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Come here to discuss and learn the arts of Practical Alchemy.
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Here's an old more simple alchemy tutorial.!qtt3VAjS!jS6VBKkbGTPQqbh7wSYrpQ
You'll want to remove the water third of the distillate in the last bit if you want your material to convert quicker.
Otherwise go read The golden chain of Homer to understand this science further.
Anonymous 2018-12-12 04:06:51 No. 2757
True Alchemy is a way to create a most perfect magnet of the Spiritus Vitae. Basically all you're doing in the processes listed so far is to concentrate SV which is contained in varying amounts in all things, and make a material that has more SV. Alchemy in the truest sense as known by the ancient philosophers is a way to create a perfect magnet of SV that continually and indefinitely concentrates SV wherever it is. This perfect magnet of SV can be used for any number of the miraculous claims heard of. However very few will ever see it in this life.
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There are a few different kinds of alchemy, the two that I'm aware of are physical and metaphysical alchemy. The first is rather well known, the second is something rather special.
It deals with manipulating an individual's bodies in a variety of ways, with many metaphysical components used upon them in specific ways. Often there is specific kinds of energies cultivated for the process which can permanently change the subject in a variety of (possibly) frightening ways. Metaphysical alchemy is offered by many different entities, and a good source being demonic ones.
For example: Goetic demons hold very special, forbidden, alchemy but require the subject to go through harsh treatment to acquire it. No pain no gain.
Anonymous 2019-02-03 19:48:39 No. 2889
Well that depends what you understand as >harsh treatment
Military training might be harsh to you but it's probably OK for a young fireman.
Anonymous 2019-02-07 21:27:50 No. 2893
>comparing something physical with something spiritual
Anonymous 2019-02-09 18:53:16 No. 2894
>thinking the physical and the spiritual are at all separate
Anonymous 2019-02-09 20:07:40 No. 2895
They are seperate though. Whats your point?
Anonymous 2019-02-12 16:21:28 No. 2901
That they aren't! lol
Most traditions have always considered the transition between "the physical" and the "non physical" a gradient, not a clear cut.
In fact, the terms "physical" and "non physical" illustrate this delusion we Westerners have about the whole thing. It wasn't until Descartes that we started thinking about the metaphysical as separate from the physical.
In order to bring the point back to the discussion at hand, why is harsh physical treatment hard? Isn't it because it causes emotional harshness? Isn't your mind the one expressing suffering when your body suffers?
They're inseparable. And so is the so called physical world from the "astral" or whatever you might want to call it or organize it.
Anonymous 2019-02-13 03:34:12 No. 2909
>Most traditions have always considered the transition between "the physical" and the "non physical" a gradient
I'm aware of that, and I've never said that was not the case. My point was that they were separate, which they are. Not that they were unconnected. Red and blue are different colors but are a part of the same spectrum.
Get off your high ego.
I never said that harsh physical treatment is hard. I never said that at all. The original anon's post was of being put through harsh metaphysical alchemy, not plain physical. There is a huge difference between it.
Your entire post shows your lack of understanding and pettiness of the original topic, are you just here to cause problems or something because you have added nothing to discussion except stating things which everyone who has progressed anywhere meaningful in the occult will understand.
Anonymous 2019-03-05 15:18:19 No. 2983
Earth = Gravity
Water = Strong nuclear force
Air = Electromagnetic force
Fire = Weak nuclear force

Take it from there.