Vampire reunion and experience reporting thread Anonymous 2018-03-07 21:25:43 No. 1503
I'm creating this thread here by request to keep something up outside of 8ch. Mewch isn't a good alternative imo.

Links for archive of old threads:
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Early on when I asked if there is any organization I was given this word: "Maergzjirah" which lead me to a website selling grimoires and offering membership applications for $50 which could be denied without motivation (fee not refunded). After looking around I found the general image of the place was that it was a scam, though some forum posters said
>well yeah it's a scam, mostly, you need to contact them telepathically if you want to be taken seriously, otherwise they'll rip you off
and their grimoires were said to indeed work ...if they at all delivered them when ordered.

The website later went offline, they launched a new one and then that one went offline too. Just now I received an e-mail with the link to their new website:

You may want to check it out, but please be aware that it's run by a bunch of edgy morons. They are not in direct connection with any real vampires (to my knowing), rather they are receiving messages and communication from them through rituals and telepathy and they've NOT received the original magic. But it can be interesting to keep an eye on them since the information mostly do come from the cabal and they're the official front keeping the tradition up as a way to let mundanes know they exist, in some way.
It's an organization defined by arrogance and an edgy teen attitude though, so take it with a grain of salt.
Anonymous 2018-03-08 20:56:41 No. 1516
Pleiadian from last thread checking in with new flag. Also I made a post about my community im making. I have made sigils calling upon Lucifer, anael and arial. Made them on my road, I charged them up put had no telepathic contact so to speak. Made some request and removed them.
Anonymous 2018-03-08 21:50:56 No. 1518
Remember that if you get what you asked for you need do your part as well. Crudely put it's a pay service to call on demons for support, you need to hand in the subscription fees continually.
Anonymous 2018-03-08 22:09:05 No. 1520
Im probably not gonna do it again, im just gonna make my own sigils from now on. Also did you see the question I posted on 8ch about the spiritual hierarchy?

I told them I would help them in return, when making the deal. now, I dont know how they would take that into practical use. And is fringebay the new permanent hub now?
Anonymous 2018-03-08 22:20:52 No. 1523
Someone said he was rangebanned from 8ch and asked if we could have a thread here. It sounded reasonable so I thought I'd make one. Anyone could have done so but I get the feeling no one would have.

About your question and other questions posted in the last few days on the 8ch thread it shows there is nothing more for me to explain, as it's not relevant to the topic. That means all relevant issues have been elaborated already.
Anonymous 2018-03-09 16:19:52 No. 1527
Cool we're going to keep sharing our experiences. I was considering making contact with Tinfoiler and others after Blood decided to leave 8ch, but upon further consideration it seemed like it would die out fast and be an embarrassing waste of effort. I thought Blood was done with this and would have much more important things to do than monitor his threads, but I'm happy he's opened this thread. Thanks to Pleiadian to sharing the link to here, I would have never considered checking here and assumed Blood washed his hands of these threads entirely.

I wanted to share I successfully broke a huge Nofap record of 7 days yesterday whereas my longest goal was of 5 days which I achieved once 2 years ago. This is HUGE for me as it's by far the towering fault in my life that overshadows every aspect of it. I actually broke it yesterday because I was worried the vampire spell worked TOO well because when attractive and lewd pictures of women popped up onto my FB and chans I felt absolutely nothing! I would admire their physique intellectually, but the women were as stimulating to me as watching the mating ritual of some fish, it absolutely had no effect on me. I was worried I've already lost the human aspect of lusty, fiery, passionate lust so I talked myself into some smut viewing to verify the worries. I still certainly do still have it, but it is absolutely de-sensitized and it's stupendously easier to control, it feels like I don't even have to fight it! It's just "Don't do that or you'll fap", "Okay", and I don't do it now! THAT'S IT! I never could stop myself for long before!
I'm going cold turkey now knowing I can do it easily enough and that I'll still have that lust for relationships later down the line.

I would also like to share 2 dream segments I feel is related to this involving snakes.

The first was me in a highschool with 2 others as we left a crowded hallway and entered a room that was a large, damp, cylinder shaped dungeon made of cold stone with a long, wooden stairway sticking out the walls without rails, spiraling to a wooden floor above where we knew The Lich King, Arthas from Warcraft, sat on his throne on a dusty rug, it was very minimalistic and spacious. All the wood was very decrepit. We also knew Arthas's throne was occupied by a snake with wings when he went on vacation which he was returning from soon. When Arthas was to return, the snake would move down to the bottom level and during the transition as it attempted to leave the dungeon is where it would be vulnerable for us to attack it. We were planning to rape the snake. I felt very sinister about it, but with absolutely no moral qualms or shame involved, it felt exciting and good. It felt like it was going to be as easy as gangsters mugging a mute child in an abandoned alley. I wasn't horny, but I wanted what the snake has.
I took off my backpack and coat and put it next to the door inside and took out these big Warcraft style daggers and slathered them with a bright green slime poison. I instructed the two others to prepare themselves. Arthas went past us and up the stairs and later the winged snake slowly glided down the steps. When it crossed the halfway point in the circular dungeon, we jumped her.
I don't remember how it was initiated, but we somehow lost our weapons. I was on the ground and had the snake's back pinned to my front and restrained her arms so as to hold her down so the others could try to rape the snake. The snake was viciously squirming the whole time and to me I saw that snake had the back of a woman with a luscious peach skin tone along with human head with brown hair. We didn't have anyway to force it into submission, none of us had the balls to slit (now a woman) her throat and I remember wishing we had a shotgun we could threaten her with. It seemed like the only thing I could do to attempt to push her into a fearful submission was to bite deep and hard into her left trap, which I did, drawing thick dark red blood to pool into my mouth and slime down her body.
The rape attempt was a failure and we quickly left and shut or locked the door behind us.

The others went to their separate ways, probably to a class and in a few minutes I returned to the dungeon on my own to retrieve my backpack and coat. Waiting for me in the center of the dungeon was the winged snake, upright at my height and glaring at me the most wild, vindictive, rage filled eyes possible. It shrieked the most absolutely horrific and pained high-pitched banshee wail battle cry and charged me! I was able to run and get half my body out the door when its tail wrapped around my left leg and tried to pull me into the room. Pressing myself against the frame of the door I screamed for help and the two from before were luckily enough in ear-shot to pull me out all the way. The snake wouldn't leave the room.

The second snake dream was after this morning. In my real life, I broke my nofap the night before and was having trouble sleeping this night and awoke at 2 am with most horrible pain of energy accumulating on my groin and behind my knees (I have restless leg syndrome). After pacing for a while the energy subsided enough that I could go to sleep (this only works for energy build up, not RLS). In a dream, a black snake had slithered into my room and I wanted it gone so I could sleep without fear of it attacking. I had a broom and was nudging and shaking it with the brush as it dashed from under my bed, under my desk and then under my wardrobe which is closest to me as I stood in the sole door way. After nudging it again it dashed and jumped up and bit me 2 1/2" away and to the left of my crotch.
I awoke, but with all the pain of energy accumulation in my groin and legs for the most part gone!

There's clearly an emphasis on the left/receptive side of my body and Kundilini work due to the snake metaphor. However, this appears to be a warning, perhaps to be very careful and respectful with energy work. I'm doing the JoS soul opening exercises to prepare for Kundalini. This will be followed up with the chakra meditations then the tuning and then they'll be theoretically strong enough to handle yoga, energy work, and mantra all at the same time to open them up more fully. There may also be some connection to the snake women Blood mentioned before that he communicates with.

Heck, even a few days ago I had a dream where Geralt from the Witcher was told by Triss the Mage that he needed to open his chakras and was given a vision of them opened.
Anonymous 2018-03-09 17:09:50 No. 1528
>thought that he lost all sex-drive because of the spell and broke his nofap streak just to find out
It's exactly the same trap I fell in when I first received the spell. The lust came back for me later making me pretty sure that the short asexual phase was purely placebo
Anonymous 2018-03-09 17:25:00 No. 1529
I don't have the same sexual desire anymore, I don't get urges anymore, its more like I want to do it out of will rather my body telling me to get horny.(I love lust so I will set somedays where I release my sexual energy for pleasure. XD) mostly im the same as rope man, I dont get urges or horny really, only when thinking lewd thoughts intentionally.

but would still like a qt girlfriend to cuddle with and balance the ying ang yang energy, and exchange sexual energy.
Anonymous 2018-03-09 17:35:08 No. 1530
Which icon were you in the previous thread?
Anonymous 2018-03-09 17:37:26 No. 1531
OP I have another question. I read what you think about JoS' belief, but what do you think about exercises on their site?
Anonymous 2018-03-09 17:45:04 No. 1532
Oh come on dude, he answered that specific question already. Literally just search "JoS."
Please stop justifying Blood's implied departure from these threads. This is just sad now.
Anonymous 2018-03-09 17:56:31 No. 1533
I don't see it on this thread or previous ones. He talks about their beliefs etc but not exercises they have on their site. Like specific meditations and stuff, I'm asking about those
Anonymous 2018-03-09 18:21:43 No. 1534
>In the case of JoS/ONA, their goals are related to supporting their race, it's already beyond personal gain in the human mundane sense, it's a higher goal of some sort. They are also not doing this just for themselves while hiding away somewhere, they refer to a patron deity, it's not on par with some creep mind controlling people for personal power. Add to that the fact that there's a proper science behind it.
>Add to that the fact that there's a proper science behind it.
>Proper science behind it.

>This is why I think ONA is more of a reincarnation based magic system relying on the preservation of the race as a means of securing your future until you can reach above in a later lifetime. It seems inconvenient but there's a chance it may work.

Did you get it yet, Islam-flag?
Anonymous 2018-03-09 18:26:34 No. 1535
Isn't this mostly about race? I'm talking about their chakra meditations, summoning entity methods, etc. I'm not a native English speaker but I can't find answer to those in that text
Anonymous 2018-03-09 18:36:43 No. 1536
pic related
Anonymous 2018-03-09 18:40:35 No. 1537
They care for their race. If you aren't of the glorious Aryan race, feel free to still use it and do as you see fit. No one can stop you.
Their chakra meditations and summoning can all be brushed under Blood's description of their teachings as
>Proper Science

The question is do YOU want to do energy THEIR work? There's tons of other styles of magic you could be practicing instead. Blood anon already gave his comment on it, you need to read JoS meditation work and make the choice for yourself.

The material seems good to me, I still hold JoS rituals a pole's length away since every third article on their site is aggressively pushing for new people to immediately make a blood pact with Satan. That desperation reeks too much of the same sinister nature of a time-share salesmen. Clearly they're hungry for more contract-bound souls.

Yes, exactly. This thread was made to share experiences, not make Blood anon regret becoming immortal so he can't fucking kill himself to avoid these shit questions.
Anonymous 2018-03-09 19:47:31 No. 1538
That still doesn't answer his question, rope man. He said he already read that. But op seems to be done answering questions it seems.

so my old question about the spiritual hierarchy and islam flags question won't be answered I think. also, I think op is only replying to our experiences we have, pertaining to our development from now on. no problem REALLY for me, but some more questions would be nice to get answered
Anonymous 2018-03-09 19:56:38 No. 1539
You will not have to worry about reptilians or pleiadians anymore. From what it seems you will be equal to them at least but more likely you will be even higher since op said when you are immortal and invincible and have all those superpowers like switching dimensions and creating your own realms you will be basically god...or godlike. Those 'aliens' will tremble before your might and only work with you and for you
Anonymous 2018-03-09 20:30:05 No. 1540
Hmm makes sense kinda, but im not so sure because ets also have telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Some of them can also travel realms but they use portals for that mostly. And they also have very advanced technology. I dont think the vampires have any advanced technology? Vampires seem better in some aspects such as dimension travel, personal safety and immortality.
Anonymous 2018-03-09 20:34:27 No. 1541
Anonymous 2018-03-09 20:43:15 No. 1542
Various sources over the years of studying. Including but not limited to. Alaje777, cobrablogspot.2012, exonews, coorey goode, and many others. Insiders and whistleblowers too.
Anonymous 2018-03-09 21:18:25 No. 1543
Man it's becoming a real club house here when we've got so many recurring people to the threads
Anonymous 2018-03-09 21:27:46 No. 1544
Thanks, I'll check out the couple I don't know from that list. But I meant the comic.
Anonymous 2018-03-09 22:04:31 No. 1545
Don't know just a meme I stole :^)
Anonymous 2018-03-10 15:12:28 No. 1546
To clear up some of the seeming confusion, I'll line up a few points here I consider important. Now this is my opinion, a recommendation, you should do whatever you feel is right for you. I can't decide that, it's your own path. I'm going by the assumption that the spell is going to be effective and work for you individually. If in the end it doesn't "stick" you can disregard anything I wrote here since it doesn't apply to you.

>1) The most important skill to learn is telepathy
If you aren't learning this right now you are slowing down your own development. It's a basic, essential skill. I already gave some tips on how to learn it in the old threads. If you want more guidance, you need to do your own research. Read blogs, watch youtube vids, search for books. is a good place for any scientific/research materials you may need. There is no standard method for this, you need to do your own work.

>2) Magic systems, summoning etc
What you do and who you interact with is your own concern. I have no opinion on it. There are things I do, and entities I contact, because it is my personal preference to do so. Just as the people I know personally are my own contacts, I can't tell you who to be friends with. It's your own life, your choices. This part is based on point 1) to a great degree, since you can't communicate properly with anyone if you can't use telepathy. I gave some views on some systems brought up before because it was relevant in explaining where this thing we're doing here places on the map in relation to those systems.

>3) Recommend me something to learn/read
The real skills like time bending and dimension jumping will come naturally, there is nothing to talk of. And imo you can forget about AP, it's a useless skill. I'm not going to argue about it because I don't understand what it's good for. No one I talked to, including cabal members and non physical entities, could understand why anyone would want to learn it either. If you want to see stuff you can just look (and I reposted instructions for that here >>1506)
, no need to leave your body through a process that involves a small but real risk that you'll get stuck over there and die. If you want to possess someone, that's an entirely different thing, it's done with an aim and doesn't involve the danger of getting stuck out there as you're transferred directly from body to body.

However, if you do want to learn something that's actually going to be useful, check out
>How to make people like you in 90 seconds or less, Nicholas Boothman
>The art of covert hypnosis, Steven Peliari
>Add to that something by Milton Erickson, Freud and Jung.
Most of the tricks vampires play on you are just ordinary skills, practiced to extreme levels over time. Understanding how the human mind works - your own and the minds of others - may be the most useful skill you can possibly learn. You won't need to fight people or use force if you can get them to do things for you willingly. It's that simple. People who are on your side will not attack you.
Anonymous 2018-03-10 18:31:51 No. 1547
>ap useless
>getting stuck out there and dying
Top kek
Still waiting on some major proof that this shit isn't a larp, before that I will not bother to do anything on my own. Not a single other anon has reported something either so the wait continues
Anonymous 2018-03-10 18:54:27 No. 1548
Researching telepathy now. Will find the best method for practice. Will report here if anything positive happens.
Anonymous 2018-03-10 19:01:45 No. 1549
I can report that althought there has been some good food for thought, I'm definitely aging. My balding has actually accelerated and today I was told my hands feel much dryer than they used to. OP said I had basically made it, so I don't know what to think.
I don't think this is a LARP, but perhaps a misunderstanding regarding what immortality means.
Anonymous 2018-03-10 19:07:53 No. 1550
It may take 2-5 years before your aging starts reversing. If you're really young you will still age since your body needs to reach adulthood.
Anonymous 2018-03-11 09:21:15 No. 1557
You poor goy. You bit the bait. I don't know what this shit is but it doesn't seem like true Vampirism.
Have fun getting drained of all your loosh and dying.
Anonymous 2018-03-11 10:18:06 No. 1558
>I don't think this is a larp
Nobody knows yet what this is. >>1557 may be right for all I know. Been here since the beginning and with every day my doubts only keep growing. It would be okay if this was only larp...there are far worse things than larps out there. The issue with your aging accelerating is worrying, keep reporting. Isn't all this very convenient? "It may take up to 7 years before you are free of all sickness"... "it may take two years before your aging stops"... "It may take many months before the spell works, if it works at all. If not we'll try again after 12 months"... "even if it works you might not even know until years later" All this from a random guy who nobody of us knows and who offers no proof whatsoever but only gives us otherwordly, way out there theories and promises and calls this vampirism even tho it has as little to do with the vampirism that we know as possible. We have been here until now only because we believed his outrageous claims and were open minded but maybe now is the time for a second thought.
Anonymous 2018-03-11 12:45:11 No. 1559
Just as with rope-anon, all I can say is that it really does look like you're through. But rope didn't need the spell for this, he just "got it" through arguing and self enlightened to the basic principle I was talking of.

In 10-20 years when some well known people are still around and look the same as now, I hope you remember these threads. Things like this are not known in recent western history, but there are supposedly records of a taoists in China living for 400 years and getting married 16 times over the years. No one questioned it at the time because there was no mordern science to create disbelief.

The modern world has gotten so extremely narrowminded, it may be ok to break this illusion soon and the people with this "rare condition" won't have to hide.
Anonymous 2018-03-11 15:26:19 No. 1560
>records of a taoists in China living for 400 years and getting married 16 times over the years
Any books about this? I've been hurting for some good reading material lately.
Anonymous 2018-03-11 16:06:22 No. 1561
I can't tell you which book I read it in as I have a few 100 printed books and I may have read it in a library book I don't own. Unfortunately, paper books don't have search functions ;^)
You can find some interesting stuff if you look in the paranormal/occult section of second hand book stores. Sometimes I feel as if a book was left there specifically for me to find.
Let the universe guide you to the material you need, try applying some "wu wei." If you want to know more of the chinese spiritual community I suggest checking the books and articles here:
Anonymous 2018-03-11 19:22:44 No. 1566
Lel, this
Anonymous 2018-03-11 19:25:17 No. 1567
Honestly I don't see how vampirism is any different than energywork or qi-gong. Especially considering most mundanes have really shit energy to begin with
Anonymous 2018-03-11 19:25:54 No. 1568
Gnostic poster from fringe threads here. Just letting you know that I'm here. OP, thanks for making a thread here like I suggested.

