ITT [ASCENSION] - Gnomechasers not welcome & may stay in France, Anonymous 2018-08-26 18:43:11 No. 2441
Warning: This meditation is for manifesting and aligning with your true self, your spirit; Should you proceed with the following meditation it is paramount you do so with awareness and focus.

Close your eyes and see yourself in lotus, flow your energybody and its circuits like it would be during heavy breath exercise, raise Kundalini, establish connection with the Crown Chakra then the Solar (Sun) Chakra, direct it down from your crown to your root, through your spine, where a solid lightning bolt takes root in the lava of the Root Chakra and becomes a structure upon which the lava can flow much more freely, as a second Kundalini rising happens and you probably get visions of a blossom at the top of your head, drag this new charge one more time down to the earth and hold it there, having done this you should have come from a rapid to a slow and deep breath, at the climax of no breath see the vast empty nothing around you, there is nothing except you and the Sun above you and the Earth beneath you and in the first breath you take you see yourself drawing in equal amounts of energy from above and below to your heart, holding that same flow to breathing you've just found, keep doing it, faster until the air you take in through your nose touches the air going out at the back of your lungs and there are tornadoes in your lungs and your heart is so full of energy its all so dense it becomes, crystallized, a solid under the pressure until it "pops".

Let breath manifest through intent.

Keep in touch if you make it "pop".
Anonymous 2018-08-26 20:53:16 No. 2442
>gnome chasers not welcome
Lol, who hurt you friend?
Anonymous 2018-08-31 22:16:44 No. 2453
Wow I just did this and got a mental image of a purple lotus sitting on an open window seal glowing into the late night air, and now I feel super at peace. Good meditation bro I leik it
Anonymous 2018-09-01 16:26:40 No. 2455
During the end steps of manifesting this energy movement I bathed to cleanse in a dam with lotus flowers on a farm innalands and the third time I approached the only purple (red) lotus there I bowed to it and raised it to my forehead before putting it back.
A couple of days later I was greeted by Freya in an open eyes vision where she placed a purple crown of flowerleaves wrought like flaming iron around my head.