Order of Nine Angles Anonymous 2018-04-02 12:13:14 No. 1838
Get their books here if you're interested:

I'm not affiliated with them in any way apart from posting in their threads on imageboards, I'm starting this thread here so we can discuss the contents of their books and any results that came from using them.
Anonymous 2018-04-02 12:57:49 No. 1839
The wikipedia article gives a decent summary (actually) so if you want a quick idea you can read the parts about aeons:

Their aeonic magic theory does make sense and it seems to correspond to real things. But when asked about the origin of their teachings, the replies were vague at most. Such as why do they call it satanism? There is no mention from what I've seen of any "satan" being. What's the deal with using the word "sinister" all the time?

I have to admit I misread that as "nine angels" at first but just 2 days ago I took a second look at that emblem and realized it was "angles." I don't quite see how they get 9 angles out of that image but that's not important I guess. Reading some more I think that pic refers to initiation since it has 7 points, but anyway..

There is something there and it does work with nine breaking points, that's the image that came to my mind. It somehow just fell into place with what I already know of the structure of the universe and the human body.

>This last night I had a dream. I was in my bed and heard the tune of an ice cream van. This surprised me a bit since they stopped coming to my area years ago. I got up and walked out onto the front porch.

>It turned out to be an ordinary postal service car, but it was still strange, since I wasn't expecting any delivery and they don't normally play ice cream van tunes. The driver got out of the car and handed me a thick envelope.

>"If you'd just sign here..." I took the envelope and the daily paper from her hand and there was a pause, like she was expecting something. I kind of remembered at the back of my head that a relative who used to live here sometimes invited the postman for coffe, so I said: "Do you want to come inside?" She seemed happy about this and followed me inside.

>After this I woke up.

In a half awake state I was aware that the envelope was still there, I had been given some kind of energetic information package. It contained a large folded blueprint. I examined the contents until I understood it and after this it dissolved. It was all in line with the understanding I had of the "nine angles" and how they relate to the world. I still felt some kind of connection to the "driver" and asked how to contact her, upon which I was told to call "Clarissa 006."

I googled that which resulted in
the only other result with any direct reference was a pair of glasses named "clarissa 006."
Going by what happened next I'm assuming the first one is more relevant, whatever that means.

I know this is going far out now, but the person on the far right in the pic on that link is wearing a leopard mask. This pattern was posted about before on 8/fringe/ as part of some conspiracy theory about an mkultra project called "sexy kitten" which used animal pattens as activators.

This is relevant why?
>After all this I fell asleep again and had a dream in which I was driving a bike on a dirt road close to home. Some people I know was at the starting point and was going to follow me on foot. I passed a bear just by the side of the road and called them to warn of it. A while later I passed a tiger.
>The dream then changed into someone telling me to look into a "tube" which was also a line of thought, and it was like a kaleidoscope except it had leopard patterns instead of crystals.
>I got up on my bike again and ended up in a field where the ground had a weird structure, like it was made of stone shards. I had to stop because of the resistance and realized the back tire was flat. On a second look the entire wheel was twisted and there was no problem with the tire at all.
>I became aware of other people around me, and felt like I was at something like the burning man festival. I attempted to fix the bike wheel and some other guy helped me, but we both ended up getting stuck with out hands in the wheel.

After this I woke up finally and it was morning.
Anonymous 2018-04-02 13:07:01 No. 1840
The whole time during the second dream the emblem in the OP was present on my left side while riding the bike, while the leopard tube was shown on my right side.

If there is any correspondance here to the books from ONA it must be my state of mind. Their rituals and initiations are quite extreme and are going into a direct conflict with society as we are used to it. When I went to bed I was in an upset state of mind and I was struggling to push these things down.
Anonymous 2018-04-03 02:28:46 No. 1850
>pic on that link is wearing a leopard mask
Anonymous 2018-12-14 11:33:07 No. 2761
Anonymous 2018-12-24 03:07:05 No. 2775
By all accounts they're angsty egoic ritualists with knowledge, some practice but no actual understanding, void of spirituality - that which is magic.