I can definitely tell you that things have become much better for me. Emotional stability (despite previously being quite depressed), easy nofap (despite struggling with it for years), slightly better memory and significantly less fatigue. All that might be the effect of other things, of course (like me dropping the last of my addictions at the end of last year, and/or the fact that I'm not new to occultism myself, and/or something to do with 2018 about which I've had a certain feeling since quite some time), but as I've said *in the very least* OP provided me with some high quality placebo, boosted my self-confidence and thus nudged me into further improvement, so I don't see any harm in what he's doing even if it is not exactly what he implies.
But I'd like to hope it is. Not so much because of immortality (I have a buddhist-like attitude to death anyway) but because of all this stuff about cabal and leaving humanity.
Anonymous 2018-03-12 01:57:16 No. 1570
Any relevant dreams you've had that you'd like to share?
How's your telepathy?

I've also noticed a stark difference in problems of lethargy, but that's also been coincidental of my tenacious continuation to refine my routines in attempts to alleviate it.
The nog who runs the site makes some great ambiance. It's great for when anons are hitting the books on telepathy or need to induce some deep and relaxing breaths.
Anonymous 2018-03-12 04:02:56 No. 1571
Hey OP. I'm actually laughing seeing all these anons having the exact same effects as myself regarding your spell. I really want you to know that I'm deeply thankful... The spell really is giving me a necessary kickstart for my projects. Hopefully i'll meet you some day and thank you personally.
Anonymous 2018-03-12 10:11:51 No. 1572
Hey it's your boy tinfoiler. What a pleasant surprise to find this thread on fringebay. Now vampire threads are everywhere. It delights me to see great progress from fellow anons and I wish that everything works out for you guys as planned. Since this thread is now here and there is thankfully no need to go back to 8ch ever again I shall visit you guys here from time to time and read what you are all up to.
I got sick and feel bad now, but it's nothing horrible. Also my IP got rangebanned on 4chan for unknown reasons but whatever. I found out when I wanted to post sth on /x/...anyway...the only thing that does pain me is that I don't feel the effects like other anons and I don't have anything to report yet. I am closing in on the three month mark and the fear only grows that the spell is not meant to work on me. What a shame...but in the same time it's almost like a relief. At least I can die then soon enough and be free of this sick world. There are still 3 months to go so I definetly will keep an eye out for any of the (possible) effects we have discussed so far. Since there is no tinfoil flag here I take on from now on the flag of greenpill man who is also wearing a tinfoil hat.
Btw I stopped playing videogames and will work seriously on my personal development now. I cannot kill myself to end my torment because of family and unfortunately life doesn't care enough to kill me so I am bound to go down the other extreme. I need to escape my self made hell by all means, with or without the help of vampirism.
Anonymous 2018-03-12 10:52:56 No. 1573
Whatever negative emotion, thoughts and external events you're experiencing will be worn down with time. It becomes easier if you accept that it's a sine wave going up and down, and when you first enter the path to controlling your destiny, it may seem to get worse.
If you only follow along with society, you may reach some kind of calm, but you're continually pushing your own needs away to someplace in the future and once your life is over you'll face the full effect of the chaos inside you which you didn't want to experience during your life.

To use myself as an example, I had periods of anxiety in the beginning of the 00s. Looking back, it was brief and not that bad. Around 2005 after moving to a new city it got much worse. Everything came back up, memories of my grandmother who was now in a disability home after a stroke, the village back home, all those small moments of light in the darkness of my childhood. This all battled with my hate against the modern world and I felt like a powerless onlooker in my own life.
I made a drastic move to get out of there and it took over a year before I was back on my feet. Around that time was when I really started to grasp just how little I had experienced and how great these waves really are.
To draw a mental image of it,
>imagine standing on a sandy beach, all is calm and quiet
>then you start seeing movement at the horizon
>it builds up more and more, and you start realizing you're watching a tsunami rushing towards you
>but all you can do is stand there and take it
>after it passed away, it feels like your life lies in ruins, it was a complete disaster
>great, it's over now, now I can rebuild...
>years later, just as you start getting back up and taking control, you see movement on the horizon again...
>it's slightly smaller this time
>the distaster isn't just as deep
>rebuilding takes a little less time

After a few of these events you realize that it's not a disaster, it's a wave form, cycle or spiral. It's going to keep happening, and there is nothing you can do but accept it and try to ride the wave. Before entering the path of reaching beyond humanity, the greatest disaster was the end of your life, every time. You're now taking control of it, and it's looking slightly smaller, until that "death" is just the end of one year, a month, a day, or blinking your eyes once... that's where you'll find the mindset of an immortal.
Anonymous 2018-03-12 11:40:26 No. 1574
>Any relevant dreams you've had that you'd like to share?
Yeah, I've written about a weird-ish dream I had in my last post in the thread on 8ch. Since then I've had a couple more, but unfortunately I barely remember anything.
>How's your telepathy?
I make an effort trying to mentally connect to OP or some people I know IRL during my meditations, but no perceivable result so far.
Anonymous 2018-03-12 12:44:54 No. 1575
I'm with a sore throat right now.
There's a banner thread. Feel free to submit a flag there if you can keep the style more or less consistent with the others.
Anonymous 2018-03-12 14:55:12 No. 1579
>vampire threads are everywhere
>my IP got rangebanned on 4chan
Maybe it's better not to go there, I haven't been there for a year after those rumours started about
>avoid 4chan after march or [unspecified threat]
and it was probably one of the better decisions I've made since it made me focus on some bunkers and I learned a lot during the last year as a result.
It's still possible to lurk without visiting the site if you go by 4plebs/desuarchive though and if you don't intend on posting it's even better since threads stay there.

It seems some of the info from /fringe/ has trickled down there, but no one refers back directly to the origin and there doesn't seem to be any awareness of what's going on deeper in the community. It's weird since it's just 2 clicks away and still the mental and social distance is enourmous.
Anonymous 2018-03-12 15:43:32 No. 1581
Greenpillman will do it I guess
With vampire threads everywhere I meant on mewch(well kinda), 8ch and here. Not on 4/x/ obviously. I haven't been to 4chan myself in many months but only now decided to visit /x/. First and last time. Now I will keep away and only stay here on fringebay.
Thanks for the post. I would write something like this too some years ago. Back then I feel I was much more advanced with my mindset and my attitude. Then for a reason my downfall happened and everything degenerated from there on. But I will rise up again. Already I am picking myself up.
I feel like I should head the advise and learn telepathy too...what great possibilities would open to one with this ability
Anonymous 2018-03-15 23:34:57 No. 1605
I passed all the stages of a cold which have always taken a week or more for me in two days and a half. Whenever I get drunk, it passes within the hour, and the hangover comes right after, and it's over in minutes. When I drink coffee (even decaf) or tea, I get abstinence symptoms the very same day as if I had gone a week without.
It seems that as of late, whenever I disturb the metabolic balance of my body, it makes everything it can to go back to its baseline as quickly and violently as possible. It's not always pleasant. My weight seems stubornly frozen it place, too. Although I've never done nofap, my desire to masturbate is gone to the point that out of habit I have tried to do so and lost interest halfway. I'm still attracted to women.

I wonder wtf is going on.
Anonymous 2018-03-16 01:48:03 No. 1606
The spell did some work on you obviously.
How long ago did you ask to receive the spell?

I haven't had any chakra sensations or any odd physical symptoms since the initial ones so I believe the spell has done what it set out to do already, or is progressing very subtly. I did surprisingly have a very illogical and yet incredibly distracting urge to cry last night after a day that was only lightly stressed, but I agreed with myself it was better to just finally purge the persisting emotion rather than harm myself by bottling it up. I forced it out and to my annoying bewilderment the next day I was utterly drained of energy for the entirety of it. It's gotten me to consider the likelihood that the spell pushed me to physically release something inside.

On the bright-side an old woman, varying in ages from 45-70, is now a fairly reoccurring element in my dreams. Never in gothic clothes, very normie appearing, but always with white hair. Predominately in a supportive role, yet last night I was lost and I mixed up our phones before explaining myself to her and I could see she was irritated and couldn't give a shit. Heck, I got a hair cut today after months of long bangs and to my astonishment it appears my lifetime long formidable cowlick at the front of my head has been trained to stop being a cowlick, I can actually have normal bangs now!

>My weight seems stubbornly frozen it place, too.
Yikes, hey Blood-anon, as a Vampire with this trait is it easier for us magic muscle mass onto ourselves or should we stick with the normie methods of bulking and weights?
Anonymous 2018-03-16 03:12:34 No. 1607
>as a vampire
Do you practice vampirism though?
Anonymous 2018-03-16 07:40:23 No. 1609
Towards the mid of the first thread. But honestly, this feels like I'm fucked. It doesn't feel like youth. It feels like something is very wrong with my body. I'm getting my thyroid tested btw. It might be that.
Anonymous 2018-03-16 07:58:25 No. 1611
>The energy came forth from the Nothingness, densifying through stages. It followed a specific manner-grouping, expanding, restricting, overflowing-through nine stages of manifestation, until these energies densified into physical. The physical universe was the tenth and final stage.

OP, that is from the book "simplified qabala". It's the first book I bought when I decided to do magic and I didn't understand shit about it. I have decided to start from scratch now that I have some experience.

Anyway, it sounds a lot like your spell is supposed to take someone up the tree without doing any work? That's so absurd... How can one become so enlightened withoud doing any alchemical work?
Anonymous 2018-03-16 15:09:05 No. 1613
Sounds pretty normal to me, except I haven't seen someone say it was so clear. If you expose yourself to something harmful, the effect will reverse, that much I can tell.

>On the bright-side an old woman, varying in ages from 45-70, is now a fairly reoccurring element in my dreams. Never in gothic clothes, very normie appearing, but always with white hair.
That's the matriarch. In physical she looks like an undefined 60+ with the figure of a good looking 40 year old. Her hair is completely white. You may feel very familiar with her.

> is it easier for us magic muscle mass onto ourselves or should we stick with the normie methods of bulking and weights?
Just increasing muscle mass without the exercises sounds a bit pointless to me, it's the body control driving your power up, not just putting on mass. I have found it increasingly easy to develop in this area though, and I don't bulk. Rather I eat a low 1200 to 1800 cal diet and add 30 grams of whey protein in a shake after workout and that's been enough. It may just be psychological, maybe the extra protein isn't needed, I don't know.

The chinese have a word for it, "wu wei", "non action." It implies the real path of least resistance leads to enlightenment. Acting with intent is based on attachment, floating up is done with no strain. That's the only theoretical grounding I have to offer. It's very simple in my view, the natural thing is to enlighten, and for the body to transform. Humans resist this by going after all sorts of things and attaching themselves to ideas of life and death, having top do things in the short time they live and so on, which are all false ideas keeping you down.

But the vampirism magic has the advantage that it guides you based on the previous achievements of older members who are part of the same egregore so it'll be like they are pulling you up forcefully against the gravity of the earth.
Anonymous 2018-03-16 17:38:47 No. 1614
I get it, but there's still work to be done. One needs to face their fears and prejudices. Break emotional conditioning... There is no Zen way around that.
Anonymous 2018-03-19 15:16:24 No. 1634
Alright. Cast this spell on me if you are still around here, please.
Anonymous 2018-03-19 17:53:56 No. 1649
Anonymous 2018-03-19 19:27:14 No. 1650
Thanks. Let's see how this works out for me.
Anonymous 2018-03-19 20:15:53 No. 1661
welcome to the club. i see you brought boobs...i like you already sir
Anonymous 2018-03-21 21:42:45 No. 1681
Get ready for a seriously "fucked up" update post.

If someone feels the spell didn't work for them, that they're just incompatible with this approach, I may have a different method for achieving something similar. But this won't work automatically, the summoned entity handling the spell won't do this. Since rope anon asked about it and not wanting to miss any opportunities I guess I'll mention this here as it's relevant overall.

I did briefly mention the "library" before and their method of creating "wands", mental constructs with dedicated functions consisting of a "handle" and a "knob" or "blade." Pic related is from Sailor Moon Crystal, in reference to what someone posted on 8ch, how Trigger anime studio has all sorts of occult stuff hidden in plain sight. Now I don't think they made SMC (I don't remember if it looked the same in the original) so it's not just them - this weapon is an actual functional wand from the library, anyone could theoretically put it together from that pic. A blueprint for a really dangerous weapon, hidden in plain sight. This one in particular is hard to use on its own, its function is to destroy and control economies. But it doesn't work well unless you already have control of the system, so you need 2 additional staffs, one for controlling organizations, and one for fighting them down before you can control them. So it's not very useful if you have only the moon staff, but it still is something of serious power.

I was resting after eating and a female spiritual entity came to seduce me. In my technical mindset I started thinking about if it would be possible to create a wand that automates the impregnation and you can just aim it at said female entity and it's done, making use of the genetical essence of the user. This would also work for females to impregnate other females by packaging their essence as if it was male aligned. So I was speculating about this and one of the cabal "court ladies" overheard me thinking about it. Or if she felt the stuff I was working on, mind reading shouldn't be possible between members unless the person agrees. So she started asking all sorts of question about the possibilities and basically it came down to this
>if a wand can be used to impregnate a female by using the genetic essence of the user, and the user is immortal, the target female including the resulting child, would also be immortal from absorbing the essence of immortality
>would it be possible to insert the essence without impregnation?
>from my research an incubus can do this, apart from the normal impregnating, they can also ejaculate only essence to transfer knowledge to a female entity
>so in conclusion, can we make a wand that emulates the function of an incubus dick?
Answer: yes we could.

At this point the researchers from the temple showed interest and wanted to make a version of the wand not relying on gender relations, as the current one only works with females on the receiving end.
So they made a wand which aims for the blood stream instead of the womb.

This wand is the second option if the spell doesn't work for you. But it hasn't been tested on any mortal yet, so requesting this is at your own risk. The effect may be very violent.

What it does: transfers the knowledge of the user as stored genetically directly into the bloodstream of the receiver. It's basically old school vampirism style transfer at a distance. We tested it on each other and I can confirm the effect is very strong when used by a more experienced person. This may be an advantage since the difference may be smaller when I use it, my knowledge and experience can't in any way be compared with the older cabal members.
Anonymous 2018-03-21 22:48:49 No. 1682
Just do it. Maybe it will finally give me telepathy. Apparently my brain might be lacking DMT or whatever that stuff is called.
Or you can check on me if you like. Couple months ago you said that I'm almost through and that it's hardly possible to fail from that point. Well, I must say that physically and psychologically I indeed feel great.
So, feel free to test that thing out on me.

On another notice, I've been thinking here: your description of vampirism is very similar to the "essential man" (or "natural man") of Taoism. In terms of immortality, immunity to harm, the "completeness on oneself" (the "zero particle"), etc.

[i]One who embraces Tao becomes pure and innocent like a newborn babe
Deadly insects will not sting him
Wild beasts will not attack him
Birds of prey will not strike him
He is oblivious to the union of male and female yet his vitality is full his inner spirit is complete
He can cry all day without straining so perfect is his harmony so magically does he blend with this world
Know this harmony – it brings the Eternal
Know the Eternal – it brings enlightenment
A full life – this is your blessing
A gentle heart – this is your strength
Things in harmony with the Tao remain
Things that are forced, grow for a while but then wither away
This is not in keeping with Tao
Whatever is not in keeping with Tao comes to an early end[/i]

Given that you're also into Falun Gong system (which is basically neo-Taoism) - might that be what "vampirism" actually is, just in another cultural context?

Btw, Taoism was the first thing that brought me into the world of esotericism many years ago back when I was a teen.
Anonymous 2018-03-21 23:33:28 No. 1683
It looks like you're definitely through now. I got that "shaking the earth" feeling which is only present when someone breaks out of the cycle of human life.

I tested the wand. Did you feel it?
There seems to be a feedback of some sort after using it, this didn't happen (noticably) when I tested it on a cabal member and two library wizards.
Maybe the difference between us is greater and the feedback information was too small to notice before, like when connecting two water bodies and if they're level there are no waves, but is they're uneven it will flow back and forth after connecting.

>Given that you're also into Falun Gong system (which is basically neo-Taoism) - might that be what "vampirism" actually is, just in another cultural context?
Vampirism is western while taoism and falun gong are eastern from a race/culture view. I feel like I shouldn't start that talk but in my opinion the western culture is older, the spiritual beings I've been in contact with are all of western body type and they're way older than this and the previous universe. Of course you can always say it's a matter of perception and understandings on a personal level. But the eastern systems mentioned DO refer only to this current universe, so they're pretty recent. Li Hongzhi explained the emergence of taoism with a faction of eastern immortals wanting him to use the principle of truth (zhen) as the guiding principle when spreading falun gong, but he choose to use compassion (shan) because truth can't save people on a large scale. They wouldn't accept it and created taoism to spread the truth principle, but the limitation manifested in their inability to accept many disciples, and all taoist masters only take one real disciple, the rest get to learn some near mundane stuff instead, which resulted in martial arts like tai chi chuan. This is how I understand the relation between taoism and falun gong.
Anonymous 2018-03-22 00:18:53 No. 1684
I feel slightly nauseous, as if mildly intoxicated.
Although that might be the effect of a pretty disgusting article I've just read.
Anonymous 2018-03-22 00:31:53 No. 1685
Hm, it may be your wish of developing telepathy running wild.
Even if the wand is only meant to transfer one way from me to you, it would create a connection. My mind went back to when I used to read Tao Te Ching and things I realized at the time, even some verses from it came back. I spent some time in trance yesterday to clear up some things and as a result had to purge things from my body which resulted in a quite bad headache and nausea, it was still not fully cleansed when I woke up this morning and I had a strong green tea extract + caffeine drink to get started, then another 3 cups of green tea during the day. It's mostly ok now but if there was a connection I can imagine something of what I felt over the last 24 hours was communicated. That shouldn't be directly connected to the wand though, or maybe like I said in the post above, there was no effect when I tested it on really old and skilled people because they're very stable, while it turned unstable with us and lead to this connection/feedback.

I'm feeling all sorts of associations now, something about the smell of wax candles, makes me think of going to church around xmas when I was little.
Anonymous 2018-03-22 01:07:04 No. 1686
Thank you.

So far I feel pretty restless, like, my eyes are constantly wide open and I'm focused. I barely got any sleep yet feel awake and very well in general. This is unusual as I could never get enough sleep and was lethargic everyday until Monday. My head chakras are tingling stronger than usual.

