Non-physical Entities Anonymous 2018-03-13 16:08:56 No. 1585
What entities have you come into contact with during your practice?
This thread will be for
>telling greentexts of your encounters
>description of the entity
>identification in relation to myth and lore
>how to contact/summon said entity
>can other anons confirm its existence?

The goal is for anons to expand their list of known existing non-physial entities with included knowledge of the benefits of interacting with them. Let's try to keep this thread focused on entities which are potentially helpful or neutral.
Anonymous 2018-03-13 16:16:38 No. 1586
I'll start with a dream log describing my one and only contact with reptilians. This experience changed my view from scepticism to belief that they are actually real, but existing in spirit form.

>Me and someone else were in a snowy landscape, it was calm and quiet, and very open. It felt like somewhere far away, like the far end of Russia. We were next to a gully that formed a natural barrier along one side of the area. We had somehow been captured by lizard men in military uniforms. They looked like humans except for the head which had a “brutal” appearance. Some of the lizard men present turned out to be prisoners as well. The capturers had decided to arrange a combat tournament to have the prisoners fight. It was unclear what the purpose of this was (if any) apart from some fun for the spectators.

>Suddenly a lizard man dressed in a fur coat with the fur turned inwards, showed up. He had a personal style and individuality over him that the others didn’t have. He seemed to have a bit of an “amused” facial expression, but only superficially, as if he had put it on to tease someone. It now became clear to me that all emotions felt by the group, was somehow shared collectively, as if they were all connected spiritually. Me and the other human felt this too. When the new lizard man appeared, there was the general feeling of someone who comes to “crash the party”, and the newcomer knew that this was the case. That was the reason for his timidly smug expression, he looked like a bully finding a target, and the entire group felt this. They were all in a state of hopeless, whiny despair, even if they didn’t say anything.

>The newcomer with the coat walked up to a lizard man who seemed like a leader, and said loudly, “I’ll show you, half breed! Give me that!” The leader turned over his battle axe. This was the only actual weapon the entire group possessed. The leader was flinching miserable. Someone in the group said: “You know the rule of the tribals is the law here. He’s a full breed.”

>The newcomer resolutely took the axe from the leader, and with one swing cut off his head, as if it was an everyday thing. Then he turned to the group. It was now a collective feeling that we had been captured by this lone lizard man. The others titled him “Mr. Count” and they all felt a deep respect and awe for him. But it was at the same time something that they didn’t want, and they were all miserable, as if a great disaster had struck them and ruined their fun. Mr. Count was very well aware of this and had the attitude of someone who is going to take full advantage of his position.

>He walked up to me and the other human and then told a lizard man standing next to us: “We need to set some boundaries”. He then had them draw a line in the snow, and we had to step on the inside of the line. This line was now no easier to cross than a high fence with electric barbed wire. It was as if the connection between the lizard men made them slaves to the general emotion of the group, and despite them hating it, they were not going to fight Mr. Count, because of his pure heritage. It was impossible, and that made his words more powerful than any physical fence.

>Mr. Count now shared cigarettes with me, the other human, and a lizard man who was considered having better heritage than the rest of the group. In reality he didn’t have that, but Mr. Count had decided so, so everyone had to treat him this way. The whole point of this was to exert power over the group and to put them down, because Mr. Count knew that they had to think in the same way as him. So he had intentionally picked a weaker individual to be second in command, just to make the rest of the group feel powerless. This indeed made the group feel even more miserable and whiny, and Mr. Count thought this was amusing. In an acted way, of course. He had this attitude, that he only did this because he could, in reality he didn’t care at all. He was just taking a morning walk and stumbled upon something mildly amusing that he could play with for a while, and everyone knew it.

>I asked Mr. Count what was going to happen, and he replied in a friendly manner: “We are going to set you free, you will get a lot of fresh air”. It wasn’t clear if he was serious or sarcastic. His mental images sent out said something about putting the lot of the lizard men in a camp and using them as slaves. But the feeling when he said this was very friendly, and I felt as if the double meaning had been placed there just to mess with everyone.