DISREGARDED, with pic related being what its like getting caught in such and similar clubs of negative alignment.
Anonymous 2018-12-30 02:23:04 No. 2782
The core philosophy of ONA is self and societal evolution, and through working with the Dark Gods that will be achieved. There are a lot of magical practices in it, including but not limited to: pantheon of dark entities willing to help the practitioner, a metaphysical tree which one could advance through for spiritual alchemy, many different occult skills that are able to be taught by the dark entities, a tarot set, chants, hymns, and as well as a tool for large societal changes.
It is an excellent order that should not be disregarded if one follows the left hand path. Just avoid all material brought forth from the Temple ov Blood, as they are trying to overtake the core of ONA with their garbage.
Read the main documents, do not join any material group, and just focus on working with the Dark Gods and the Tree of Wyrd. Follow these basic things and the path will be quite rewarding.
Anonymous 2018-12-30 03:52:05 No. 2783
>By all accounts they're angsty egoic ritualists with knowledge, some practice but no actual understanding, void of spirituality
You sure they're not just shaking muh 'solid foundation' Mr. Anonymoose?
Anonymous 2019-01-02 23:36:24 No. 2790
Get their books here under Left Hand Path folder. Mewch is dead.
Anonymous 2019-01-02 23:37:35 No. 2791
>self and societal evolution

Why don't you go into detail? There is a striking lack of information as to what this bunch of bullshit occultists actually do, questions such as, where does this lead?

What will happen to me if I let these idiot make an even dumber idiot and living battery out of me?

>self and societal evolution
>self and societal evolution
>self and societal evolution
Anonymous 2019-01-02 23:49:37 No. 2792
If you two had the slightest understanding of how the game is set up you'd know you were getting fucked rawdog by an imp with aids in this deal.
Anonymous 2019-01-03 01:05:21 No. 2793
>established powers rewrite Christianity and uses it to consolidate power
>the big lie in the book is the inversion of Lucifer, enlightenment and the snake, Kundalini
>egdy twoeyed noknow peasants with poop in their pants and tears on their cheeks, frustrated beyond grief recognizes the falsehood in the Christian dogma but fails to see what and in fashion of true childish rebellion against authority makes an idol out of the negatives that were used to besmirch truth, because edgy.

That is, if this movement isn't a downright cointelpro by 'them' to establish the other side from the start - How dumb can you get?

So, do you know the mechanics of how demons evolve? How they feed and socially posture in the astral?
Of course you don't or you wouldn't propagate your own fall from grace.

Demons are basic thoughtforms that run in mental loops that allow them to maintain shape without dissipating, "intelligent", just clinging on for dear life trying to stay collected, a parallel can be drawn to people based in the ego, they operate exactly the same and allow for no other modality of thinking.
Demons are entirely void of spirit, void of choice, void of "God". They react, and cannot act and thus lack the part of self able to say "I don't want to be standing in imps up to my knees, they smell like shit and piss". Demons are made of the astral stuff that is centered around your heart creating *memories of thinking* and feeling. Demons are entirely void of divinity and grace, they are purely instinct of kill or be kill and only ever engage in parasitic relations they benefit from.
Does entering into an agreement with someone who can only lie, and takes pleasure from it, sound like a good idea?
The negative astral inhabitants supreme goal is to make you deny God and hate Life so that you end up unable to escape their hunting grounds when you die. Simple as that.

>self and societal evolution


The people of O9A are like batteries, having given up on their divine sovereignty, they are already placed in the socket, walking dead waiting to die physically so the soul can go straight to whatever the inner circle of O9A channels to get eaten. If you are lucky, your spirit will have left your body in shame over your actions way before you die - If you're unlucky, your spirit will be trapped in the soul and its toxic restraints for both to get consumed.