I may be new but I'm very open to take part in this experiment out of curiosity and request this spell at my own risk if it's ok with you.
Anonymous 2018-03-22 01:14:18 No. 1687
Actually yeah, I'm a green tea enthusiast myself, and the feeling does feel sort of like mild caffeine intoxication.
It's not bothering me btw, I just felt I needed to mention it because the feeling appeared definitely during the last couple of hours.

Maybe try using the wand once again? :P
This time I'll concentrate.
Anonymous 2018-03-22 01:45:54 No. 1688
It seems to take more of concentration with this one than with wands of my own design or those picked out personally for me by the library. It's a bit typical of cabal magic, so it's not surprising they'd create it with this form. It worked great as long as I aimed it at them and library members but here it's like prodding jello. I think I got through this time.
Anonymous 2018-03-22 01:55:13 No. 1689
What did you feel this time? I was meditating for the last 30 minutes and now I feel significantly pretty good. Also I think there is a slight ringing effect in my eyes.
Anonymous 2018-03-22 02:02:11 No. 1690
Damn, I dunno if that's self-suggestion but I do feel like I'm high on something. Pretty cool.
Anonymous 2018-03-22 02:06:15 No. 1691
Weird! Right now I can't stop smiling. I try to keep a straight face but it's difficult not to almost giggle.
Anonymous 2018-03-22 02:14:01 No. 1692
Stopping by to give an update on things, I went through a really freaky experience today on my way to the grocery store. I've been in a car accident a couple of months ago, and I won't lie that I don't feel at ease on the freeway but this was just city driving down a straight line. I started to a sort of fear or anxiety from the situation, I the further along we went the harder my chest got and it honestly got hard enough to breathe that I was wondering what the hell was wrong with me, it felt like this feeling I would be in an accident at any second just then. Near the time it started getting bad I could see police cars much further ahead, I wasn't paying attention at the time so it looked like just a bust, nothing worth noticing. As we drove closer I could actually see what the lights were about, there was an extremely bad car crash and the remnants of one of the vehicles was still basically taking over half the road, after we passed that I couldn't feel that pulling down in my gut anymore, it was more like a radiating feeling behind me instead and then it was gone by the time we arrived.

I don't know if it's related to the spell or anything else, but I've noticed I'm way too sensitive to what people around me are feeling lately, I've always felt strong empathy towards other people but lately it just feels like it got turned up to 11
Anonymous 2018-03-22 10:27:23 No. 1698
I went to sleep and had a dream with a logic that only works within the dream. It was something about a folk tale with different morale in different countries. It was about someone flying a hot air balloon; in france he was considered a front line inventor, but in america he was a village idiot. The meaning was changed from a person you're meant to follow in france to a person you're meant to mock in america.

Thanks for reporting. I won't attempt to analyze this now, but thanks for the info.
Anonymous 2018-03-22 20:55:31 No. 1701
I would like to try the wand experiment too, so I will be sure I go through 100% and maybe it will help with telepathy too. But i think you said I was through but it dosent hurt to try anyway :)
Anonymous 2018-03-22 21:31:11 No. 1703
Danish/portuguese anon?
Anyway it's done, first attempt.
Anonymous 2018-03-22 22:04:43 No. 1704
Yes the community guy/ pleiadian from last thread
Anonymous 2018-03-22 22:21:49 No. 1705
I'm the double sig rune from previous posts. the one with the hearth chakra feeling. Right now i'm crushing against a masive wall of desperation and sadness. I don't know why, I just can't stop crying and being emotional. anyone else?
Anonymous 2018-03-22 22:54:03 No. 1709
In relation to personal material circumstances or spiritually?
Anonymous 2018-03-22 23:16:30 No. 1710
it's just a shuttering sadness. let me give you an example. I see my mother's stuf, and i feel emotional, i literally percieve the love they feel for me, and it is saddening, i don't know why. Or another one, suddently nothing have sense except a few things i am not fully aware of right now. And this feeling is, again, sadness.
Anonymous 2018-03-22 23:48:53 No. 1711
Sounds normal.
Anonymous 2018-03-22 23:56:30 No. 1712
I think I know, but it's not as intense for me. There are moments my mind goes back to, times when love and caring really came through all the blackness of this world, and the contrast has a lot of pain in it. It feels like good things can't exist here and when they do it's not out of hope inspiring goodness but rather naivite, and this does give me a deep feeling of sadness. There's also the conflicting feelings of hate and care aimed at the different behaviours of the same person, and the conflicting views of the things I really care about and like and at the same time the completely hopeless state of human society attempting to disgrace the few things I do value.
Anonymous 2018-03-23 08:46:21 No. 1713
When you say that about love coming through... If I think about when I was a tormented mundane with gf, I can feel the love was real (love in lowercase), and if I had a gf now I could definitely love her the same and more because now I would understand the things that infuriated me about her mundaneness.
I feel that mix of compassion, care and annoyance towards society in general too, but I don't think for one moment that being awake in a sleeping world means suffering is all I can see. The point is that both sides of the coin will always go hand in hand. That's the curse mundanes unconsciously try to avoid by remaining asleep. Thinking otherwise, that the world is all love or all despair, is always a form of blindness.
Anonymous 2018-03-23 14:17:06 No. 1714
Hey, finally we hear back from you, I've been wondering about you daily since you vanished. Sounds like what you're going through is an increased ability in empathy such as >>1692 posted, but now it's directed at yourself and you're able to deeply feel the emotions and emotional associations in your own life. This also will amplify the emotional purging process you may be going through. Your depression could also be a symptom of exponential growth. I have a powerful psychic friend that told me it's a typical sensation to want to kill yourself constantly when you're proliferating in personal evolution as your older-self is dying. The correspondence of your old-self dying induces the reoccurring thoughts and desire to die with the parts of you dieing, it could be manifesting as depression for you.

I also posted here >>1606 about a night where I had unexplainable sadness, but it was just one night and the emotions subsided once I vented them out.

Say, Blood anon, you've said I've "made it through" but is it fairly possible for someone through to be rejected by the matriarch? I've got creeping doubts about such in regards to myself, nor has she returned in my dreams since posting about her involvement in said dreams; how quaint. If someone is to be through and rejected, what can they do to ensure their own physical immortality and slow aging (besides cutting off from ancestors atm)?
Anonymous 2018-03-23 17:40:01 No. 1715
It has to do with the quality of the zero particle you formed. They correspond to specific places in the universal map >>1504 and you need to reach human level to able to join the cabal by linking of life force. The old version of vampirism left this up to the individual and it would take a long time to get there, because there was no specific standard included in the very original magic. It made it easier to enter, just take a sip of blood and if you're the right blood type you're in. But then you're still not able to join the inner community and will have to rely on your own personal development to reach the standard needed.

What I myself developed on my personal journey took a number of lifetimes, in a way you could say I spent those 1000 years already during different incarnations, and what I formed at the end of my last previous life activated as I was reborn this time, and it was already at the human level. When I adapted the original magic I made it this way because it was the only way I could understand it, so it's at the human level, but it's probably harder to enter, the spell will not work instantly or even at all. But if it works you can join the inner community at once. You still lack understanding and skill but you're able to join with how little you have.

In your case, you followed my postings and argued with me and formed the particle directly by logic alone. This is unusual and but it's in essence the same thing as what the spell does, it sends a message directly into your mind and tries to find a way for you to grasp it by using different kinds of concepts and sneaking this into your subcouncious, because that is the fastest way, it'll bypass all mental obstacles people normally have.

With you on the other hand, you just got it by understanding it exactly as I explained it in words, while fully aware, no back door sneaking was needed to bypass any mental blocks because you simply didn't have them. But this means I don't really know exactly what you formed. It could be anything, or it could be the more limited original vampirism version. If that is the case you need to develop yourself until you're at the human level, just as the old vampires have done historically. In that case the matriarch was unable to add you because you do not have the standard. That is one possibility.

I encourage you to study the universal map and try to relate it to the world outside, if you're able to see correspondances, any at all, you'll be able to place yourself on the map and work from there. Knowing where you are is the starting point for improvement.
Anonymous 2018-03-23 17:53:05 No. 1716
I should add, the "three mysteries" is a mason thing, they spread this stuff in media here and there and people who can solve it gets contacted by them. They've been posting about this on 4chan and I know it's legit because I already solved them, I added the answer for the final one "humanism" in the map to mock them a bit. The two first ones are considered "false" by them but in reality they've fooled themselves - all of them are false. The first two are darwinism and equality, people think species are developing and competing but they're not, they're fixed, and same with the social classes in society, they're also fixed and you can't go up or down because it's in your genes, humans are not equal. It's possible to reach a false enlightenment in any of these and believe you found the truth of the universe, or the hole grail as they call it, but it's all illusion as it's in the mirror society.
Anonymous 2018-03-23 21:43:31 No. 1717
>Develop yourself until you're at the human level
So what does that entail besides telepathy? Energy accumulation? You've mentioned before that for someone to join the cabal they needed to accumulate 1000 years of energy to reach the 3rd stage so that then they can be linked to the cabal's life force and egregore. Is it the accumulation of quality energy to reach the human level?

Would a scan of me reveal the type of 0D I developed? Feel free to do so if you want. Right now either 0D doesn't change my current approach.

Would the people who understood my 0D explanation post who haven't the spell work for them develop a similar kind of 0D I developed? Wouldn't my post be the fast logical way of developing 0D whereas yours works to worm its way into the subconscious? However your 0D would be designed to work in tandem with your new vampire spell.

>Three mysteries
The far left one is humanism, which is the one that leads to the semi-circle 0D, Darwinism or equality? Either one seems valid.
Does the horizontal axis indicate any trait on the map?

Worst case scenario, I'll later ask for the Incubus dick wand zap and roll that ominous pair of dice. Is that wand designed to also help develop that human level or is it more to get the 0D idea across in someone.
Anonymous 2018-03-23 22:08:43 No. 1718
There is no single one explanation that works for everyone, because everyone starts from different places. The meaning of reaching the human level is the 3rd stage, because original vampirism starts at the position of the 0D with a 0D particle right there. This is where it gets more complex, a 0D particle doesn't necessarily represent the 0D position, they can represent any level, because the structure is repeated on each level, so it goes from 0D to 3D on each D level. So if you start from the bottom you need to go through the whole thing three times, which would take 300 years for each level at the slowest speed and add up 1000 years in theory. But with the version I developed you start at 3D and you'll have to fill in the lower dimensions after to get a solid foothold. But you still are at 3D and that's what counts so your life force can be linked at once, it's just much weaker than if you had walked the long way.

Developing telepathy is a skill, it doesn't just happen, though it's likely to develop naturally with time if you just do nothing. But that's a lot slower than if you try intentionally. What I mean by this is; you won't suddenly one day have telepathy by some external force, you have to learn it step by step, like learning a new language or learning how to speak.

The wand just brute forces the genes of the user into the blood stream of the target and the information gets mixed in, similar to how the genes of a male mixes with the female during pregnancy, so it's not an organized method. I don't know how you feel about it, I suppose this is at a level that may feel "wrong" for a lot of people. I'm not worried myself for the simple reason that my genes are strong enough to repel anything incompatible, and anyone able to use this has the immortality standard themselves so there has to be something to learn from them. But I can see now when thinking more about it that it may sound way too personal. I did describe it all in the initial post though, comparing it to a blood transfusion and explaining the whole thing.

But you don't really need this stuff unless you want to get ahead on some extra knowledge, you can just methodically work your way forward with no worries as it is and avoid the possible confusion the gene mixing may cause.
No one so far reported any negative results though and the old vampire dude who tested it on me only created positive effects, directly after I noticed strong red energy fields like pockets throughout my body and felt energized, some of his knowledge is nudging the edges of my mind since and I feel some distant dimensions I couldn't perceive before.

I don't know in which order to place darwinism and equality/social justice, it may be different based on perception, but both of those are known as false to the people spreading it. There was one guy with the false equality enlightenment posting as "elite anon" on 4/pol/ some years back. He was trying to push the idea of fixed social classes and telling anons to just accept a serving role and not rebel. This is typical of people who walked that path.
Anonymous 2018-03-23 23:05:34 No. 1719
Just gonna say that I felt much more clear in my mind like a positive purge happened, after getting the wand spell. Also feeling much more upbeat than normal. Also feel less social anxiety with people. But I can feel all their emotions which is very hard to deal with sometimes. But the wand spell helped with that.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 00:08:10 No. 1720
Can you think of any negative effects the wand may produce? And do you think the wand has a chance to fail? The idea sounds certainly interesting enough to try it out, but first I want to know more. Also, more reports from the other anons on this.

By the way, how can you guys feel compassion, love and care for human beings? I do not feel such things no matter how much I try. I can only pretend to love and care for other people for so long before reality sets back in. When I look at society and the human race as a whole I only feel disgust and anger....and of course sadness. Such a pathetic, pityful race. They can only hurt and betray and torture not only each other but all life around them and pretend they are good and right, while in reality they are rotten to the core. This is what probably torments me most throughout my life, that I am born as human in this life and have to suffer amongst them. The longer I live the more convinced I am that I am not naturally a human, and never was.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 00:10:46 No. 1721
Are you still using the wand on people OP? I'd like to see how I react to it.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 01:27:47 No. 1722
Would like to request the wand be used on me please.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 02:54:32 No. 1723
The humanity you see around you is shit because the society itself is shit. Don't slander the whole potential of humanity due to the concentrated effort to degenerate us worse than dogs. You know very well the sins you speak of are the same virtues promulgated in the (((media))). More than 99.9% of people are trash, but there's hope for individuals and ourselves until a real societal change in perspective occurs.
Wield compassion for those that wield promise.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 08:13:37 No. 1724
I can feel sorry for them (not condescending sorry, but compassionate sorry) because at one point I was like that too, and because I see glimpses of what some people could become if they removed all layers of bullshit they have accumulated.
It's hopeless and it torments me and angers me as well.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 09:29:52 No. 1725
In my opinion there are no negative effects from wand magic, but you may perceive them as negative in the short run, that's why I'm warning about it. Getting your body purged or overrun by an external energy can disturb your personal life in the same way any strong experience may do, even if the end result is positive - other people may think you're ill or confused and it could possibly ruin your reputation if it happened in a bad way. Not that it matters in the bigger pespective but I don't want to be the cause of blame for things like this.

Just wait for other people to report if you want to know the specifics, I'm using it on these anons right now

Humans are mere vessels for the spirit. If the spirit is shit, the human will be shit. There are sane people out there, but they're very few, humanity is still a recruiting ground and a place for trials, it still needs to exist. I don't really care about "humans", I look for good spirits and recruit them to my side, at which point they're not "human" any more in my view.

Someone has to lead humanity out of this current society during the coming few hundred years and apart from wanting to get those few good people out from here (leaving reincarnation and the physical world) they can also play a part in this.
Apart from this effort here I'm really better at females so it's likely to end up a waifu army, prepare for matriarchy unless someone else joins up with more men.

The cabal is already female dominated, I don't know why, it just seems vampirism works better with women (no I'm not implying anything).
Anonymous 2018-03-24 10:06:11 No. 1726
The fabled "non degenerate sane individual" reminds me of this meme
>pic related
All in good fun of course

Man I noticed that you are most of the time only talking about females, female cabals, female spirits etc etc...but then again who doesn't love spirit and non-human waifus.

Whatever, I wait for reports from other anons on the wand. If they don't get turned into waifu loli spirits then I may be up for it. But then again what do I even care what I get turned into, as long as it betters my position and grants me more power and freedom. Now if fellow anons here get turned into a turtle or a fly that would indeed be undesirable since it lowers your power and freedom...but I guess then they woueln't be able to report lol
Anonymous 2018-03-24 11:01:04 No. 1727
I'm serious, this is my perception of the world. I'm struggling to even understand myself.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 13:26:10 No. 1729
The spirit is genderless. In Buddhism and I assume Hinduism, incarnating into a woman was considered an extra challenge. Men (or rather, enlightened men) were supposed to have been through that at some point.

So, all things being equal, it's safe to think that a woman who makes it spiritually is at the very least going to have a greater drive and power behind her than a man who just happens to grow into it.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 13:30:10 No. 1730
Just to clarify: I'm not saying women are inherently superior. I'm saying women are undergoing an active spiritual challenge, while men may or may not.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 13:40:58 No. 1731
I read that in original buddhism women were supposedly from hell. If you fucked up badly you spend a lot of time in a hellish dimension and then were reborn as a woman. Only if you could fix up your karma while a woman you could be reborn as a man in the next life again...which indeed was a great challenge. Ultimately you would need to be a man or become a man again first before you could reach enlightenment.
I don't care about Buddhism or Hinduism either way. I care a little about Satanism, more about Gnosticism and also quite some about Taoism. Everything else is bullshit as far as I know for now, including buddhism and especially hinduism.
>I'm not saying women are inherently superior
I don't think they are fact I would say they are naturally inferior, but they are being made superior now as we speak on all fronts, at least in our world. The feminine is rolling in and the masculine is getting killed out, do what you like about it. We will have to accept a matriarchy and female-centered communities no matter where we go and what we do, might as well be turned into females ourselves. I look down upon men with disgust, they have become such lowly creatures. In fact, they have become like females and even lower. Earlier when I was MGTOW I was all for men and against women but I see how futile this attitude is. I see how shitty men are themselves and I think they just get what they deserve. For us it is time to evolve and put those mundane conceptions of "male" and "female" behind us if you are to advance. We either can leave this world for good or we can go with the flow and accept the new age of aquarius as the female age.
Btw even some of the spiritual mgtows are now hoping for the gnostic female spirit of wisdom "Sophia" to save them from this world. How ironic don't you think?
Anonymous 2018-03-24 14:45:58 No. 1732
What makes you think people may feel "wrong" about using your wand? Is it as simple as people's trepidation around such a core characteristic change from the gene influx? Do you think people's physicality and personality could change permanently from the new genes forced into their blood stream?