>I then woke up, and the feeling of calm friendliness remained with me. I had for the past few days felt frustrated and angry over nothing in particular, but after this dream that negative feeling was gone.
Anonymous 2018-03-13 16:28:44 No. 1587
Someone posted pic related in the "renouncing lust" thread on 8ch and said this female entity came to him after a period of celibacy. He described it as
>10 feet tall
>4 arms, with a "hugging" movement
>4 tits
>long, thin tail
>smooth movements overall
>it says its his wife and looks down on men in general

After reading this, I reached out to see if there was anything like this out there and was approached by a similar entity, except perhaps not as tall. The interaction has been friendly.

Does this ring any bell, apart from the obvious alien movie reference?
Anonymous 2018-03-13 16:30:51 No. 1588
This pic.
Anonymous 2018-03-13 16:38:46 No. 1589
After I described encountering an entity with upper half woman, lower half snake, someone linked to this article
and I think it sounds close enough.
Anonymous 2018-03-13 22:40:25 No. 1591

Well, it kind of reminds me of Knight Artorias.

The thing with spirits is that there are as many as you can imagine. Once I sat down at my desk and pen in hand asked to be contacted, and I was contacted by two or three spirits (one of them Goetic, go figure).
I have their sigils, a sketch of their appearance as well as the things they do / rule over. But I quickly realized there simply must be so many of them floating around that one could never catalogue them all. Not to mention you can actually create spirits who will believe their backstory as if it was real (and in the multiverse, it is real, so in a sense you just called them in).

I have posted about some of my encounters before:


The search function on this site is awesome. I know because I wrote it
Anonymous 2018-03-13 22:50:35 No. 1592
Speaking of entities, I've been working on my sensing abilities lately and I think I have figured out that I don't really "see" or perceive with any "astral" analogue to any of my five senses. Instead, I kind of feel things that are beyond the physical. It's literally (and I mean literally) impossible to describe with words.

For instance, does the guy on the right in pic related have one or more entities attached to him? The guy on the left on the other hand, seems childlike and "clean". It's almost as if humans were actually children.

What's your take on these two?
Anonymous 2018-03-13 23:48:20 No. 1593
I mostly do "see" them right in front of me but not like physical vision, it's more like a layer placed over my ordinary 3D vision. I guess "augmented reality without glasses" explains the idea, or how you'd imagine Ghost in the Shell type cyborg vision where a person can be surfing the web while doing other things and no one else can tell. That's when I'm awake or do thing intentionally.

Just two nights ago I was contacted by a being, and this usually happens in the same way, but this time it was a being appearing in person to deliver a message, while usually I only see the message. This happens at night and the feeling is that this is really there, it's not an extra layer, it's a physical visual image, but flat like a movie screen. It starts by a flickering light, like it really was showing a film, and it's always low res and grainy. This one was just some grunt demon, a black cape with a "material nothing" in it, reading up a scroll with an offer. In some way my participation here right now is in line with the offer, now that I think about it. In short, it was a riddle like statement about offering payment for leading lost people onto the path, signed by an undefined group of a certain kind of entities. I can say this much without breaking business secrecy I think, I'm not tricking anyone here anyway. (I didn't know who they were and had to pay a succubus for info)

>Going back to your question
the left guy seems to have energy of the same type as me, surface wise. The right guy (E.A Koetting?) feels more like he's there on the mandate of some group of demons, he doesn't do much himself but rather they're paving the way for him and putting words in his mouth like controlling a puppet. It's not bad in itself, I don't think he's lost control of himself either, it's a matter of if you can maintain integrity while being possessed or not. He's still himself, accepting the role of being their doll, so he's not lost. If someone is forced down through desires or fear, they lose themselves, but you can avoid this by volunterily submitting and still work for your own ends.
Anonymous 2018-03-14 00:05:40 No. 1594
I've come across the well known, succubus/incubus and antropomorphic dragons, but I didn't feel it was necessary to bring these up here since most people know of them already and there are tons of materials about them.