>more batteries

I don't care for what kind of reassurances you got when you made your deal, if you had the slightest idea of how the negative astral planes looked like and were set up you would be in the know that to survive there you have to either overpower or outwit everything present, you're on your own and everything is looking to kill rape and eat you.
To make matters worse! Once your spirit leaves your soul 'you' wont be able to overpower, outwit or escape them and you have basically lost the game, getting looshed out of this life's worth of experience and energy, again.

In conclusion, O9A is pretty much like the Vampires. They are prey, not the predator. Cattle. Ya'll snax. You're like a little potato chip, waiting to get crunched.

>but they make me feel good!

Lower vibing entities can make you feel 'good' with false confidence but only the positives of the sphere they are inhabiting, which are the base three of ego - once you leave these spheres of vibrational influence, if lucky perhaps your mind drifts to other things which the parasite of whose 'vibe' you're stuck in can't influence, unless its been a while in the making and a parasite of one chakra has spread enough to penetrate the others.

I'm just saying, you've got imps skullfucking you from ass to head that you can't see.

>self and societal evolution

>self and societal evolution

>self and societal evolution
Anonymous 2019-01-03 01:14:25 No. 2794
>choosing to be an angry unpleasant ragetard, ruled by his own emotions and led by the nose by others who have mastered these feels already

Heh, guess I wont be seeing you two in the seventh heaven any time soon.

Take care guys.
Anonymous 2019-01-03 01:24:04 No. 2795
>can only lie


>implying a demon tells you the truth unless its what you want to hear and it want to say
Anonymous 2019-01-03 01:50:24 No. 2799
Holy Holy Holy, Lord God almighty.
Anonymous 2019-01-06 00:15:15 No. 2828
What is even going on here?
Did you read my dream experiences from the beginning of the thread? Posting them and discussing similar things was the reason for starting this thread.
You don't have to go and join pic related in Italy or where ever to experience results with this. Use it how you see fit and ignore the nazi larpers so commonly seen online currently.
The point is they may be a CIA cult, but the CIA is also occult at the core. Watch "The Good Shepherd" for an idea, the scenes from the skulls and bones society in the first part of the movie are said to be correct depictions. Of course it's a maze of truth and lies, this is reality. It's not a nice place.
Anonymous 2019-01-07 09:21:15 No. 2833
>The point is they may be a CIA cult
The CIA are pure trash and should be avoided. I do believe that some ONA Nexions (aka groups) are under CIA/Government control or are infiltrated by other means.

The BEST way is to follow the documents and go rogue. Do not join any group and stick with the core material. The Dark Gods can/will speak to you given enough time, and are much easier to converse with compared to your typical Qlippothic or Goetic demons. Pathwork the Tree of Wyrd and follow the Seven Fold Way. Simple but a long journey that will certainly pay off if the individual is dedicated to it.
Anonymous 2019-01-07 16:34:26 No. 2835
I'm not sure I want this kind of commie suicide bookclub speak on my news tableau.

Stop posting sigils before I reach my treshold where I wont care to look at your post but will instead just remove it.
Anonymous 2019-01-07 17:48:39 No. 2836
>sigils not allowed
Anonymous 2019-01-07 17:54:07 No. 2837
Your personal demons callcards are not appreciate.

Its courtesy ti spoil or tell what the sigil is about as to dispel it.

Don't be a dick.
Anonymous 2019-01-07 19:52:31 No. 2845
As far as I can tell there are no "demon callcards" at all in this thread.
>Stop posting sigils before I reach my treshold where I wont care to look at your post but will instead just remove it.
You know what he posted is basically the hexagram arrangements of planets used in other spooky traditions such as the Golden Dawn or... shivers Wicca? Pictured here with a white background so as to not trigger your irrational fear of le spooky ebil magick.
Anonymous 2019-01-07 19:53:36 No. 2846
I know right? The absolute state of /fringe/. This is pathetic.
Anonymous 2019-01-08 14:51:33 No. 2849

>>slide it

Anonymous 2019-01-08 14:55:43 No. 2852
Correction, I just don't want you people posting here, or sigils.

Same with the vampires. Fuck off you pretenders.