I'm glad you've returned Tinfoiler, along with your designated flag. I've been eagerly awaiting for your return as you mentioned before how you thought the spell didn't work on you. Well, now we have this neat little wand for round 2! Come on Tinfoiler, do it! You we're on the verge of suicide before so it wouldn't be a stretch to assume that some of Blood-anon's genes brute forced into yours wouldn't offer some more stability and empowerment! You'd be less "you" at a genetic level! That's less "you" that you didn't like before! That's more "vampire you" at your core being! It's a win-win!
Now just do it!
Anonymous 2018-03-24 14:51:04 No. 1733
I'm not going to get involved with any argument on the views held by religions as I consider most of it false and limited by human power struggles within the mundane organizations. My own experiences are the only thing I trust and while it's possible to discuss the perception you have of your experiences as true or false, I don't consider it a point I'm willing to bargain about. As far as religious books go I consider Tao Te Ching and the book revelations as the most useful to me personally and neither of them deal with specifics - they have a mere guiding role (and taoism in general seems more aimed at the ruling class than the comman man anyway so it's not dealing with smaller issues).

I found what I do works better with females, including spirits, and that's just how it is. It's not a preference based on anything mundane.
If I was to go by how women are today most of them are totally ruined by 23, around 30 they turn bitter when they realize they burned their chances and after that they just cause problems for everyone. I sometimes notice them looking at me and I spontaneously react by thinking they look old and bitter and not attractive at all. Then it hits me two seconds later she's probably younger than me. I know I look better than them, they have really nothing to offer and they know it. You can say women have better education and careers and all that now but it doesn't make them happy, I can't see who'd want them either.

So the only chance is to get them before they ruin themselves, before society feeds its destructive ideas into their minds and make them take responsibility for themselves. Because that is not what "women's liberation" is about, it only makes them think they need to compete with men and become like men, they're not independent at all, they still only refer to themselves in relation to men. Women can't compete with men about being men, that's obviously futile, but they only realize this when it's too late to get those lost years back.

I developed an area of effect version of a spell to spread enlightenment to people around me, and guess what? It only effects girls. I can only do it the way I understand, so this is what it is. It's obviously working on men as well since it's working here, so there must be a problem with the quality of men around me. Even with how horrible women have turned out, men are worse and weaker.
The girls are dominating the local school now, they're the ones you see outside actually doing something like biking, ball games etc.
I saw in the local paper an article about how gangs of girls in lower teens were causing a mess in the mall parking lot. They used to hang out on the roof which they accessed by a fire ladder and they also torched a grocery store causing some £10k of damage.
They're showing an ability to act independently and take control of an area, striking fear into everyone around them. This is what you need to create self respect and belief in your own ability. Boys used to do these things, but oppression from society has made everyone weak and "obedient." If you want to take control of society, you need to convince the young generation, and currently it seems only girls have the ability to act.

I don't put any values in it, it's an observation.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 15:00:24 No. 1738
Haha, all in good time baka. I first await the report from you on how the wand worked on you, I mean the more reports the better. Surely you have already made up your mind about the wand, anon-kun? You will not let the chance slip to get this highly interesting experience? What are your personal genes but silly mundane things. Your spirit is untouchable anyway.

We made the same observations. Interesting and sad at the same time, but we can make use of it.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 15:12:08 No. 1739
>What makes you think people may feel "wrong" about using your wand?
I just got that feeling when I re-read my own post, all that womb-spem-blood talk may just be too primitive for some people, magic just isn't like stage performances or the Harry Potter stuff, and it may repel people just from the idea of it when they find out.

I communicate a lot with spiritual beings, and a common occurrance is how they don't - at all - understand why humans have these issues about sex and killing. They only look at the functionality so the ideas of it being embarrassing, interesting or wrong, just passes over their head completely.

Some years ago I heard a radio show where someone talked about "amoral" people and explained things like the Iraq war by their actions. Meaning; people who saw a way to make profit by destroying Iraq, so they did. The concepts of right and wrong are non-existent for them.

Spiritual beings are the same. "Sin" only relates to actions performed in body, so spirits can't do anything wrong. Because of this they just look at the result, and if they caused destruction or the death of humans is nothing that concerns them. It's at a level where asking them about it would make you feel dumb for bringing up something as silly as human life having value in itself.

So with all of this as a context it's easy to bring up things that would make most people feel uneasy, and I realized I don't know how far from the mundane the poster on here really are.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 15:19:16 No. 1740
Post all you need and want. We can not afford to keep eating baby food forever. I personally want the real food. We may not understand at first but it is still better than to be without this information at all. After all we want to work with you and evolve, right? I personally regard myself pretty far away from the mundane but I want to go even further and further and obviously I need all the knowledge and wisdom I can get for this. Imo it would be a mistake to go "soft" on us. Just say it like it really is and if someone is really that uncomfortable with it, offended or simply doesn't get it at all then maybe this thing is not for him anyway. Let's all be spirits now.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 15:50:16 No. 1741
Oi OP. Give that flag back!
Anonymous 2018-03-24 15:54:15 No. 1742
Chill, Tin. Blood is already trying to explain things as clearly as he can with our relatively mundane scope of things. I think he's as blunt as he can be at the moment. Take the dick wand, faggot

On the discussion of spirits "sinning" aren't there unpleasant cosmic law consequences or karma for the specific actions an entity makes? Do most spirits function by cold logic and thus if it's logical there's no worry of "bad karma" they need to repay?

So if a violent spirit possess someone and makes them kill people, the spirit is just doing it's normal and logical thing, like an animal running on instinct, so it isn't breaking any cosmic law. What about if spirits were to torment helpless people just for their own amusement and it isn't part of their specific role?
Anonymous 2018-03-24 15:59:59 No. 1743
I just went through all the flags twice and there's no blood flag. WTF is going on!
Anonymous 2018-03-24 16:02:16 No. 1744
Have you ever consider just sometimes not to post? At least when I talk to OP you really should consider to adopt some manners and just shut the fuck up. I'll let you know when I am talking to you, alright?
Anonymous 2018-03-24 16:13:01 No. 1745
Food for thought: the original meaning of the concept of "sin" was any action that runs contrary to the enlightenment process of the individual. Meaning anything that made you stray from godhood.
It didn't have a moral connotation just as karma doesn't either.
This is a personal theory, but I think the sense of there being a cosmic law comes from the fact that if you act like a dick, spirits around you will treat you like a dick (same as people would). But since most people are not aware that there are beings seeing their actions when they think they're alone, they end up thinking God or some cosmic moral ruler is observing them.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 16:27:35 No. 1746
See? No chill, Tin. Vampirism may make someone immortal, but autism is permanent. Don't vaguely beg and grasp for information like a retarded, grubbing child locked in a booster seat. You can keep derailing about your fucking cringey perceived superiority over mundanes as you project your own obvious shame and disgust onto men as "lowly creatures" to later justify your pathetic existence with mgtow and submission to become a woman. I'll post to whom and where I want.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 16:36:27 No. 1748
I already knew you didn't like me from the beginning but I didn't like you either. Imagine being linked to you for thousands of years will be unpleasant at best.

> I'll post to whom and where I want.

Do what you want, but I'll just ignore your stupid shit from now on. You might as well save your time and not post to me at all. I must say it's very funny that you appeared just right after I wrote in the previous thread that all the guys joined so far seemed pretty cool. Maybe it is no coincidence.

>but autism is permanent

Sadly you must write this while being the most autistic dude in all of the vampire threads. I mean not only I noticed that. I feel sorry for you, but whatever. From now on you can talk to the hand or whatever.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 16:38:03 No. 1749
You are the OP, right?

Ok I think I need to better explain what's happening. I didn't update you all in the second topic on 8ch, because I had everything "under control". And this is also a reply for >>1714. Nothing significant to note, except some very lucid and crazy dreams.

Now here is the problem.

It's three days that I have a very illogical and deep sense of sadness and urge to cry. Cry for past things, crying for every loving act I receive, crying for the stress. This feeling is new to me, a desperation and need to cry for almost everything present and past. I have to keep my mind busy otherwise I fear this will eat me alive.

But the most disturbing thing is that all of what I feel is extremely sad. The urge to cry last goes along with a sensation of something like "this mundane society is no-way good at all, there is nothing clear, love does not exist as it will be just a mundane vision of it, coming from biochemical reactions in the brain " and other ramblings like these. It may sound nosense for all of you, but it's deep inside me. To resume, first keypoint: sadness for the good things and bad things. everything has a sad and desperation vibe on it. second keypoint: nothing has sense.

I didn't ask to OP what was my situation or to scan me. I don't know If you (OP) remember me as the SS flag user, the one who activated the spell on December 22 or 23 without even asking and was pretty shocked about that. And later that day gave you permission to manual cast the spell, reporting a 2 weeks long heart chakra activation feeling (like a torpedo of burning energy on the heart level).

Now I have the need to understand what happened, OP, because never in my life I ever felt so close to madness due to this "wall of desperation" as I call it. Is it a purge? The spell releasing something inside?

I had the feeling that the spell failed on me before all of this, but now I just can't do anything else rather than asking you what is going on. Sorry for the long post, I'd appreciate a feedback by you, OP. Thanks in advance.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 16:41:08 No. 1750
Yes, I've heard that theory too and I like it the most out of the others. That and coincidently "sinning" wouldn't just stray you from Godhood but also leak energy from your being. Like stealing or adultery itself would induce a costly and persistent paranoia of you being caught and if others have done the same crime and you haven't caught them. All the 10 commandments are guidelines of simple things to avoid to prevent energy leakage.

I just keep hearing about "cosmic law" relating to karma and the most tangible material I got was Mark Passio boiling it down to anarchist property rights.

I liked you from the start. I still do, you're just testy today.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 17:15:46 No. 1751
I'll accept a trade.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 17:38:31 No. 1752
>So if a violent spirit possess someone and makes them kill people, the spirit is just doing it's normal and logical thing, like an animal running on instinct, so it isn't breaking any cosmic law. What about if spirits were to torment helpless people just for their own amusement and it isn't part of their specific role?
I would say from my own view that spirits can't do anything wrong because you need a body to experience and cause suffering, which is what counts as "sin." But I guess from what's implied by Li Hongzhi in his talks there are spiritual beings he refers to as "meddling deities" who do cause problems. Going by my own experience there are spirits causing problems for humans and for occultists, that's undeniable. When they do so, you can also suppress or kill them, so it's obvious they're not invincible either. That's speaking of it in general. But I'm talking of immortal spiritual beings, those who have the same standard as the god particle 0D standard. I didn't mention this because I don't really pay much attention to those who don't have it, unless I'm recruiting them. So I forgot the context in that post. Regular spirits also go through reincarnation except they do so in different spiritual forms in other dimensions. I'm not exactly sure what causes spirits to do stupid things like attacking people when it results in themselves being killed or exorcised, but it's my theory they belong to the false creation side of the universe >>1504
in short, they're karma themselves and need to just die, all they can do is cause suffering. For example shadow people come in both versions; the good ones grow if you send them energy and they absorb sunlight. The malevolent die if you send them energy and they avoid sunlight like fire.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 17:53:21 No. 1753
Are you feeling that this sadness has a "beauty" to it and that there is a release of pain involved? Or is it just completely dark and you feel like there is no way forward?

If it's paired with a relaxing disattached feeling you can just ride it out, as that is a sign you passed a major thing and the last part is being purged. I've had this happen, I think I posted about this, unless it was a different thread and time.

If it feels like your life is collapsing and all sorts of memories are coming up with a feeling of anxiety, it's the same in that it will be purged, but in this case it helps to keep a mental focus forward and to engage in the world and other people. In this case what you are experiencing are old pointless memories of things that meant a lot back when they took place, but which are actually attachments you need to let go. The past needs to remain in the past and you can't relive it, so you need to be able to just observe it without getting emotional. It can be hopes you had about something that never came real and so on, places and people. All these things can be very intense, but just keep looking forward and focus outward. This has happened a few times to me as well, but not in relation to vampirism, it's probably part of a greater spiritual awakening.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 18:06:43 No. 1754
are you the op?
It's a mixture of the two options.

I feel like it's a release of something, but at the same time it's a desperation towards everything. and when i say everything i mean ALL. like nothing has sense.

Old memories coming, yes, you are right. I feel everything related to my past coming up. even my soulmate. I don't know if it ever happened to you, but imagine having a soulmate. The only person you resonate with, you ever loved and probably will always love. Imagine having both screwed your relationships due to life lessons to be learned, personal character defects, bad choices, and so on. You can live your own different lives now, but even if you meet 10 years later, after ZERO contact, nothing on the deep side is changed, you KNOW you love each other, but at the same time, you can't forget the pain. and it's real pain. It's like a curse, and the only things you can do are:

1) keep this as a personal secret, knowing that nobody else will give you these vibes
2)fight and create an actual change on your two lives in order to create a better soil to cultivate that tree.

The second one requires a strong dedication and willing to fight against the error you made.

Apart from that, it's curious that this happened 3 months after the spellcasting process.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 18:18:52 No. 1755
>are you the op?
Yes, and I'll use this flag now.

I think I understand more of your situation now. That is definitely hard to let go and look at with peace in your mind.

>it's curious that this happened 3 months after the spellcasting process.
It may have worked as a catalyst for changes there were just under the surface of your mind, kept down by your daily life, and now your subcounscious is pushing you to handle it so you can solve it and calm down.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 18:53:39 No. 1756
OP, great idea. I only watched the first one as a teen and dismissed it all too quickly, I think. As I download all five movies in order to binge watch them all, a sudden realization hit me, and I feel there's something there to unpack but can't quite pin it down.
It requires a bit of backstory, though.

I don't know if you know about this:
It's a thousand page long ramble about reincarnation, spiritual warfare, Robert Bruce, David Icke and homosexuality. Not sure if it's worth the read (although I'm slowly making my way through it just in case).
My point is that this guy talks about how the extra-terrestrial/dimensional entities warring for control of the mundane population are essentially from Sirius and Orion, and each is split into two factions. Basically, he equates Orion to female reptilians, who have been gaining the higher hand since the 90s against dog-like or male reptilians from Sirius. He draws parallels between Israel, the US and all the other major geopolitical players, but he does so in such a messy way that, as I said, it's probably not worth reading.

However, that's exactly what the whole vampires vs werewolves is all about. Vampires are more feminine, shaven, wearing tight clothing and having slender bodies. Werewolves are hairy, brutish and more masculine. I refuse to believe their whole lore is not some kind of gnostic seep into our collective consciousness relating to some actual truth.

What are your thoughts on this? I realize this post is all over the place, so I'll ask you about werewolves instead. How do they relate to your whole view of the world?

Anonymous 2018-03-24 18:55:14 No. 1757

Hey, OP. Well, first of all here's my report of the things i've been experiencing so far with the spell:


- a big increase of willfulness and humility to accept and apply knowledge. I've been having this "i'm sorting myself out" frame of mind that has become both really useful and interesting. Some anxieties are slowly disappearing, but some things regarding a girl are dragging me down right now and it feels like a tremendous emotional burden; haven't been able to get over this yet.

- Managed to accomplish 30 days straight of basic meditation and it does feels like the habit is finally here to stay, still can't get past 20 min, but i'm so happy that i actually managed to get this far without losing a single day.

-i've been working on maintaining my bedroom: cleaned the heck out of it, rearranged some things and got rid of others. Feels like i'm having this constant need for order and discipline.


-libido seems to be back to normal

-i've been losing LOTS of weight (around 6 kg). My diet became waaay healthier all of the sudden, and i've been having impulsive motivation to exercise

-taking care of my personal hygiene more often

-i've been waking up really early independently of the hour i go to sleep (don't even feel restless when i wake up, although it gets a bit hard to get out of bed anyways)

-there was a time where i started to crave the warmth of sunlight, but lasted only like a week.

Some miscellaneous things and questions:

- last year i was taking really seriously the daily practices and different spiritual exercises (specifically Bardon's hermetic training), but lost my way due to mundane events that i wasn't able to handle. Right now, i don't know if it's pertinent to prioritize my occult training the way i want to, since my lifestyle is still pretty fucked up and loose. been getting into lots of self-help concepts to help with my social skills and overall resilience to society. Will this affect in some way the effects of the spell or it will just carry out indefinitely until the process is over?

-seems like i haven't been contacted by the matriarch like some of the other anons. I'm probably the least experienced in this thread, so maybe it has to do with that.

-i've been exposed to various "enlightenment" concepts lately, specially things that complement what the kybalion calls the law of mentalism.

-i'm really concerned whether my progress is due to a placebo effect or the spell itself is actually working. Could you do a checkup on me? If i'm not under the effect, i'll gladly take this second choice despite the consequences.

Whatever the result, i'm grateful you're helping me out
Anonymous 2018-03-24 19:08:48 No. 1758
I'm going to give you the boring reply of a sceptic: werewolves are not real. The vampires tell me there are no werewolves and I choose to trust them on this until my own experiences tell me something else.

Whatever things I talk of, I'm still a sceptic and I don't believe in things unless I experienced them first hand or have been able to conclude these things exist through strong logic and repeated testing.

I think the symbolism seems reasonable though, orion and sirius were both brought up in discussions during my childhood so I'll give it that much believability; things I remember don't usually happen for no reason.

There are some similarities between the Underworld series and Dark Angel, at least visually, and the main character Max being female with similar appearance as Selene, has cat DNA, where as her best friend Joshua has dog DNA. So symbolically there is a weak link there.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 19:12:14 No. 1759
Yeah, and check my dream post about reptilians in the "entities" thread.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 19:20:21 No. 1761
Keep doing whatever you're doing, you're closing in on it. Same as another anon before, I'd be very surprised if it failed after reaching this point. The process is at a stage where it's like throwing a stone off a cliff and letting it fall to the bottom, the only way for it to fail is if it somehow defied gravity and came back up or started levitating. I think that should give you an idea of the forces at work. Even if you were to start levitating energetically, it's not going to reverse, the process moves only forward.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 19:31:00 No. 1763
Well, I'm suspending my disbelief about vampirism myself, not to mention werewolves. But it can't just be a coincidence that something reportedly real (vampires) have a relationship in their lore with these other creatures that were, what, just made up for the sake of a good story? I think the myth about werewolves must come from somewhere the same way the myth about vampires did. I'm not saying it has to be a full analogy, but somewhere.
And more important than what are werewolves is the relationship that vampires had with these other creatures (maybe they represent a faction of vampires or something).

For the record, I was obsessed as a child with the Orion Belt for some reason. It has been "my favorite constellation" for as long as I can remember, just because.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 19:49:38 No. 1764
If you'll allow me some synchromysticism: as I'm watching the first Underworld it appears to me like I'm watching The Matrix again. Same kind of music, very much the same real-world goth aesthetic, similar tropes with the characters and the story, and they tried hard with the cinematography, although it's nowhere near as good.
Now, The Matrix was, by the film-makers' own account, heavily inspired by The Invisibles, by Grant Morrison.
As he explained himself in an interview, Grant Morrison created The Invisibles as part of his experimentation with chaos magick and ultimately turned it into a hypersigil the goal of which was to bring more magic into the world.