The more interesting ones include different kind of young girls with something really sinister or violent under the innocent surface. Pic related is based on one of them. At first I used to think there's just one of each, but over time I came to the conclusion that most people may just meet one, because these entities have huge territories and don't get along well. In reality they're a type, and there are a lot of them.

I've also met a dark haired girl, barefoot wearing only a worn white dress. She has no eyes and looks soft and timid. She touched my neck and her hand was cold. I later learned she was armed with two long needles up her sleeves and she'd silently bring these out and kill any hostile being in an instant if they intruded. I don't know what to call this one. I haven't seen that movie but from the looks they seem similar to the ghost from Ringu. (but not as ugly, more like some cold sensual feeling, if you can feel that way about a girl who kills people by piercing they neck with knitting needles) They can be very useful if you manage to employ them, just be aware they have no sense of solving things without violence and won't hesitate to possess a mentally ill person to commit random acts of violence on the streets if it furthers their agenda.
Anonymous 2018-03-14 02:13:30 No. 1595
I really appreciate you sharing this information.

>In some way my participation here right now is in line with the offer
Do you mean strictly of this thread, or your work in the vampire application threads is also related to their offer of payment.

>offering payment for leading lost people onto the path
May you elaborate onto the nature of this path?

This sounds exponentially fucky.
Anonymous 2018-03-14 10:46:52 No. 1596
I don't want to upset anyone by talking too much about it since it was for me personally but the group offering the deal is of positive alignment and far from my area of influence. It was literally two nights ago so nothing I did before that had anything to do with it obviously. But I understand they they wanted to raise my awareness of it and motivate me to do what I already do.

Quite simply what I'm doing is mostly relating to demons but not degeneracy. I've also made a point of telling people this and that they should consider other options if this isn't working for them. Such as referring them to the falun gong scriptures, which have been useful to me in reaching a fundamental standard, but still doesn't guide me all the way because it's a buddha practice. There are overlapping areas and sometimes people walk far off into the opposite side to where they're supposed to be. If someone comes in here but their potential isn't in this area, I could either show them a way out or let them stay so they fail. I choose to show the way out, and this is what "they" want to encourage me to do.

Discussing prices for metaphysical stuff is a mess but I think I got the idea. It's going to sound dumb, but the measurable value I can relate to is the that the cost of releasing a "lost soul" from hell is around £7. That means they didn't really sin, but they ended up in hell because no one told them about the deity they needed to know about to maintain themselves. It sounds fucked up but that's the way it is. If religious people didn't preach and forcefully spread their messages, more people would end up in hell from a mere lack of knowledge. Because unlike what people like to say, deities don't protect people based on their actions, you need to either be extremely useful to them or actively support them. If you're useful to a deity you'll get contacted and get a vision or dream so you know about them. But for average people, if no one tells them about it, ignorance will leave them outside with no protection from anyone. That's a "lost soul", and the deal is that if someone can't make it here, I'll tell them what I think is the right path for them. So basically if someone reads my posts and it saves them from hell, I earn £7.
But it sounds sillier than it is, it's not like money properly exchanges from there to here, it's just that is the only way to explain it. People will say, how can you measure someone's eternal soul at the price of a hamburger? But that's just beacuse of these naive ideas of everyone's value, the value of life and stuff like that. All of that's just BS. It can be valued in a definite sum. But it also matters where you have this sum. You can't use your money in your wallet to get people out from hell by going to the nearest devil office and buy someone out. Connections are also needed, and those are based on trust. So the monetary value is a bit of an illusion, as you need a market for it.

I'm already doing what I do, so the only change is I informed some of my "employees" in the astral plane about the deal so they can make more profit by choosing the right offers.
Anonymous 2018-03-14 15:40:49 No. 1597
Gotcha, I figured it was PR but didn't know the intentions of the demons in relation to it.
I'm assuming the posts you've made in relation to being paid out are the Falun Gong, Vampires and ONA threads? What others am I possibly missing? I want to make sure I'm not missing any now after understanding their broader significance of revealing to people another path that may be ideal for them in this incarnation or ideal for them as their chance to break off from the reincarnation cycle.

