The Library - wand creation path Anonymous 2018-03-26 17:39:24 No. 1791
Simple in theory, but very hard to succeed in, "The Library" is the reason /fringe/ even became a thing. It's an organization and a conscious entity, what it really is, is a bit of a mystery. You can interact with its members, and you can interact with the library itself, but getting there is a pretty large step up from the mundane or neophyte level.
The available physical books may somehow touch on it, but never directly, you're supposed to just "get it" one day and turn your eyes in the right direction. That is the entry level test.

To my understanding, the library consists of two parts
>the physical members and their astral interface for communication (think telepathic fb)
>the entity here referred to as simply "the library", and the wizards working with it closely, in short referred to as librarians

The goal for anyone entering here, is to create "the ultimate wand", by which the wizard will achieve immortality and unlock their inner power, which will open possibilities for easy creation of any other wand.

What is a "wand"?
A wand can be physical, but the aim here is to move beyond the physcial and through energy manipulation create a wand which is directly linked to your mind, a mental construct. The process has some small similarity to the creation of servitors.
A wand consists of two parts; a handle or staff, and a knob, blade or other form with a function. The handle will ensure that any potentially harmful effect is placed at a distance from you, and aimed outward. The entire theory of wand creation is to suppress your surroundings, other people and the world, in the end even suppressing death by sheer force.

How to get started?
You are already on /fringe/, that's the first step. This step may continue endlessly unless you make some significant progress and discover something of the real reality behind the physical. Somewhere around there, you will be able to discern other people with a little more knowledge and ability. To the average wizard they're just the same as anyone else, most people can't tell reality from falsehood and will remain in discussions on the nature of entry level stuff. If you are able to choose who you interact with properly, and show that you do really "get it", you can advance, and bit by bit you will gain reputation and with that, open doors to the real stuff.

As long as someone is asking about basic, entry level things, repeating misconceptions, arguing violently to defend their armchair knowledge etc, they will not be given even a hint. More likely someone will throw a curse at them to see how they handle it.

This will NOT be a spoonfeeding thread. Everything you need to know has been explained in this post already, the rest is up to your own ability.
I will follow the "library" disposition here and answer questions if they are relevant and show that the poster did his homework.
Anonymous 2018-03-26 21:30:24 No. 1795
Interesting. In the TV show / books The Magicians, there's this organization called The Library, with its "Librarians" (called that) which is incredibly similar to what you're describing. In that universe they supposedly collect knowledge, as much as possible. But they are secretive, somewhat elitist and obviously amassing power as their main goal.

Shit is channeled I tell you.
Anonymous 2018-03-26 21:51:42 No. 1796
Yes, there is also an organization called the Armory in the Vampire Diaries tv series, which collects artifacts and occult knowledge. It's often there, in the background, somehow.

Some years before finding it I had a dream in which I visited a country side church by a road at night. The church was locked and I went around to the back, walking down a slope and found a small stone building with iron gates down there. Looking back up towards the road I saw a dark figure in a robe meeting up with someone, the scene played out against the light of the full moon. It ended up with some kind of magical battle, it wasn't fancy, just an exchange of dark energies seemingly thrown by hand between them. They didn't see me at my position down there.
Anonymous 2018-04-02 18:59:45 No. 1841
can you post the thread were they talked about anime wands. i cant find it on mewch or 8ch. they were talking about mainstream media using esoteric knowledge in media, like anime.
Anonymous 2018-04-02 19:30:35 No. 1843
Anonymous 2018-04-02 20:20:47 No. 1844
Watching that right now. Very nice animation.
Anonymous 2018-04-03 02:45:26 No. 1851
Thanks, but do you have the link for the thread discussion?
Anonymous 2018-04-03 08:45:51 No. 1854
It's 4chan I think so you'll have to dive into 4plebs/desu archive for that.
Anonymous 2018-04-03 08:47:01 No. 1855
Link is in the pic, right side, so it's even easier.
Anonymous 2018-08-06 20:36:22 No. 2384
Is my physical body fit to be turned into a wand. I quite like the idea of being strong through myself alone. Also, are these techniques a school of magick of its own. Or is it an amalgamation of the best techniques from all schools.
Anonymous 2018-08-07 22:05:09 No. 2385
It's a highly specialized school, it doesn't focus on the person or the body, rather its target is the formation of a "wand" to the point of perfection, where the concept of the wand you created is one with your very being.

If you want to have some more in depth discussion, come over to the new
Anonymous 2018-08-19 08:37:39 No. 2389
Isn't in the end just forming thoughtforms to assist in your work?