The Matrix directly influenced the themes and methods of the film industry for a decade before waning, and touched society indelibly (and just as 9/11 was about to happen, to boot).

There are no coincidences in this business. The question is always if you can spot the true meaning of these relationships before going insane. But my point remains. I believe there's a gnostic download waiting to be unpacked in all this.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 19:55:31 No. 1765
I don't remember exactly, but don't the vampires in the Vampires the Masquarede tv series turn into wolves themselves? Still there are so many elements out there in fiction that are just there for the thrill or to make it logical within the culture the story was told. Sifting through them to make out what is a representation of something real and what was added to create an interesting story is a massive work if you have no personal reference of anything depicted.

Bram Stoker's Dracula for example has the vampire portrayed as a christian templar who took part in the holy war, but felt betrayed and became a vampire after desecrating the cross. In egypt they're said to be mummies coming out of the necropolis at night.

If you want to try and confirm werewolves by relating them to an origin, feel free to research it. I just explore things as I discover them and werewolves didn't enter my field of vision yet so I have no real opinion on them. The Orion and Sirius symbolism in relation to reptilians is the most interesting theory I've seen so far though, but that doesn't confirm werewolves, it only presents an idea of the origin of the myth.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 20:05:07 No. 1766
I interpreted The Matrix from within the shadowrun universe because the "matrix" itself has the same name, so the waking up part was a bit ruined for me, I expected it to be a computer network from the start. I know just how possible it is to effect popular culture so I don't doubt that someone did that.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 20:16:01 No. 1767
Interesting what I found on Wikipedia just before coming to check your response:
>The vrykolakas (Greek βρυκόλακας, pronounced [vriˈkolakas]), also called vorvolakas or vourdoulakas, is a harmful undead creature in Greek folklore. It has similarities to many different legendary creatures, but is generally equated with the vampire of the folklore of the neighbouring Slavic countries. While the two are very similar, blood-drinking is only marginally associated with the vrykolakas.

>The word vrykolakas is derived from the Slavic word vǎrkolak. The term is attested in other South Slavic languages such as Serbian vukodlak, ultimately derived from Proto-Slavic vьlkolakъ, see Polish wilkołak, and cognates can be found in other languages such as Lithuanian vilkolakis and Romanian vârcolac. The term is a compound word derived from вълк (vâlk)/вук (vuk), meaning "wolf" and dlaka, meaning "(strand of) hair" (i.e. having the hair, or fur, of a wolf), and originally meant "werewolf" (it still has that meaning in the modern Slavic languages, and a similar one in Romanian: see vârcolac). It is also noteworthy that in the eighteenth century story Vrykolokas by Pitton de Tournefort, he refers to the revenant as a "werewolf" (loups-garous) which may have also been translated as bug-bears, a strange word that has nothing to do with bugs nor bears, but is related to the word bogey, which means spook, spirit, hobgoblin, etc.[1] However, the same word (in the form vukodlak) has come to be used in the sense of "vampire" in the folklore of Western Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro (while the term "vampir" is more common in Eastern Serbia, and in Bulgaria). Apparently, the two concepts have become mixed.[2] Even in Bulgaria, original folklore generally describes the vârkolak as a sub-species of the vampire without any wolf-like features.[3]

>The Greeks traditionally believed that a person could become a vrykolakas after death due to a sacrilegious way of life, an excommunication, a burial in unconsecrated ground, or eating the meat of a sheep which had been wounded by a wolf or a werewolf. Some believed that a werewolf itself could become a powerful vampire after being killed, and would retain the wolf-like fangs, hairy palms, and glowing eyes it formerly possessed.[4]

Maybe the myths have a common origin. But you're right, it's a massive undertaking to research something like this and not get lost along the way.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 21:57:35 No. 1769
I didn't know there was a TV series for VtM, but at least the ones in the other material have beast-like traits or powers based on which house they're from, which is directly related to who sired them and which bloodline they're from.

I'll stop by and give a detailed update, but I wanted to at least thank OP for the spell. Last night I ended up coming to some pretty big realizations and ended up telling my partner about things I did a couple of years back that still bothered me, I figured there was a 50/50 chance things would go poorly but they ended up a lot better and now everything feels "quiet" in my head.

Anyway, I'm legitimately thankful for these threads, it feels like I've made big changes in my life because of them.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 22:43:50 No. 1770
After having the wand used on me, I was awake for longer than usual last night and have noticed a few energetic sensations around my heart chakra.

Is this about the "three mysteries" you speak of?

I remember reading this on their website a few years ago. The website was over a million words and was quite interesting to me at the time. They claim to be the true Illuminati, founded by Pythagoras, and founded the Freemasons, but abandoned it when it became infiltrated by a group they call the Old World Order, who they say are responsible for most of the problems in this world.

They say they hid their secret in four coded novels, with the fourth one yet to be released. They said this about it: "Let me just say that the secret, if revealed to the whole world at one moment, would lead to an unimaginable cataclysm."

To them the holy grail accelerates the process of becoming a god.Their website is still available, but it's now far different than what it used to be. Now it just advertises their books and rants about politics and such.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 23:14:05 No. 1771
Yes those are the mysteries. I didn't go by the clues they've been dropping, that would probably take years if it was at all doable. I cheated; meaning I used my ability to extract information from distant things and it took only a few moments to see what they were talking of. The enemy they refer to is closer to the truth than them, as they're all in illusion. It may have to do with the ideas of luciferianism I've seen posted about, the belief in the human intellect rather than spiritual power. Naturally I look down on them, they're not even funny. They think highly of themselves, yet they're ideologically and spiritually lost and they're scared to death of the "enemy" who may pierce their organizarion anytime. Never do they touch on the idea that they're unable to protect themselves because they lack information and understanding, that they're actually lost in a web of lies, which can be cut by truth anytime. They have this hurt attitude as if they're in pain and constantly worried for their own comfort, it's pretty pathetic for people who consider themselves to have the truth of the universe and the key to godhood. What they're saying is all upside down, if there is an old world order, it's them, themselves.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 23:26:01 No. 1772
Watching these pictures gave me an idea. Could you encode the knowledge you were trying to depict into three sigils so that we can meditate on them?
Anonymous 2018-03-24 23:32:34 No. 1773
This would help us get the knowledge you're trying to pass along and at the same time it would be protected who would not be skilled enough to acquire it through insight.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 23:54:58 No. 1776
Damn that is pretty sad. Thanks for sharing this, I stopped caring about them a while ago, but now know not to take them seriously at all.
Anonymous 2018-03-24 23:59:54 No. 1777
The pics are merely explaining the spell's function theoretically, the real stuff is passed on by the casting of the spell. Sigils are not needed, that would be totally backwards. It's already as easy as it gets.
Anonymous 2018-03-25 13:38:54 No. 1781
Hey OP, checking in again I haven't experienced many changes other than going from practically no libido to extremely overcharged libido and then back again a few times the past few weeks. I'd like the wand used on me if possible, it is an interesting concept and I'm not sure where I was with the auto-casted spell so I'd like to try.
Anonymous 2018-03-25 13:46:15 No. 1782
Here is some effects I experienced under the wand effect. Last night I was laying in my bed, I couldn't sleep, so I ate some night food. Then I layed down and focused on my third eye and everything started spinning around me, I felt like my energy body was being twisted. I got a weird feeling in my stomach and head(a little uncomfortable), my heart was pounding a little bit too. (the only similar feeling I can describe it too is taking mushrooms and feeling your energy body vibrate, but less powerful). And under my eyes I saw 2 pyramids one to the left eye and one on the right eye, the left was upside down, the right was normal. (Maybe this was some merkaba message?) Or balancing the male and female?
Anonymous 2018-03-25 13:49:57 No. 1783
Please be aware that effects may be random.

Very interesting. I have some idea but nothing substantial yet.
Anonymous 2018-03-25 16:10:57 No. 1784
>everything started spinning around me, I felt like my energy body was being twisted
I had this sensation on night, but I thought it was because I stopped drinking coffee. I've gotten very drunk when I was young and it never got quite as bad as that night. I have received only the regular spell, though, no wand.
Anonymous 2018-03-26 13:43:59 No. 1785
Ok thank you for the reply.

I hope you remember my signature with hollow trees vision, and my heart chakra happening on december.

I hate asking this, but I'm struggling with this anxiety/paranoid sadness, and I wanted to ask what can you see.

Is the spell just not working on me? or is it a push? I didn't ask for signature readings these months because I wanted to focus on myself, but right now I need advice, I need to understand what's going on, and obviously to know if the spell just went off for me.

I imagine that you will have visions, but these visions maybe will help me dealing with this deep sadness and anxiety. they came out of nowhere.

Thank you
Anonymous 2018-03-26 14:42:49 No. 1786
The spell did its job and left, is what it seems like. I'm getting indications you have the zero particle formed, and it's having a strong effect on the rest of your being. What you are experiencing is a change coming from within, from your center. It's as if it's driving change by what seems like a small spinning motion at your center, and increasing into a tornado as it reaches the more surface layers of your life. It may be a bit like air or water which used to stand still and it's now moving, all sorts of things will come up to the surface as a result. It's a massive cleansing originating inside you, pushing out things that are not really you, but were inserted by conditioning from your environment.

The best advice I have right now is to
1) Learn self hypnosis and make use of a trance state to further speed up the process by looking at and analyzing/fixing the issues that are surfacing (I mentioned this before, you can use "The art of covert hypnosis" by Steven Peliari to learn this if you don't know how)

2) Get a regular change of environment, preferably some natural place like a hill, those tend to have better energy overall. Take a walk there a few times a week and make it into an occasion when you really set your mind to relax and observe rather than trying to actively handle what you feel. Let it passively come to you, maybe bring a sleeping mat and stay there lying down for an hour just watching the sky. Pick a place where you are unlikely to meet other people.
Anonymous 2018-03-26 14:51:03 No. 1787
>it just seems vampirism works better with women (no I'm not implying anything).
That actually makes alot of sense, considering women are the magnetic principle and all it'd make sense that they're more naturally suited to rather magnetic activities like vampirism, although I suppose it really depends on your perspective
Anonymous 2018-03-26 14:54:55 No. 1788
Oh just in case we got another brownpill poster in here, I personally do not want the spell. I do not seek to become a vampire and if another brownpill poster says he wants it, it does not represent me. Lel, excuse my autism
Anonymous 2018-03-26 16:54:50 No. 1789
No problem.

I suppose we could have a library/wand thread if there is any interest. I don't want this thread to derail into too much off topic, i.e. non-vampirism talk. What I posted here >>1681
was related since it deals directly with the cabal vampire magic, but wand usage is really a completely different thing.

"The Library" is really what /fringe/ is for, but with the previous /fringe/s overrun by redditors, /x/philes, religious shilling and basic bitch /pol/, it may be reasonable to have a thread dedicated for wand creation. I don't think the main organization will object by now. Or, lets say if they don't like the idea of more focused talk they should say so.
Anonymous 2018-03-26 17:31:39 No. 1790
I'm interested in further discussion of wands.
Is the use of wands more for people with advanced occult skills or are some wands as available for use/making as basic sigil creation is for newbies?
Anonymous 2018-03-26 17:53:32 No. 1792
There's a thread for it now.
This question is "please help me google" tier though.
>Wandlore: The Art of Crafting the Ultimate Magical Tool
seems like a reasonable place to start.
Anonymous 2018-03-26 19:35:45 No. 1793
Thank you for the feedback.

I had to take a medication to calm down my anxiety attacks (pretty wild ones, never had ones like this in my entire life).

It's lexotan, medium dose twice a day. It helps me to deal with the following symptoms:

1) racing heart
2) Can't stop moving
3) can't think clearly, a whirlwind of toughts crawling upon me from the inside. The mayority of these toughts is negative and it's a downward spiral so I had to stop it for the last 4 days using this medication
4)Crying as I told in this topic, because of a deep sadness perceived from inside which is not explicable, I can't find the cause of it right now.
5) trembles (like shaking arms and legs)

Does this medication go against my zero particle activity? If so, does it need a further manual cast by your side as a pull? I mean, like a way to overcome the limits imposed by a medication.
If this is the case, I won't take any medication and just meditate upon my anxiety, going full in.
In case it won't effect in a serious manner the particle activity, I will just reduce the dose anyway until I no longer need that.

This could be helpful for everyone on this journey, we're discovering various aspects, and the interaction with medications could be one.

I'll move in another country for working reasons (suddenly in February I solved my working situation and I received three different options. Now I am left with only two options, both of them do look similar to the environment you describe as healthier for my situation. (curious, huh? Since November everything was stuck, then suddenly from the 15th of November, everything was starting to set piece in order for me to stabilize my own life from a professional life (= independence, more time to develop my occult skills )

It's perfect because I will be able to freely meditate, and I'll follow your tip. I'm reading all the other posts right now. If I got it right, now I need to cope with this cleaning before everything else, like learning telepathy or any other next step, right?

Thank you and good journey to everyone!
Anonymous 2018-03-26 20:26:22 No. 1794
Take the medication if you need it work and function normally, but try avoiding it on days off if you can, is my advice. It doesn't look like it's harmful for short term use anyway, so it's more a matter of gradually learning to switch on those parts of your brain that are supposed to produce those substance naturally. From what I understand it's a drug that alters certain substances relating to communication between brain cells, so from a superficial view this imbalance is the reason for your state. It's something you should be able to correct by meditation, as even modern science admits to real physical changes in the brain from meditation.

Just treat the medication as support wheels, eventually you will keep your balance naturally.
Anonymous 2018-03-29 17:06:31 No. 1807
OP I have figured out the metaphysical mechanism of aging, of death, and of actual ascension. I now understand why you have Taoism in such high regard and perhaps why the vampires seem so aloof.

Now I wonder if the spell was just to get me to this point, or it will carry me further. Because I wouldn't know where the threshold is. Do I need to act on this information and how much?

I know I sound nuts.

Also, can you recommend a good introduction to Taoism?
Anonymous 2018-03-29 18:09:41 No. 1808
The exact manifestation of a person's enlightenment is not something I can predict. The spell is meant to lead you to forming the god particle/zero particle OR as far as it can take you on this path if you are incompatible with it, then showing you a way to further progress. If you feel that Taoism is the way forward for you, this may be what you should follow.
It could also be that you really did complete by the spell and you will simply benefit from understanding what Taoism is about. There is no contradiction. Your progress after reaching fundamental enlightenment - which is paired with immortality - is up to your own efforts. What magic you choose to study, or what philosophy you learn, it's based on your preferences and it will all add to your power as a vampire or "undead" if that is where your base is.

The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff is probably the simplest entry level book on taoism. Don't discard it simply because of its theme, a lot of people started there. Then of course you can just pick up Tao Te Ching and read it.
Anonymous 2018-03-29 18:26:30 No. 1809
Anonymous 2018-03-30 12:29:44 No. 1811
I'll make another personal update post.

It seems the ways you can develop yourself and your understanding of the world just keeps breaking boundaries. This may be something stereotypical to say, and I probably should have known better, but I once again had to throw my old assumptions out the door after seeing a greater perspective.

It's not contradicting anything I've talked about or anything I knew before, but after making a personal breakthrough I suddenly saw a completely new area. It's something I've been working to solve for most of my life, and after coming through it's like I was at this one step for 15 years, thinking there were just a few steps more. After now being able to reach up there, I suddenly see that what I was working on and treating as the whole thing needed to explain human life and the body, was just 1/3 of the thing.

Once again, I should probably have known by now that this is how it is, but the experience is equally amazing and surprising every time. I know I'm just rambling vaguel here but it's something of a technical nature I wouldn't even be able to explain properly unless you saw it yourself first.

I think the main lesson here is; don't look so much at other people, even if they know a lot in some regards, and they're acting as mentors for you, they may still be relatively underdeveloped in some areas. If you measure yourself by their understanding of the world in every area, it may keep you down. Accept the guidance and then look for yourself. Even if someone says
>we couldn't do this in 100k years
>no one in human history ever managed to do it that way
How can you trust that this is the truth in the first place? The mainstream of any community may simply not have believed it when it was done once in the past, and never learned it. Or it's that you personally have unique abilities because humans are not the same, and each person has their spot in history. It's not strange to find yourself being the catalyst of change, a lot of people were in the past. Nietzsche described his writing process as him playing out the role of a pen held by some spiritual force, inserting this material into human history. When something should exist, the collective uncounscious or some other force behind it will reach a critical mass of information and new knowledge can be produced through addition of old knowlegde in new way. You can be the one doing it, and it's perfectly normal, accepting this possibility is not the result of a grandiose personality, it's just that the chance may be low when looking at the huge number of humans in the current world.
Anonymous 2018-03-31 00:05:05 No. 1812
Update: I've reduced the daily dose and it feels ok.

I have some insights and very vivid and lucid dreams.

1) My dreams are wild. So f***ing wild, lucid and they involve lots of emotions to the level I wake up completely drained of energy. Like I lived a whole life parallel to that one during daylight. In fact, I'm dreaming of people I'm supposed to know in these dreams, locations never seen, habits never mine.
I also had a dream I will describe in a second post, about some people I suspect to be cabal members (one black guy around 50 yo with mustaches, one tall guy about 30yo and a short girl, black hair with fringe, seductive, goth style but chic.)

2) Again, I'm feeling the same warmth at chest level (heart chakra level) every time I focus on this concept of Zero particle or listen to Rife frequencies/solfeggio frequencies.

3) There is something brought to the surface. Something hidden since childhood.
What's the matter with living?
How are we supposed to spend our time daily?
Why is the time passing?
I almost forgot this kind of questions, now I remember the feeling and the irrational energy behind them. It's like I can't understand the concept of living and time passing. Being chained with aging, day/night cycles, "doing stuff", creating relationships. And everything in a small time-frame. But is time real? If I think about these concepts, looks like I just can't figure them out. So alien.

4) I don't remember right now, but did you describe in one of the previous threads what happens after the zero particle is formed?
Anonymous 2018-03-31 00:09:51 No. 1813
>When the researcher shares more updates than those undertaking the experiment.