I don't want to go off topic but this feels related enough to this thread, in your experience, what is the purpose of hell? You've mentioned it a lot in your diagrams but it's never been clear what its significance is. With the explanation of lost souls it appears that it also serves as a "Limbo" as well. It's certainly more than the territory of a certain breed of information and of the famous western idea that it's the torture realm of sinful souls.
Anonymous 2018-03-14 16:29:57 No. 1598
I didn't start the ONA thread or the Falun Gong thread on here, that was other anons. I started the "3 paths to immortality" thread on mewch and some of the ones that got spammed to death with scepticism earlier. It took a few years before I knew how to introduce the message and not attract butthurt armchair occultist trannies. I didn't make a thread for "the library" because /fringe/ itself is all about them. The people taking an opposing stance tends to be thelemas. No matter what the people saying they're part of the /fringe/ community admit themselves to, it tends to be thelemas attacking the place every time, they're contrary to "the library" and hate the organization. But the library path is extremely difficult and they're also infighting to the point of members dying, so I can't say that you'd succeed there if you failed in other places. It's probably the most difficult path. What the group contacting me wanted was more about referring people over to mainstream religions, all of the stuff I've been posting about lately has been very narrow. It's not something to be spread widely because it just doesn't work for many people. Some people come to /fringe/ but they may as well go to a church or temple because they don't have the mind for specialized practices.

>what is the purpose of hell?
I included it in the "universal map" schematic posted in the other threads. It's just a state of material existence, 2D. It's not that it's a torture chamber in itself, then you wouldn't find beings living down there or moving freely, like the devils depicted in religions. It's a particular issue for humans within reincarnation degenerating from 3D down to 2D by parasiting on 3D without supporting it. Most of the entities worth mentioning already have the god particle inside themselves, but they tend to hang out in 2D dimensions. The exact reasons for these things happening are not clear to me. It may have to do with the "false society" as I drew it on the left side of that pic. The painfull hell experience my only exist on that side, idk really. For example seeing shadow people evolve, they will pass upward through hell and during that time they seem to be in decay, but they're moving out of it and turning into full beings. It's not fully logical, so I prefer to just observe and notice HOW things are, not ask why.

To be blunt it seems for people in the human world, it's standard practice that they go to hell after they die now. It's "crowded like hell" down there and ineffective like a big gov bureaucracy so even getting people to pay back things they owe is slow. For this reason it's possible for some entities to accept debt collection orders from the common hell and do the job faster, and they can gain something in the process. With no one really organizing it, it seems a lot of people end up there for no real reason. They just failed at life and don't believe in anything so they have nowhere else to go.

There's a tendency for people to use this moralic tone of voice about it, but it's not that way. It just happens and no one cares, maybe it happens BECAUSE no one cares. If someone says "nothing happens when you die, you just die" then there's not much to do. The soul isn't destroyed because of this belief that "nothing happens" so it has to stay somewhere and the person who's indifferent to it can't choose. With no one protecting them and them having no ability to protect themselves, they just get shoved in there by someone who doesn't give a shit about them.
Anonymous 2018-03-16 14:40:51 No. 1612
Not that it matters but I'll give a small update on the situation. The group who made the offer presented themselves as "the angels" and I now received the first payment from them. The sum was so large they hired the left handed reaper to deliver it in person. At first I thought they were degrading him by using him as an errand boy and were showing off their wealth by hiring him for the task, since it can't be cheap, but then I realized they needed a high level of security for the transfer. So I guess these posts (and the activities of my spiritual employees) were quite successful. I then heard quite clearly a female voice saying "maybe we should lower that", referring to the pay per soul sum. After this followed an interaction with them I won't go into details about, other than that it revealed they may not be of positive alignment at all, I think I'd have to define them as "true neutral." They're extremely wealthy and around 25 in number. I picked up their guiding principle is "abundance."

