the point that she could feel her neck constricting, and I could feel and sense both it and its actions.

The entity tried this while we were in my apartment, against one of my friends of all people. My anger was enough to make it leave, and it hasn't bothered her since. This anger was potent to the point where she could feel the full scope of my rage, these are *my guests*.

Did I just take ownership/responsibility/both over another person?
I feel like this changed the dynamic of things greatly.
There's other stuff bouncing around my apartment, I feel like I earned a decent merit of respect. I'm worried about my overall standing with all things, as I would genuinely prefer not needing to throw any energy around. After some time I addressed the host of the things stomping around the apartment building, laying out rules that don't strangle anything out.

I'm asking here because I think that others might be able to learn about a few basics from this story. Thanks again!
Anonymous 2019-03-04 00:41:47 No. 2975
>genuinely prefer not needing to throw any energy around
By this I mean that I'd prefer to cut deals instead of throats.
Anonymous 2019-03-04 08:06:17 No. 2977
I’ve been in a similar situation and I don’t know the correct approach.
Anonymous 2019-03-04 20:39:47 No. 2979
Putting on a flag, its still me.

Hm. The only thing I know for sure is not to start anything that one cannot finish, and that respect goes a long way. I also never want to force another entity into a corner where they need to violent their way out.
Anonymous 2019-03-13 23:54:25 No. 3014
Quick note that is relevant to the thread.
Divination and manifestation are the same thing. Divination essentially consists on picking up patterns and metaphors in a chaotic environment. Manifestation comes down to placing those patters and metaphors in such an environment.
In both cases, a certain degree of chaos (free-form information or energy) needs to be present. It can be created ad hoc if it isn't.

It might seem obvious, but it's a notion to meditate on (you can use pic related).
Anonymous 2019-03-14 06:14:01 No. 3018
>Divination and manifestation are the same thing
I disagree, they are quite fundamentally different. Divination is not changing anything, its basically just reading something. Like using tarot cards to read the future. Manifestation is changing things, literally manifesting something. Getting a job, getting money, becoming taller, etc. Like making a sigil to get a gf masturbating on it.
Anonymous 2019-03-30 19:33:49 No. 3080
Is that Trump at a temp job office?
Anonymous 2019-07-16 19:47:59 No. 3223
I meant they have energy in common. Perceiving energy from the world vs projecting it into the world. It's too obvious when you think of it and I didn't explain it very well.
Anonymous 2019-09-09 20:40:07 No. 3422
When you practice these techniques long enough, you will begin to become aware of a substance of a certain fluid, viscous quality. I need to stress that no matter how much you read about this, you won't understand it until you practice and experience by yourself, as with all magic.
This substance moves with your visualizations. It is closely tied to your emotions and your body. We might as well call this substance the infamous "energy".

Decide on something you want to happen, or a general trend you want to perpetuate. This has to be something formulated as a positive statement (I feel sated). Negative statements (I don't feel hungry) will not do and you will see why.
Once you got this, you need to turn it into an emotion. A good way to do this is to meditate and visualize your end result happening, and try to imagine how you would feel. Once you get a hold of that emotion, extract it and synthesize it. Start emitting it and wear it as a cape.
There are to signs that will show you are doing this correctly: you should feel a certain heat or emanation rising from your skin, and you will get tired if you sustain it long enough. Of course you want to sustain it for as long as possible.

This is one of the most versatile techniques I have come across. You can obviously tell the people that came up with the law of attraction, positive thinking, etc were coming from something like this. However they always fail to explain a key factor, which is that you need to be very aware of your emotions and any hidden hints of something else that might be hiding within that energy you are emitting. Otherwise your own energy will work against itself.
It is a deceptively simple technique, but it requires a certain alchemical skill and emotional hygiene to get it to work for real. However, once it clicks, manifestation is insanely fast. As in minutes.
Anonymous 2019-09-09 20:44:23 No. 3423
>Of course you want to sustain it for as long as possible.
You could do it on a constant basis throughout your day or in short bursts at a given hour.
If done constantly, you need to be aware of any feelings of anticipation or "lusting for results" that you might start to feel and erradicate them. Otherwise they become part of that energy you are emitting and turn it ineffective.
If done in bursts, meditating at home, for example, you need to take into account the fact that we are emitting energy all throughout the day. Thus, when you aren't actively setting off your energy of choice, you need to pay attention to other things you feel and emit, because they will play a role in the results and possibly negate them or modify them.
Anonymous 2019-09-09 21:28:22 No. 3424
This sounds similar to the technique of imprinting desires on Akasa mentioned in step 6 of Initiation into Hermetics.
Anonymous 2019-09-09 22:21:01 No. 3425
The maps look alike because they describe the same territory.
Anonymous 2019-09-10 13:46:57 No. 3427
Let's see two case studies.
Case 1: "spiritually asleep mundanes and circumstances conspire to serve me". Continuous emission.
You start emitting this emotion, go into the store, grab your stuff. Notice some people getting out of your way very conspicuously. May be a coincidence.
You get to the check out and there is a huge queue. Moments later, another register opens and the cashier beckons you to move up. You are first in line. Cashier puts the items you bought in your bag for you, something they don't usually do in this store.
You step outside and head home. Start crossing the street, and a guy in a car starts accelerating to pass the crossing fast so that he doesn't have to stop for you. You look at him and in that moment his car stalls, stopping just before the pedestrian crossing.

Case 2: "my friend X has a wife and a child". 20 minute meditation.
A couple of months after your meditation, your friend starts dating a girl. He is very afraid of commitment, and this girl intends to go all the way. She really likes him, and he seems to like her, too. This is the first girl he has met in many years to be this serious. So serious, in fact, he starts avoiding her actively, and he ends up cutting her off completely out of fear.

Three things that were going on behind the scenes you should be aware of:
1. The original statement for the energy does not manifest as formulated. Instead, it pushes reality in that direction, but the circumstances will dictate what really goes down. Choosing the right energy and designing it is an art on its own.
2. As soon as the energy stops, existing energies and newly generated ones will start pushing and pulling on reality, and in the case of third parties and clients, keep in mind they generate their own energies daily. In the case of your own, it's advisable keeping your mind off the issues you're trying to work on so that you don't generate related energies.
3. In cases like #1, you should avoid at all costs judging what is happening around you because otherwise your judgement will start modifying the energy, as you will probably see the rest of the world fight back and you might start to falter. Keep going steadily and it will eventually give way.

I'd be very interested in reading people's experiences with this.
Anonymous 2019-09-10 14:59:38 No. 3433
I suggest anybody who wants to try this to get Initiation Into Hermetics and learn to charge up on energy unless you want to kill yourself or suffer serious illnesses from energy imbalance and lack of energy.