Thanks for the update. It's very important for everyone to practice the skepticism that people you look up to or gurus you follow may very well be retarded in key aspects where you aren't that cripple their whole perspective or accidentally mislead on important topics.

I'll add to update the experiment on my side that nothing much has happened outside of the initial events and they have all subsided(chakra sensations, Matriarch dreams). My lethargy returned soon after the consent and even though as a health fanatic I continue to find myself absolutely drained past noon on most days.
Dreams were more visually clear and memorable initially near the time of the consent which is why I was able to remember and share with so much detail. Now they've mostly returned to the normal dim, hazy and "drunk" vision wherein I usually capture glimpses of it once I awake. I'm pretty sure that the spell has spent it's initial effect on me and left or at the highest hope is working subtly to direct me to the 3D 0D.
On the bright side, I retained the easier control over lust.

I also started 4 days ago doing some mantra work with Shiva as recommended by a shaman (and to reflect to the start of this post, I find him incredibly retarded in some areas) to expunge what isn't a true part of myself and for telepathy assistance. This addition may skew some results, but I feel more than enough time has passed for any initially dramatic spell effects to flare up.
I'm also practicing trance states just so you don't think I'm being inactive about that. I've gotten pretty good at quickly coming in and out of dream states by steady breathing but retaining consciousness while staying in them is what I'm working on.

I feel stable enough and my calender is clear long enough for a week to shrug off any unsightly surprises your wand may have.
Please zap me with the wand, Blood anon.
Anonymous 2018-03-31 00:27:52 No. 1814
Does the true cabal work with the entities and blighted lords this poster describes? Do they have similar goals to those described here?
Anonymous 2018-03-31 04:28:50 No. 1816
I went to sleep right around when OP said he used the wand on me (I didn't known at the time) and had one of the most vivid dreams that I've had in a long time and I continue to have very vivid dreams since then. I've been very tired lately sleeping upwards of 12-15 hours at times, I don't think this is the cause. I've also been feeling pressure in my heart chakra area as well with a renewed vigor since the wand was used on me and feel more calm and collected with it.
Anonymous 2018-03-31 05:41:07 No. 1817
The path has no end, even if we can draw ever closer to the All we can never reach it, enlightenment is something we create through getting closer and closer, but I don't think any person or being can ever reach the true end. Because all possibilities lie before it. IMO.
btw I do enjoy reading your posts, I wish I could write as well as you.
Anonymous 2018-03-31 11:04:40 No. 1819
The entities that poster is in contact with probably are his own fractured psyche. This is what happens when you have pearls cast before swine and nobody to explain to neophytes basic esoteric principles.
Don't think for a minute that the degeneration that reigns in the world is limited only to mundanes and their Facebook. Even the supposedly "awake" have no clue what they're doing.
Anonymous 2018-03-31 11:16:30 No. 1820
Last night I felt a breakthrough happening. I was laying in my bed and was feeling a big surge of energy in my body. I felt the 0d particle being formed completely, and then felt a huge need for blood. Then I heard a voice in my head say that I went through and formed it. I then felt very high energy and got super horny. But then I calmed down and went to sleep. I was thinking yes im immortal, after what happened with a high energy.

I have also been having lucid dreams like the others are describing one where I was sailing with a crew and boarding a enemy ship. Also some dreams clearing some past trauma.
I have been feeling very tired when I wake up like all my energy has been drained, but I think its a side effect of the wand working.
Op could you check if my experience is true from your side, check me to see if I formed the particle.
Anonymous 2018-03-31 11:42:51 No. 1821
Op links to them in the first post, they also have a facebook group where you can see what they are doing. They mostly use books and grimoires for their magic, that they sell on their website. They are in contact with the 12blighted lords they say. Which are different high level demons. Which has different towers/ stages. They dont focus on vampires much from what I have observed, I think the vampire faction is one of the 12 blighted lords.

They have very powerful death and curse magick which is very effective looking at their report's on facebook. So its a group you shouldn't be a enemy of XD
Anonymous 2018-03-31 12:01:29 No. 1822
I did talk about about the traditional method of leveling the gap between the 0D position and the 3D position and how it relates to the updated version of the spell spread here.
Other than that, this is all about the initial stuff, which is the main treshold. What you do after is your own personal choice. But I think it's safe to say no matter what path you choose and what occult tradition you study you will reach fairly similar conclusions in the end. The difference is that while a mundane starts by realizing something and then picks up an external system while not being stable, you will have your own eternal energy source within the center of your being, so you won't need to draw power from exteral sources. You can do, but that's your choice, you can't be forced into bad deals by someone tricking you and using your desires against you. In the end it would conflict with the solid personality traits of your god particle(s) and you would at that point realize that you should achieve this by your own power rather than selling your morals for it. This seemingly slight difference when looking at it superficially, will make you fundamentally invincible, because in the end, controlling your own free will is the ultimate power.
You can live like a mundane and still you will over time learn how they function, how the world functions. Things like NLP and hypnosis touches on the basic techniques, but mundanes will never gain the level of skill you can, because of all the strings restraining them in their lives. Most "magic" starts as a mundane skill, it's a mere gradual change over time until you suddenly get all those pieces together and can perform something way beyond humans. Some people are better in some areas, some have better genetical circumstances to their advantage, but even the things you really do suck at, you can practice up to a level beyond mundanes if you set your mind to it. This is what your will can achieve.

Either way, I consider shamans in general to be more clearsighted than many occultists so it's probably a decent choice to get guidance from one. The practical nature of their practice helps them develop an understanding closer to reality than many others, because they do interact with spirits and learn what they are like. Even if they don't know a lot themselves they are open for spirits to communicate messages through them, spiritual beings see them sort of like communication hubs for the human world and they're considered very useful by them.

The lists on their website kept changing and I'm not sure what all of those are, but I can say they described the dog beings correctly. It's a minor thing but for some reason these wild dog beings tend to show up and disturb people, not out of bad intent but because they're extremely curious and they're hard to get rid of. (I don't know how to do it myself so I paid a succubus to lure them away, they like dogs and are good at controlling them)
Other than that I suppose they may get some things right and others not. I didn't see that post before but it seems like they (the black court) have decent communication since the gates is a real thing. They're some kind of temple sites used for instant travel between two locations, that post is pretty much in line with that. The theory behind it has something to do with how the universe is ok with exchanging material from two locations if they're very similar. So you can manually find two locations that have the same altitude, air moisture, temperature, etc and create a connection between them, where you'll be able to go from one to the other with no energetic cost because
>it's so similar there was no change, right? RIGHT?
and the universe can be tricked this way because no one will be able to object. Human logic doesn't apply here, distance itself is not a change since it's all in the human dimension (or something).

Thanks for reporting.

It looks real. Maybe this was the effect of the wand. The "need for blood feel" sounds like the very original version not included in the spell. It shouldn't cause any problem since you never had it inserted physically and the updated version of the magic will form a protective layer to remove the blood lust even for the old vampires. Just saying, it's part of the egregore and it works, but 1000s of years of bloodlust won't be washed away from the collective mind that easily. I had dreams like that myself where during the dream it felt like drinking blood was perfectly normal and desirable, but after waking up I felt disgusted. Both feelings remained, I rationally don't want to do it and feel bad about it, but I can undestand why someone would want to do it, as it's there at the back of my head.
Anonymous 2018-03-31 21:45:57 No. 1823
Stopping by to finally report on stuff that's been happening, I'll try to keep it brief and to the point.

I've started having dreams again since 2 or 3 days ago and they're way more vivid and emotional, I was even awoken abruptly during one because apparently my body was crying outside of the dream too and it worried my wife. I've also started doing the rock exercise (the one where you have to place a rock outside every morning and get it back inside the house at night), it's something I have some personal history with so it felt worth revisiting as that's a pretty basic willpower exercise.

Most of the dreams are pretty random things, just scenarios morphing into new scenarios and so on, but the other day I had a short nap and my dream felt more like just a means to realize how much I care about the people around me and it really was overwhelming, the only other time I had something like this was while way too high from underestimating THC edibles, the difference though is that this was more like "I am loved and I am grateful for that" and that other dream was... well it was weird, it involved a blue comet which turned into a huge and beautiful blue eye in space, after looking at it for a while I couldn't help but start crying because I felt I "understood the true meaning of love" or something, for how bad of a trip that was I really enjoyed that part.

Lately I feel compelled to pick up music again, I feel like on good days I have more energy and on bad days I can see WHY I don't feel well and how to work around it, I don't know if I'm just more aware of my ego but it feels like progress. Oh this might sound silly too but I made a vow of honesty to myself, I researched into chakras a while ago and after analyzing my own actions throughout my life it felt as though my default path is to try and lie in order to make things better for myself, so I decided to stop that, ever since then things just magically work out far quicker than they did before, if something good would happen a week after I engaged in positive behavior now I get something the same day or the day after.

Anyway, thanks for keeping us updated OP and I'm glad to see more of you guys sticking around, I know I've learned a lot from all of you.
Anonymous 2018-03-31 22:38:07 No. 1824
Soo... Is she planning on becoming immortal, too? Otherwise your relationship is not going to end well...
Anonymous 2018-03-31 23:12:43 No. 1825
Yeah we're pretty close and she's into these things, it's nice to bounce ideas off of someone else too.
Anonymous 2018-03-31 23:18:10 No. 1826
Did you receive the spell or only the wand? Did your wife take part in the threads too?
I'm not keeping track of everyone by now.
Anonymous 2018-04-01 00:47:24 No. 1827
I'm the person that's been posting with this flag since the first thread, I've received the spell and the wand, my wife doesn't really post but she's keeping up with the threads alongside me.

Couldn't expect you to keep track of everyone man, you've got your life to live and things to do.
Anonymous 2018-04-01 19:54:21 No. 1828
So your wife is waiting to see what happens or she's not interested?
Asking because we don't know how long this will be going on. The entity for the spell is always available (just ask her/pray) but if you want more assistance than that you need to be able to contact me, so take the chance if you want it, is what I'm saying.
Anonymous 2018-04-01 21:43:05 No. 1829
hermeticist anon's wife here, i'm interested in anything you got. Sign me the fuck up
Anonymous 2018-04-01 21:50:55 No. 1830
Report back any experiences. There is a chance the effect will be stronger in some way, since as I've explained, my magic works better with females.

Actually, I received an instant feedback "message" just as I was typing this, it may have been successful in about 1 min. I didn't expect that.
Anonymous 2018-04-02 00:19:49 No. 1835
The effects I had earlier have subsided. Is it still going on? I only have bizarre dreams, but that's nothing unusal to me.
Anonymous 2018-04-02 10:58:48 No. 1837
It's still active from what I can see.
Anonymous 2018-04-02 22:37:01 No. 1847
How would I go about contacting the beings behind this? The so called "cabal"? I don't have an energetic signature to lock on to.
Anonymous 2018-04-02 23:01:49 No. 1848
If you took part in the threads (i.e received the magic) already you're part of the egregore and won't have problems finding them if you just search out within its boundaries.

Other than that, see

You can also do what I did and attract them by having the right mental alignment and a general interest in vampires. I'm not talking scientific interest here but rather in my view you need to naturally feel that there's something exciting or hot over the idea itself, where any feelings of fear disappears and you only see it as positive no matter what other people tell you. It's something you can't fake, you either feel this way or you don't and the mentality comes with it. Being starstruck isn't the thing, rather a combination of respect and something bordering to sexual tension while being perfectly clearheaded. But that's me, maybe a strong interest in the magical tradition itself will do.
Anonymous 2018-04-03 01:20:57 No. 1849
Voodoo anon here again to report back my experiences in the past 24 hours. Both me & my spouse certainly noticed some changes since I contacted you. The timestamps aren't 100% accurate, but I feel they line up close enough with everything i've experienced so far.


Received the magic, no noticeable effects or changes at first. At around 6:45 I got a weird feeling in my belly. Not a "sick" sort of weird, just off. I began to feel apprehensive & restless so I left the room to get some air, but it didn't seem to help much.

>7:00 pm

Decided to go grocery shopping to see if hunger was the culprit. The weird feeling persisted & intensified during my time at the store. The ground felt off as well, like I was walking on sand or like the floor under my feet wasn't entirely solid. Closing my eyes for too long caused a sensation of falling. At one point it was so intense I had to stop, take several deep breaths & re-center myself before I could keep walking. When the intense feelings subsided I finished my shopping & drove back home with no issues.

>7:45-8:45 pm

Weird feelings persisted, but at a manageable level. I started making dinner & when my focus wasn't divided I barely noticed it at all. Eventually those feelings faded & I was feeling like my normal self by the time I was done cooking & getting ready to eat.

>9:00 pm

My mood the rest of the night was stable & I had significantly more energy than usual. I even took two hours to make two desserts last night(one for us, one for hermeticist anon to take to work today). I have severe depression & i'm usually low-energy by default, so to make so many proactive decisions in such a short amount of time without prompting is very out of the ordinary for me. It didn't tire me out either like it usually would.

Nothing significant happened the rest of the night or today, but I still I have more energy than usual. I feel it's important to note i'm epileptic & suffer from absence seizures that can cause migraines & vice versa. In hindsight the odd sensation I felt at the store was reminiscent of how I feel when I get an aura before seizing. Up until I was put on medication for them 10 years ago I would have them for minutes at a time several times a day, but with proper medication use I haven't had any in over a year(tho I still have migraines semi-regularly).

Anon has been sharing their own experiences with me & what goes on in this thread for a while now, but after experiencing the results firsthand I'm eager to become a regular & see where this goes.
Anonymous 2018-04-03 02:46:49 No. 1852
Neat report.
What was your spouse's reaction?
Anonymous 2018-04-03 04:54:00 No. 1853
Very positive. According to them ever since yesterday i've been less high-maintenance, so to speak.
When I asked about anything else I should mention, they said quote: "I felt a very intense "glow" around my chest when you were cooking & we were eating. Not sure if it was my heart chakra but it was in that area, it felt like an overwhelming joy for no real reason."
Anonymous 2018-04-03 08:51:18 No. 1856
Thanks for the detailed report.
Anonymous 2018-04-03 20:15:51 No. 1857

>Charnel Whispers: Mastery of Necromancy, Death & Undeath Paperback – October 31, 2012 by Somnus Dreadwood (Author)
>Exhuming the dreadful powers of the Underworld, Charnel Whispers explores the Maergzjiran Cabal's path of necromancy in a pathworking format designed to guide the Disciple through his or her rites from the basic composition of the death essence fully into becoming a Leiche (Lich); masterfully weaving aspects of death and undeath with ease, controlling the most intimate and destructive of energies known to mankind. Such topics covered are: what it means to be a Necromancer, sylvan necromancy, conjuring various agents of the Underworld, reanimating the dead, controlling the death essence, death curses, grave familiars, Spirits of Keraktes, construction and animation of the golem, and undead apotheosis. Written by the Master of the Tower of Atrophy, Charnel Whispers enlightens the soul in various means. Of these, the most potent and crucial is that of using "whispers". The Cabal's utilization of whispers almost fully removes the need for ritual components in all manner of rites. Using the most carnal and spiritually powerful parts of the Disciple's soul, all arts of necromancy are manifested before you.

Another one:

Do you know this Dreadwood guy then? He sounds like Koettings marketing advisor.

Consider my almonds activated.
Anonymous 2018-04-03 20:18:18 No. 1858
Wait. He does work with Koetting.
Anonymous 2018-04-03 21:08:37 No. 1860
>Do you know this Dreadwood guy then? He sounds like Koettings marketing advisor.
I know they've made youtube vids together, but I don't know him personally. I know - about - him. Interestingly enough he started in a similar manner as me, with telepathy. The difference was he started talking to a dead relative while I connected with the spirit of a to me unknown german woman. I maintained the connection to her for a few years but she has since reincarnated. It was a pretty big event over there on the other side, lost or waiting souls don't often get that chance.
Anonymous 2018-04-04 23:23:20 No. 1869
I just had a weird experience.

I dreamt of sitting on a bench in a dark room. Suddenly I had an OOBE feeling and saw to my left a girl with glowing green eyes lying on a well. To my right I felt the presence of another girl. In this moment I oddly 'knew' that this wasn't a new experience and this had to have something to do with the Cabal or at least I suspected it.
Then the girl seemed to be gone and I was at the well which was filled with stones and there were tubes sticking out of the ground which also were filled with stones. I grabbed all the green/black stones/crystals from the well and suddenly heard a female voice in my head telling me "no, just one". I put them back and then picked only one which I then proceeded to stick into one the tubes while the voice was telling me incomprehensible things.

After I woke up I searched for glowing green eyes and found 'Blood Elves'.
Anonymous 2018-04-05 11:17:25 No. 1877
Interesting experience. Do you have any interpretation of it from your view? I have an idea but it's a bit different and I don't want to effect your perception of it.
Anonymous 2018-04-05 15:12:46 No. 1878
I'm not a huge fan of interpretations because everything is always so bizarre and fleeting to me and often I can't separate from experiencing a scene from first person or third person. I could also be more than one person or influence the narrative. Here in this case I wouldn't be able to tell if the well was suddenly right where I was or I at the well or never separate to begin but instead having a shattered perception where the lying girl was me.
What really strikes me as odd here is that I suddenly had 'knowledge' that it wasn't my first experience despite it being very lucid, meaning my awareness wasn't dulled in playing a dream character.
In short, I don't know what to make of this besides some stereotypical "I inject myself with Cabal stuff gradually, not everything at once". Feel free to share your idea.
Anonymous 2018-04-05 16:12:18 No. 1879
>I wouldn't be able to tell if the well was suddenly right where I was or I at the well or never separate to begin but instead having a shattered perception where the lying girl was me.
So can I ask what were your feeling about these girls? How did you feel about the idea you suggested about you being one of them in the dream?

I'm asking this because I had a dream some year ago which had a scene in which I was out in town and walked by the bank where I noticed a girl using an ATM. I saw her from side/back and admired her figure, but not in a sexual way, it was more "rational." I felt a strange soberness and respect, thinking she looked really fit. She was wearing some tight sports outfit and there was this "glow" coming from her skin.