Other than that I felt drawn back to lurk 8/fringe/ and saw this pic. It was no coincidence, there is an entity behind this image. I don't know about type or possible services she could offer, I guess you'll have to find out through the interaction if you're interested.
Anonymous 2018-03-16 18:21:12 No. 1615
One more thing. "The angels" showed me their sigil last night but I couldn't figure it out from memory after I woke up this morning, it just kind felt a bit like the hiragana for "mi" which wasn't even close. I gave up and since they seemed to care about it being posted here I asked one of them to draw it in paint for me. Pic related. It's a bit sloppy, the lines needn't be bent like that, it doesn't matter what they look like as long as you get the points right. (is what she tells me)
Anonymous 2018-03-16 21:07:21 No. 1617
Anonymous 2018-03-16 21:38:56 No. 1618
What is the context of this?
Anonymous 2018-03-16 21:51:10 No. 1619
Spoilers for The Magicians S03E10, obviously. The fairy queen draws this sigil on a wall with her blood because it's the only way a fairy deal can be broken, one that has ended up enslaving a bunch of fairies that are being literally ground up alive for magicians to snort their bodies and be able to do magic.

With this sigil the deal those fairies made is broken and they are set free to kill their captors.

It's obviously not the same sigil, but I found it an interesting half-synchronicity.
Anonymous 2018-03-17 01:45:46 No. 1621
Thanks for the update, it helps illustrate how that world operates. I figured the people contacting you must have been true neutral if their intention was to dampen the heavy stream into congested hell, but that's still positive in relation to the lost souls assisted and the efficiency of hell itself.
>"The angels"
Feels tongue-in-cheek to me. I don't think you even need to compare their sigil to commonplace Christian angel sigils to know they aren't closely related.

For further understanding the world, if you can, how are your spiritual employees acting? Is it simply guiding lurkers over to your posts or more of providing normies the coincidences to turn to and develop a faith in a spiritual path?
Anonymous 2018-03-17 09:51:51 No. 1622
I talked briefly about creating your own world before. I think this is normally something you'd do when you start dimension jumping, and then you pick an area and fortify it. I get the feeling, from remote viewing the place of the vampire who contacted me the first time, that it's a bit like apartment complextes. The dimensions are lined up next to each other and there's a cobblestone street outside. It may be some previous immortal who since left the place being creative and giving it that form and everyone who came later accepted it. Now I haven't been over there, so I don't know how difficult it is to access different areas "in body" once you move out there, but I'm supposing there are reasons for it having the form of a distant coast town.

What I did wasn't initially for me, I picked a place only I have access to, and started pulling things there to create a "carbon pole" as foundation. It's just conceptual but it means something that can't be destroyed because its energy is already depleted. Over a period of time I kept dragging stuff there and turning it into a small island in the middle of nowhere. I designed some natural springs, basic vegetation etc and then just left it there.

Sometime later I learned of a situation of someone who had died and their soul was just drifting around (this happens if someone dies from unnatural reasons, like murder) so I found them and brought them over to my island. Then I needed to create a shelter and realized that a person has a circulation passing through to where ever they are, and this is meant to create their environment. So the island could manifest a shelter and basic food supplies based on the energy field of the soul I brought there. This is the basis of what people have in the afterlife. Someone with low energy will have less things over there and may be starving and cold, while an immortal like a buddha will have an energy circulation so great it becomes an entire paradise world. That's how I understand the theory of it. But for average people they can't form this themselves, they need a beneficial environment or it will remain a mere energy field. So making use of the island I set this up to adapt to people coming there. It was just an experiment and I learned how it works along the way.

At one point I figured I'd get some more "income" for the island (which will benefit the souls I invited there) so I created a hell/underworld area and made rules for it to allow lower demons to set up a business there. They can do whatever as long as they follow the rules and part of the income will go into the island's energy, the rest they can keep. Part of what they do involves debt collection and keeping prisoners to give some relief for the overpopulated common hell dimensions.

So basically I set up a "document" informing them of the deal offered and they can use it to benefit the island and themselves if they want, which means they may pick out a prisoner from the common hell and have them "saved" from it by making them understand why they're there so they no longer belong down there. The deal didn't specifically state who should carry this out so I'm interpreting as an offer for me including employees and it seems the pay was directed to the individuals correctly.