Then someone told me right in my ear
>you can have that body

It didn't mean anything in the dream, but after I woke up I instantly related this to what I've read about developing the buddha body in Falun Gong. That's really how I felt, it wasn't about desire but rather it was a symbol of "the most perfect body" and the idea was more like if you put it into the context of Ghost in the Shell, where you could switch body any way you want because it's just a thing. Gender is not an issue here, it's from the perspective of the body as an avatar, like you'd use in an online game. A lot of men do play female characters simply because they are often better designed and have bigger wardrobe so it's just an easthetic thing, it doesn't effect gameplay mechanics. It was from this context I looked at this girl's body in the dream and the idea of developing an eternal body in any form you equate with perfection.

So I'm thinking here after reading what you wrote just now, that those two girls could represent in your dream logic, your human body and the possibility of the eternal body, called the vajra (diamond) or buddha body in the east.

The well as I interpreted may be the area encirculated by the spell, forcing you to make a choice (picking only one stone) which makes sense in my view as it seems there is some indecisiveness within you which may be the reason you don't feel a lot of progress.
Anonymous 2018-04-07 01:23:40 No. 1895
I don't wanna be contrarian, but I wonder if op or anyone here has a backup plan for when they start seeing wrinkles and grey hairs appear, or do you just plan to go batshit insane in denial as you grow older?
Anonymous 2018-04-07 01:54:12 No. 1896
That won't be needed, I haven't aged in many years. I had to grow a beard to at least not be mistaken for a teen because it was getting awkward. Looking like you're older does come with some respect from other people, if you look young you get treated as inexperienced and young guys may play this challenging act which they wouldn't if they could deduct your age from your appearance.

I don't think a lot of people really consider that part.
Anonymous 2018-04-07 09:17:20 No. 1898
I can't help but be skeptical. I hope you understand. Unless you are 70 or something, it could be an illusion. I'm just saying you should be careful how much you invest into this. The shock will be very hard you know?
Anonymous 2018-04-07 10:41:20 No. 1900
There's no such thing as "investing too much" in your own life. These threads are still only touching on the surface and offering a way in. The distance between the physical world and the spiritual, between life and death, isn't as great as humans tend to think. I'd say that is the real illusion, the perceived distance doesn't exist. It's only in people's heads. Mundanes are effectively shielding themselves from seeing it by applying a narrowminded sceptic attitude, lingering at the questions of the existence of the soul and life after death. Necromancy in different forms, including bringing a person back from the dead, is fully possible. You won't see zombies or officially dead people come back to life though, because that would upset the state of the world. But there are ways to work around that in secrecy.
Anonymous 2018-04-08 01:32:14 No. 1910
Gondola anon here

Dear OP.
Here is what I understood about the 0D particle. Correct me if I'm wrong.

The 0D particle is an "anchor"(?), a connection, a grounding to the "0D" which came before dimensions and is not bound by the laws of physics of the 3D. It is basically a particle that vibrates with this 0D that is not bound by time. The 0D is the hermetic All before it started creation.

Not much to report, I plan on waiting the 6 months and then asking for a reading, depending on the result I might ask for you to use the wand on me.

BTW I am always lurking this thread even if I dont post at all.
Anonymous 2018-04-08 02:04:40 No. 1911
No weird physical sensations to report or dreams besides just one a few days ago that felt 50% realer than usual and I was incredibly more conscious, I was there for each dream transition and there were similar themes in this one as found in previous dreams I've shared. I'll save the dream for the last part as I don't believe most are interested in it.

Besides that, I've returned from a reading with an illustrious psychic I know and I asked her about my situation with the Cabal. She answered that I'm within the the inner circle and that it would take around ~5 years to obtain telepathy. This is fitting as my Saturn return at it's earliest time would take 5 years and my vedic chart of D1 (birth) and D9 (30ish years old) both strongly emphasis mastery overall in life. The psychic last year even mentioned mastery at 30 now that I remember it.

I did pull the devil card as the first card in a prominent number of Celtic Crossnesses, one of which was solely related to my very recent budding interest and study of working with demons. She implored against it, sharing her experience of people she's known who have lost themselves entirely or gone insane and challenged if I would be able to retain my integrity if I were to use them. Blood-anon says our safety is ensured from harmful spirits due to our protection within the cabal, but perhaps it's better not risking anything unnecessary at this juncture and instead work with the Hindu or Norse gods the Shaman recommended to me. The sell that the "demons won't demand a fee if they see you're serious about improving yourself" and "they won't see you as a needy, whiny bitch asking if you ask for help with this" sounds too good to be true, but who knows. I honestly don't see an issue working with demons besides accidentally missing/misinterpreting the fine print in a contract, their use becoming too much of a crutch, or demons having a "difficult to remove" influence over me that I would later want removed out of liability. But these worries are no different than working with any other pantheon anyway, it's just that demons are renown as notoriously malevolent. Again, Blood-anon has shared that with the 0D particle we
>can't be forced into bad deals by someone tricking you and using your desires against you.
and that we should achieve our aims with our own power as well. However at this stage for me personally, I would greatly appreciate external help until I have the foundation and crippling core problems rectified. I was set with trying out some demon work but this meeting with the psychic instilled trepidation in me.

Besides that, for the past month or so I've felt the exact same as before the spell, it's just that now rarely out of the blue I'll sometimes feel my heart chakra tingle.

I was with a crew of important people, some of Donald Trump's family and Donald Trump himself flooring it in a limo over the country hills and trying to see how much air he can get off the road. Eventually we slowed down to drive through a hidden, dilapidated forested road that came out to the electricity transformer buildings in my town and we stopped off on a warm summer day at this complex across from the thrift depot. This complex doesn't exist in reality. It was a huge and high-class complex with auditoriums. We walked in and explored the area. There was one auditorium with no chairs and just yoga mats with 50~ or more people that were just about to begin a yoga session as we arrived. An elementary school classmate of mine was running the class and came up to talk to us and answer any questions we had, and Donald had many and a lot to say. I walked around and saw the advertisements and pamphlets offering the hundreds of books available to download from famous health and life couches along with other services the facility offered. I encountered a completely empty auditorium with seats and a projector screen with the exception of a sole retarded nigger on the podium next to the screen playing a sports game and going hard on an xbox controller in his utterly docile, drooling trance.
Trump and his gang were upholding the entirety of the yoga session and you could sense the annoyance from the yogis due to Trump's many questions, to the point it seemed Trump was just trying to keep the instructor busy. Once the yoga participants realized we actually wouldn't join, the ~50 yogis synchronistically glared at us and began the stretches in unison like a hive-mind.

I then walked into a large, old-school and lively library where I found a beautiful, young blond girl in a white summer dress, 7-10 years old, that I traveled with in the dream. She was reading a fairytale book of an anthropomorphic wolf. The book itself was a velvet, huge, ominous, ancient, bloody red tome in rough condition due to its old age and use. She skipped right to the end of the book and I asked her why. She told me she wanted to see if she likes the book or maybe if I like it, which for some reason disturbed me. I checked the book out for myself to find that it had simple water-colored backgrounds and the boxes of text were cut out for other paper and glued onto the pages in an artistic fashion. The page I was looking at was blue from the bottom half. We were speaking too loud and were hushed loudly by others, teens perhaps, at another table.

I got up and began walking around and went back to the room the retarded nigger was in to see it was packed with every seat filled! The lights were off and every nog held an xbox controller as they stuffed their faces with popcorn and watched the video game sports on the screen as they played with the controllers thinking it would do anything. (Bread and circuses). It then became night and I found out one of the girls who runs the facility was having a big party nearby so I walked over.

There were a lot of drugs as I walked around the party. Eventually I made it to one of the hosts rooms and passed out. I awoke from a nap to a messy room and I tried very hard in a delirious state to button up my white dress shirt. During so, I noticed a "Joy of Satan" logo on my body, perhaps the lower right ribs. It seemed to be a washable tattoo or sharpie, at least I hoped, I wasn't happy at all about it. I was looking for my phone which I found quickly on the floor. When I looked up I found 5 brown pet rats watching me intently from atop their cage which I presumed that they had escaped from. They started talking to me, I remember one female had a stereotypical high-pitched voice. I asked if they were trained to escape from their cage from their owner as an experiment in instruction before teaching humans how to escape for a revolution. I think they learned how to escape on their own. I found popcorn and lobed it into the cage in hopes they would chase it into the cage underneath them so I could imprison them into a jar in the cage for the owner but they humiliated me by locking eye contact with me as they stayed perched on the outside of the cage and scooped up the popcorn with a lowered limb.

I said something too loud and offensive and the fat female owner of the room with glasses stormed in with her PJs and marched me out of the room and the party. I hastily attempted to tell her about the talking and genius rats but she mocked me and said it was due to the drugs. Outside I called different people accidentally trying to get a cab back to my house. I first accidentally called my boarding school house master, then the Indian guy on youtube I've been watching on vedic astrology and awoke on the final attempt.
Anonymous 2018-04-08 12:35:33 No. 1913
Yes, that is one way of understanding it.

If I'm going to interpret your dream, these kinds of symbolic dreams may sometimes refer to your inner dimensions. In this specific dream scene, I would interpret this as the man and the woman being trapped in a harmful relationship but refusing to go seperate ways. The snakes represent lust eating away at them until only bones remain. Bones in this context may be hard unbending ideas or prejudice.

This is just a wild guess, you will have to judge for yourself.
Anonymous 2018-04-08 13:42:03 No. 1914
>She implored against it, sharing her experience of people she's known who have lost themselves entirely or gone insane and challenged if I would be able to retain my integrity if I were to use them. Blood-anon says our safety is ensured from harmful spirits due to our protection within the cabal, but perhaps it's better not risking anything unnecessary at this juncture
Even if demons can't trick you into bad deals, you may have personal issues and they could possibly provoke them which may place you in a temporary self induced state of confusion. If she warned against it, it may be reasonable to listen to that unless you know yourself that it really doesn't apply to you. Some people may want to go the hard way all out because it's faster, but from a perspective of living in society today it may be best avoided.
If she said people went insane and left it at that, that in itself exposes something of her cultural foundation. See this for another view:

>I would greatly appreciate external help until I have the foundation and crippling core problems rectified.
If you want, I could probably set you up with a small demon guide/helper, it shouldn't be too difficult to find one. I've attempted summoning for other people before with varying results but my aim has probably gotten better with time.
If you agree, this will be a case specific thing, because the psychic may really have a point (with you specifically) and I don't want you messing up by trying something and failing on your own because you're still determined to do it. Feeling any fear at all when working with demons is out of the question, they'll prey on that. So feeling this way in as a result of hearing the warning means there's something inside you that's making you feel unsure, and that is an issue in itself.

There are 2 options as I see it: a male "janitor" demon (fat guy usually employed for security and debt collection) or a loli type (playful, looks innocent but keeps a small arsenal in her pocket).
If you want, I'll find somone suitable and they'll contact you about a contract which you will have to understand and agree to. It can be on terms like "one month" or "help in this area until I can protect myself" or an ongoing deal. That's up to you. There will be a benefit for both parties so you will be required to pay in some way.

Now this is not to be seen as me starting a summoning service! This is a one time thing.
The Library will get you an owl and a grunt body guard to protect you at the initital stage for example so maybe this will be a later thing to standardize, but it's more likely that would mean to make a running deal with a group of demons and they'll send someone to initiates without anyone asking for it.

Thank you for sharing.
Dreams like this usually represent your interaction with the world in some way. When I have dreams like this it's almost always precognitive. They keep repeating in some way until the situation has played out in real life.
What you see is not the same as what will happen, it's symbolic. One dream I had of walking through a city and looking for housing, was really about looking for an online community. In the dream I found an abandoned army bunker on a hill where some people where sleeping under blankets and it felt really safe. When this played out I found a small forum community and a group of people I interacted with for a while, the feeling was the exact same. So the internet may be a city in your dream.
Maybe you will be contacted by JoS or maybe they're trying to send you a message this way to see how you react. By "they" I don't mean their human members but rather the infernal world this is coming from. They have an eternal world down there, though I wouldn't call it a "paradise", it's more of a large cave like a club with a constant ongoing party. Someone who was a JoS member recently died and actually went there. I saw a vision of it.
Anonymous 2018-04-09 16:03:35 No. 1928
Op, you said if we have sex with somebody that they will turn into a vampire too. Does blowjobs make them vampires too, if they blow you? And is a condom all you need to not spread the spell?
Also op, do you wanna work with me, I saw that you also want to change the world by influencing politicians and so on, from the old thread. so I was thinking if you wanted to work together. We could do it over e-mail. I have my project called osei on patreon where im creating a community, if you wanted to influence my project with positive ideas feel free to do so. Im also open to work with you more directly if needed.
Anonymous 2018-04-09 19:07:46 No. 1932
I'm pretty sure I said
>if you impregnate someone your genes will mix and both the woman the child will be immortal
This should be read with a heavy underlining on "if."

As a human your body is linked to the reincarnation cycle and it works automatically. As an undead your body is seperated from the human world and you have to do things manually. This includes performing the full set of components included in procreational sex. It's not like people think, you can't just add sperms to eggs and it works. A spirit/soul has to be summoned and inserted as well, or the impregnation will fail. Humans have spirits in the body handling all of this, it's even said by some (supposedly in China) that each organ has a spirit maintaining it's function. Without this spirit the organ would fail and the person may die. When you become an undead/immortal, all those spirits would leave the body. This is theoretically how I think it works, I haven't looked into it, but to me it sounds reasonable. For most body functions they will still work because the zero particle will maintain the order, the body is a complex system like an organic machine and if all parts are kept in place, it will work. You can think of the zero/0D/god particle as a strong magnetic force in this regard, keeping everything centered around it and the body will still function without maintenance, while a human is in a process of decay, going towards death and falling apart more and more during his life. Even with the spirits there, he will die after getting old because they can't keep everything up and running.

The issue here is that while humans just have sex and expect it to work, it won't do that for you after the transformation is complete. You have the physical functions there, but no spirit or human soul is summoned. How do you do this? It's like learning to wave your ears, most people can't figure out what to do, because you're not used to using those nerves. The universe doesn't like people upsetting things, and inserting immortal children would change a lot if everyone could just do it as they like.
It's still possible, but you need permission from different entities or gods and you need to be able to attract a spirit who deserves to be born as immortal. So there's a lot of fine tuning involved and it can't happen accidentally.

Moreover, physical sex isn't really needed, when you learn to do this, you'll see that the transfer of physical material isn't necessary, it works anyway. This explains how Mary could be a virgin and give birth to Jesus. Whoever the father is, he's someone with this ability. It's not impossible for someone to learn this and it's the same thing as what's told of in christianity.

A monk and a nun could have children and not break celibacy if they learned this, to give an example of the possibilities.
Anonymous 2018-04-09 20:18:26 No. 1933
I'm legitimately touched that you offered to send me a helper demon. The psychic gave me a kick in the ass of what direction I should be taking with my issues and to drop the different approaches I had been concocting and studying in hopes those would be more effective solutions. If I fall through again, I'll attempt to analyze myself more for prominent "shadow-self-problems" and then take you on with the small demon guide. I just really hope it won't start the precedent here of "I have problems, pls save me vamp daddy!" Since the psychic I've been feeling auspiciously better too.
The notion itself that if I don't get my shit together I may work with demons that I'm not "fixed-up enough" to use and who will wield my unconscious problems against me is inspiring me a fair amount already.

>Know yourself since demons can use your unconscious issues/self against you
I'm aware of this however it may be interesting to see what tricks they would pull on me as the "attack" itself might use my unconscious issues and if I'm conscious of what they're trying to do, it would serve to reveal to me that unconscious fault. If I catch it Even meeting with my friend today, a former AMORC lodge headmaster, he lowered his head and uttered to me "Don't fuck with them" when I mentioned my interest in working with demons. Even though in the same conversation he shared his belief of how all gods and demons are in your head and ultimately in our control (which I don't agree with as that doesn't explain how entities fuck with atheists), and that they can only hurt you if you consent to it on some level (which I do agree with).

Thanks for that sublime article, that's a great, "diverse" anecdote to use with normies to get my foot in the door that mental health issues might not just all be mental. And yeah, perhaps some of the people who worked with demons got too receptive with them and they weren't prepared for it which would induce the insanity or inability of reclamation.

>Places in dreams can represent places in the Internet
Gob smacking how that hadn't occurred to me earlier. That's a key consideration to now apply to every dream, thanks for that gem!
I can understand the interpretation that the auditoriums in the complex are different distractions pushed on the internet (new age shit, video games) which my authority and curiosity was aggressively investigating and challenging (Trump) and it was the party next door with the drugs (outside the norm and ability to enter alter states (No Trump though)) that allowed communion with those who have escaped and who were even able to enjoy the distractions of today (represented by being above the cage but able to obtain popcorn). The JoS tattoo may be because I've used and intend to continue their astral senses/abilities training and their "signature" may leave a mark upon my own. I feel it more represents my worry that work with "infernals" would leave permanent and unsightly repercussions.
Anonymous 2018-04-09 21:10:18 No. 1934
OP I'm going to bet you've read Draja Mickaharic. Also, unending series of synchronicities about immortality since I joined the first thread. What does it mean?
Anonymous 2018-04-09 22:02:45 No. 1935
I've already made a deal about getting a helper for those who want it after an astral group kept pushing me about it. I know they're only doing it for their own gains but they do have to fulfill the service properly since they have a reputation to uphold so I don't think it will be a problem. I guess they see future prospects in this so that should be a good sign in some way. I told them to handle it in cooperation with the winged entity responsible for the spell so it's compatible. I won't be personally involved with it, this is usually the best way, it's sometimes difficult to understand all the complexities of social interactions in the astral plane seen from the human world. They will have to present the contract clearly to anyone they do this for, it won't happen without consent.

> it may be interesting to see what tricks they would pull on me
Some things may be unavoidable, but I don't want to get the blame for someone going insane, even if it's working in favor of their fast spiritual development. Onlookers are not going to be so forgiving I think if they relate it to some >placebo vampire roleplay on a schizo website

I haven't learned the JoS stuff but it may be an idea to do so. I don't think it will be easy to ever visit the place even after you learn dimension travel, but who knows... the people who made blood pacts with them will just go there in spirit after they die and they can't leave. Which is fine since they wanted it themselves, but I wouldn't want to be a mere common member of an eternal rave party club with no possibility of ever leaving.

I didn't yet, but maybe I will. I'm actually not reading all that much about magic, I prefer to talk and learn directly in person and from trial and error. I'm reading more on psychology, NLP and such "simple tricks" which are really useful when dealing with people. No need to bring out the artillery if you can talk your way through it.
Using minimum force is a good rule.