I don't have a specific goal for this, sometime later I intend to visit the island and adapt it to make this possible if needed.
Anonymous 2018-03-17 13:44:06 No. 1623
Absolutely fantastic! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to running my own feudal, astral Minecraft server after however long it takes for me to acquire the skill while part of the cabal.
Anonymous 2018-03-17 17:50:51 No. 1624
If you want to prepare I suggest exploring your surroundings and trying to understand the landscape, checking old city maps etc to learn how the external world functions. Go there in person and feel the flow, the massive collective movements forming human environments, how city planners are making use of it and how it's integrated with the archetypes of the human collective unconscious. That's how I came up with the "carbon pole" idea; there are places out there where you'll find markers, actual poles, corresponding to the energy beyond the physical. I kept wondering about the significance of an old metal pole at an intersection which used to have a sign sometime in a distant past but now just remained as a rusting memory of a social function no longer in use.

You'll see these things existing in places not physically represented as well, such as on websites, which mimic social meeting places (see the endchan roadsign symbol for example).
Anonymous 2018-03-19 23:29:01 No. 1668
I want to give a shout-out and thanks to Aurora. She helped me make it rain intermittently for three days (so far) and she gave us the most beautiful sky and clean air and visibility I have seen possibly ever where I live.
I contacted her unknowingly while trying to make rain just using direct astral forcing. An entity appeared and I asked her for it, then made a small ritual as thanks. Later she told me her name was Aurora. I'm not sure if she's the actual Hellenic Aurora / Mater Matuta though.
Anonymous 2018-03-21 09:18:13 No. 1677
>be me at work
>terrible mood all the time
>everyone is histerical
>love the job but somehow it feels like absolute soul-crushing shit
>go home
>so tired I have to go to bed for a while
>learn journeying
>out of boredom, take a look at my workplace
>huge fucking black entity with tentacles tries to leech off me as soon as I enter
>agree with it that I will fuck it up if it ever tries anything with me again
>tell it it can continue feeding off my coworkers as long as they are mundane and weak

I can still feel it lurking. It seems to be very basic in intelligence, and I will definitely torture and destroy it if it tries any funny business. That much it knows, I can tell.
But did I do right regarding my coworkers? Do you think I should've destroyed it for their sake? I think this was the right thing to do because there is balance and this entity has a right to exist as well.
Anonymous 2018-03-21 10:07:18 No. 1679
I think that's the right approach. Always offer a deal first, don't aim to destroy beings at once. If something attacks you, fight it down and offer peaceful surrender. Only if it refuses to make peace when offered do you aim to destroy it.

If you use this approach, other beings will see this and know you're reasonable, so your reputation will make it easier to make deals with other beings later.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 20:20:31 No. 1768
Well im already doing that in the physical(making a community), but It would be cool to do it in other dimensions too :^) when I get there.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 23:37:19 No. 1774
>I mostly do "see" them right in front of me but not like physical vision, it's more like a layer placed over my ordinary 3D vision. I guess "augmented reality without glasses" explains the idea, or how you'd imagine Ghost in the Shell type cyborg vision where a person can be surfing the web while doing other things and no one else can tell. That's when I'm awake or do thing intentionally.

That's great. Have you always had it or did you have to train it? What you describe is what I can do after getting deep into trance. I don't know if it can be trained, but it would be great to be able to activate it anywhere anytime.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 23:53:34 No. 1775
If you already can do it in trance I can't imagine it would be very hard to do while alert, check the screencaps in the beginning of the vampire thread, there's an exercise posted, other anons with no ability to start with had some results from that. It's probably just a mental block imo, I sometimes use trance when I work on something more complex, but it's not required, it just increases the ability to focus a little.

I trained the ability from basically nothing, while fully awake, during a period of maybe 20 years.
Anonymous 2018-03-27 22:35:15 No. 1799
I procure it was my third or fifth astral projection, I was staring at my phsyical body on the bed, when I heard a female voice say "You need tea." I believe she/it was hovering above my head. Another astral projection I had twelve people in black hooded robes surrounding my bed, other than that I'm aware of the identities I've met in mental realms/astral.