Did you use a certain flag in the old threads? If you received the spell it should be pretty obvious.
Anonymous 2018-04-09 22:27:55 No. 1936
Among his books, which are very practical and full of "simple tricks" btw, he has two titled "Immortality" and "The Long Lived". According to wikipedia he was born in 1912.

I will believe I'm immortal when I see it
Anonymous 2018-04-10 01:18:15 No. 1941
Hey OP stopping by to report on a couple of things, I've had some interesting experiences with friends and family recently, and most importantly I've started having very vivid dreams lately, though I want to focus on the one I had the previous night.

I was at my job as usual, the place was far bigger than usual, opening up into rooms that I subconsciously knew just weren't really meant to be walked into. Rooms were very clearly colored in specific ways (overall blue tones, or green, so on), and as I walked further into it there were more and more people hanging around. It felt kind of like a pub or a casual "club" atmosphere. I could tell I was still there with a mindset that I had work to do and wasn't really allowed to stop and enjoy myself, even when I ended up bumping into my parents there (something really silly since they're a country away from me). In the end I got lost and felt overwhelmed by the amount of people in there, one of the patrons seemed to notice me and that almost had a magnetic pull that made me want to ask her for help, everybody up to that point basically seemed to act as if I was invisible as they were all caught-up in their own affairs.

I think it's interesting to mention that the majority of people I could see were female, most of the people were dressed nicely but in slightly outdated fashion, think 60s-70s sort of "rich" look, lots of silky materials and flat colors. The lady that helped me was dressed in blue, had over shoulder length brown-ish hair parted roughly around the middle, she really didn't seem bothered by having to help me out and felt very receptive which is why I felt like asking her for help in the first place. Another thing I thought was interesting was that even after I found the restroom I was looking for, there were multiple open doors leading to different ones and none of them were labeled male or female, it was like nobody there really cared about that.

I couldn't help but be reminded of what you mentioned about how the JoS people have their own place in another realm that is like a nightclub, I don't think it's connected to that in specific since the atmosphere was more of a meeting grounds and place to unwind, not of a nightclub per se. I've been having more vivid dreams lately but this one really did stand out to me enough that I felt it was worth mentioning.

I'd also like to ask you more about what happens to people without belief systems after they die, I've been studying about spirits and that is one thing I couldn't come to any solid conclusion on yet.

And just to contribute something to the thread, have you ever heard of Blaschko Lines? I recently found out about them and if you pay close attention they intersect with the TCM concept of meridians pretty well, was wondering if you had any thoughts on it. (pic related)
Anonymous 2018-04-10 01:19:20 No. 1942
>I don't think it will be easy to ever visit the place even after you learn dimension travel, but who knows... the people who made blood pacts with them will just go there in spirit after they die and they can't leave. Which is fine since they wanted it themselves, but I wouldn't want to be a mere common member of an eternal rave party club with no possibility of ever leaving.
I did a somewhat half-hearted dedication ritual out of curiosity. Is this irrelevant for me now or do I have to undo the blood ritual? I certainly didn't sign up for an eternal rave party...
Anonymous 2018-04-10 03:12:58 No. 1943
>Blaschko Lines? I recently found out about them and if you pay close attention they intersect with the TCM concept of meridians
This is a well known fact. My mother who's worked with physiotherapy talked about this when I started getting an interest in chinese medicine when I was in my teens. The thing is that the chinese drew this up way earlier than the medical science of the west and it's one of those things that puzzle people in the modern world. The chinese just saw it with their 3rd eye or their spirit's vision but modern medical science can't accept that idea so they just ignore what they can't understand.

I don't know what this could mean, but there are some similarities to dreams I've had myself. I feel as if I can even see the place you're describing. Did the place have a thick permanent carpet creating a soft feel when walking? This is usually an element in these dreams for me. I feel as if it has something to do with aliens.

>I did a somewhat half-hearted dedication ritual out of curiosity.
Did you use your own blood? If not, don't worry.
If you did, I think the spell should work through this before there is any problem anyway, there is no conflict having a pact with them after you made it through here. It would only be an issue if you suddenly died before the spell took full effect. (but this risk in itself should be blocked by the power of the cabal magic which is meant to protect you all the way until you're safe)
Anonymous 2018-04-10 03:22:37 No. 1944
The whole place had a very "indoors" kind of atmosphere, comfortable furniture, comfortable carpet, the only area that was somewhat different is where I did stumble upon my parents at, that had a more wooden flooring and felt more like your traditional kind of pub, the rest of the place? Felt like a bunch of houses strung together which people could just walk through, the atmosphere of each room was REALLY different, I even recall seeing some people at what I interpreted to be some kind of karaoke in one of them, it was a group of about 3-4 people up on a kind of stage, that was one of the green rooms.
Anonymous 2018-04-10 04:48:24 No. 1946
Had a dream last night where a female psychic asked me something like "Do you realize you'll soon be a new man?" to which I replied "Yes". Then they asked me "How long do you think you'll live?", to which I responded "Very long", which they agreed with. I can't remember the last question they asked me unfortunately. A few weeks ago I dreamed that I was a vampire and teleported a short distance in front of me a few times.

I've been having good results with the Buddhist Cundi mantra lately. I sure hope transitioning doesn't cut me off from Buddhas and Bodhisattvas like it does with angels. I don't see demons and darker entities being more powerful and helpful than them, though I will likely still try them out.
Anonymous 2018-04-10 11:22:47 No. 1947
We talked about this before. Imo if you start feeling bad or get negative reactions from religious symbols it's because you're feeling the full effect of the deities they represent, while the normalfaggot human is too lost in delusion to feel any shame. I have both christian icons, buddha statues, images of the pope and francis of assissi etc in my home and they're not causing me anything unless I really stare at them at try to feel if there is some negative feeling. Then I feel a slight resistance inside, but it dissappears once I stop thinking about it.

I've learned the basics of taoism, buddhism, christianity and hare krishna (a monk I met on the street insisted I take a copy of his book for $1) through meditation and insight and I'm on friendly terms with them.

I still don't know what those angels are and I'm sceptical of whether they're the real thing ;^)
Anonymous 2018-04-10 19:41:10 No. 1948
On a second thought, could you describe the angels you've worked with, their characteristics, your interaction with them, how you first contacted them and so on. It may just be that I have this concept of angels which is not what they really are.
Anonymous 2018-04-11 03:00:11 No. 1949
I've never worked with angels before. I've only recited the mantras of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas.
Anonymous 2018-04-11 09:14:22 No. 1950
Then why do you claim to be "cut off from them" ?
Anonymous 2018-04-11 13:43:47 No. 1951
Based on these posts in the first thread:
>They don't want me to invoke the Angels of the Celestial Spheres either.
>I cried to my brother about losing access to the angels

Although looking back, that poster does seem a bit unstable, so that information could be unreliable.
Anonymous 2018-04-11 15:35:40 No. 1952
I've been sceptical of the idea of the existence of angels because I haven't encountered any. So I've treated it as religious mythology, I grew up with seeing those paintings in church and painted wooden statues of cherubs flying in the ceiling. But while other beings have appeared before me, those haven't. The biblical "angels" also sound more like foot soldiers working for Jahve and they don't seem very sociable even there. The explanations of what those are I've seen later are not in their favor either.

There are beings which correspond to some of the depictions but are they really angels? I've wanted to place them into a positive-negative understanding of the universe where they'd have to be positively aligned as opposed to demonic entities like succubus, incubus etc. But it appears the half snakes, Melusine, are not considered demonic, so I don't know anymore.

I don't think you'd be blocked from working with angels, because I've had interactions with "angelic" beings myself, though they don't live up to the image I had of what those should be. Maybe I just had unrealistic expectations created by my own previous perspective. If it happened it must be some personal issue. If there was something attracting them when you were weaker, it's only the terms changing now, you should still be able to contact them now. Maybe you need to make a new kind of connection on different terms, and remaking it can take some work.
Anonymous 2018-04-11 19:12:25 No. 1953
I've been wondering for a bit about something OP, I have a somewhat decent idea of the whole human soul cycle and how reincarnation fits into it, the afterlife and all that, but where do other beings come from? We can't deny they're there but do they have their own reincarnation cycles or planes to live in? Could you share more of your experience on other beings with us?
Anonymous 2018-04-11 19:35:09 No. 1954
From my experience and understanding of it, it's pretty simple. Non-physical being also reincarnate as long as they lack the god particle. They can be reborn as anything because their form is unstable. For example someone claimed Paimon can no longer be summoned because he's been reincarnated as a human. Being human is the most difficult and therefore it allows for the greatest possibilities for development. Spiritual beings can also become gods but they often need to somehow interact with the 3D for this, because after all it is a part of the universe. You could say the eternal body is 4D but I didn't include that in the schematic because it's irrelevant here, it's not really 4D, at that point dimensions are not manifesting that way. The buddha body is just 0D again, so imo the new agers are complicating things a lot when they add 4D, 5D etc.
Anonymous 2018-04-11 19:35:37 No. 1955
Op what is the vampires gonna do if ww3 starts? Are they gonna sit back and observe, like they have done so far. Or are they gonna take some action? The geopolitical shit pool is looking rough at moment.
Would they just jump dimensions if war affects their area? You said before that would happen if the world blew up.
Anonymous 2018-04-11 19:41:33 No. 1956
The "incidental shield" will handle it. Even if it did happen the assets of the cabal won't be harmed. What I said was, if the planet was destroyed (hypethetically) there would be a dimension split and all physical immortals would continue living in an unharmed version of the earth which includes only them. But it may manifest as humanity destroying itself and leaving an empty planet, so maybe that's what would happen. The timelines are adapted to the people living in them and can't end if there are people with life force there, as time and space is produced from that life force.
Anonymous 2018-04-12 02:13:30 No. 1957
You may find this video on a demon worker's experience with angels interesting. For him, he perceives Raphael as a silhouette with green energy as compared to the clear image of the demons he works with. In comparison, Michael and Jesus appear to him with their face hidden donning a combination of robes and battle armor.

>Seeing Raphael and Jesus (and meeting Hitler)

>"Michael is on everyone's side," demon workers working with archangels

I've figured the more you resonate with the entities of a group and the more you've incorporated or worked with their energy the easier they appear to you. Perhaps due to your previous incarnations you now have disposition away from angels. You were working on vampirism in your past lives so it wouldn't be a big shocker.

>The art of covert hypnosis, Steven Peliari
Finally found it, sharing it for the others.
The pdf works, but I haven't downloaded and checked the audio chapters .
Anonymous 2018-04-12 13:13:35 No. 1958
>doesn't want michael's input
>doesn't want michael appearing
>still appears in ritual and imposes advice on him
Yeah, what this guy thinks is the archangel michael is actually a piece of his shadow. Fucking "black" magicians most of the time neglect keeping their soul healthy. The fucker can't even keep his gaze steady and relaxed for a minute.
Anonymous 2018-04-12 15:12:32 No. 1959
>mfw I can feel the frustration of mercury retrograde in everyone around me but remain unafected
>mfw a jehova witness tried to recruit me on the street while typing this post
>he asks me if I want eternal life
>reads me
>tell him nobody is equipped to answer that question truthfully
Guys, am I gonna make it?
Anonymous 2018-04-12 16:16:29 No. 1960
>Did you use a certain flag in the old threads? If you received the spell it should be pretty obvious.
What about what Montalk always said about "fake synchronicities" being manufactured by manipulative entities?
BTW, what do you think about Montalk?
Anonymous 2018-04-12 22:34:32 No. 1961
Interesting. Watch his gestures in this one. He's probably not doing it intentionally but that's basically a spell he's casting, or transmitting the magick he's practicing. The energy is pretty strong and there were a lot of images drawn up in the air as he spoke to strenghten what he said. The smoking was part of it. After watching it I can feel a slight smell of the smoke. This guy is the real deal, even if his way of speaking is a bit complicated and I found it hard to listen to him because he's not getting to the point fast enough for me. I don't know how much of what he says about specific entities is legit, some of it is probably just his own perception of what entities he's interacted with and how he's fitting those into the theoretical knowledge he has which may be a bit limited. He's right about the way they manifest, seeing them as anime characters is a result of watching anime. People with another frame of reference won't see it that way most likely. (Though I believe the simplistic style in anime may be close enough to how things really are "over there", physics don't apply there.)

Montalk is mostly right but his style of expressing himself I find extremely frustrating, I can't stand reading it. Too much unimportant information and no clear structure, it's really a mess looking from a functional view. But in principle he's not wrong, he just doesn't get the repeating patterns right. Like I've seen (and attempted to explain here) how things go by 9 levels, 3x3 pillars, each with 6 sub levels, which correspond to a 3 digit coordinate for every single area of the world, and 2D corresponding directly to prime numbers, one for each level... It's directly linked into known maths and it's consistent, it works as one system, one entity. But people like him and new agers throw inconsistent concepts around all the time and won't relate back to normal things, like saying there's 16 dimensions here, and the 5th vibration this etc and in the end it's just arbitrary. If you ignore the specifics he's ok.
Anonymous 2018-04-12 23:18:13 No. 1962
Check out that finger rolling. He's got a nervous disorder (plagued by parasites).
He also has spirits telling him he's the shit. I mean, c'mon.
Anonymous 2018-04-13 04:44:23 No. 1963
Oi russia warning citizens for ww3, hope you are ready folks, but we are immortal so we are gonna make it
Anonymous 2018-04-13 11:43:38 No. 1964
Having tics or "mental problems" isn't in conflict with knowing things or having abilities. Yes there's a section of his energy signature which may indicate "parasites" or at least external stuff not directly under his control, but if you look at the placement that area is only like 1/5 of his being and he has that area suppressed. Meaning; those beings can't harm him and will be cleansed with time. Look at his energy overall and what's manifested by those gestures instead of focusing on his 3D appearance. What that entity told him is probably true, I have nothing to object based on what I see in him.
Anonymous 2018-04-13 20:02:26 No. 1972
>After watching it I can feel a slight smell of the smoke

Yeah, you're right. I don't see placement, I just feel, so the dimensionality and quantification of it is a bit tricky for me.
Anonymous 2018-04-13 21:15:26 No. 1973
Anonymous 2018-04-13 23:30:35 No. 1974
The guy used to be in ONA and he's made a sigil for the Undead Gods, it was probably inevitable that he was brought up here somehow.
Anonymous 2018-04-14 14:36:17 No. 1975
Temple of Maergzjirah's Cabal. I know we've talked much about them.

But is it a good advice to anyhow keep the closest we can to the real deal cabal? I mean, if they are unconsciously channeling information straight from the cabal, may we, after this spell, just keep ourselves closer to the cabal source while learning telepathy on our own?

Because even after the edgy stile, the polemics in our posts, I fill I could give them a try. But what I'm not sure about, is the pact we are requested to make. Is it something similar to the JOS? LOL we're gonna have another after life eternal rave party ? oh god No,,
Anonymous 2018-04-14 15:26:49 No. 1976
What pact are you talking about?
Anonymous 2018-04-14 15:32:47 No. 1977
XIV. Every Disciple shall reaffirm their blood pact with the Thirteen during the Season of the Witch unless grave circumstance would detour this.
Anonymous 2018-04-14 16:26:02 No. 1978
Do you have to follow every single thing they say? The rules posted on their website are constantly changing and the youtubers are far from consistent in what they say. Their behaviour seems dubious at most. If you want to join them you can try it, I don't see any harm in it. Unless you go there personally I don't think anyone will check exactly how you performed a ritual. This guy (in the vids)
says on his blog that he was in ONA but he didn't do their official initiations, he "self intitiated" instead and he's admitting it openly. ONA is supposed to be very strict, and violent, so if you can just cherry pick with them I don't think it would be a problem with the Temple of Maergzjirah either. I mean you can replace the blood with something symbolic to represent it. I can't recommend anyone using their own blood for any ritual, there are too many cases of people getting in serious trouble from it. Your blood is connected to you, so burning it in a ritual means it can't be reversed, to quote someone I remember said
>unless you could grab the smoke and ash from the air and unburn it, the pact stays until it's worn down, which will take years
For those who REALLY want to go to the JoS world after they die I suppose they can do it, but from my perspective you'd be better off developing your own body and going there "manually", not having your soul sucked there uncontrollably after you die because you had no other way to escape. Some people just can't do it themselves, blood pacts are for those people.
Anonymous 2018-04-14 17:42:06 No. 1979
IMO, I don't think they're worth bothering with. Ask yourself what do they actually offer you? You're giving a lot to them upfront. They're just "close" to the cabal by the statement that they're receiving information from them. But hell, we've got Blood-anon here, wtf more could you need besides hoping they spill the beans in a few years on some rituals to speed you up in telepathy. But why even bother with them if that's it? It's not hard to research different entities and pick one resonating with your needs and make a deal. You can be as basic as you can be and use a pendulum to get a yes/no response as you negotiate. You're better off developing on your own without those edge-lords as they'll most certainly function as a distraction. The same time spent fucking around with them and learning their fickle club house rules can be spent on you working on you.

And remember Blood said something along the lines that they probably only accept those who apply telepathically anyway, the $50 donation is just to scam the edgy children out of their allowance money. So they already have that redundant cut-off point in regard to your aspirations with them anyway.
Any group that demands Blood rituals upfront should be avoided or held in extreme skepticism. They already have everything they want after that besides routine installments of cash. They're praying on naive souls when they attempt that marketing ploy.
If you do go and do it, get the ketchup and pasta sauce out for the blood ritual, kek.
Anonymous 2018-04-14 17:42:40 No. 1980
But doesn't this put JoS in a bad spot overall then?

The dedication doesn't mention anything like that and the JoS members say that it's nothing bad at all. My interpretation was that it's an edgy abjuration of Christianity as well as a dedication to truth and self-development that's personified through Satan, the very being that Christians hate.

Aren't they deceiving their followers then if the blood pact secretly forces them into their eternal rave party?
Anonymous 2018-04-14 18:11:24 No. 1981
Yes, it is deception.
VK says blood offerings provide the reception great influence over your spiritual circumstances whereas cum is less powerful but provides great influence over your physical circumstances

I don't want this thread to focus more on VK than it has but he's got a lot of experience with blood magic and JoS initiation. Though keep in mind that Blood-anon said VK has 1/5 of his energy showing suppressed external entities. This is most likely due to all the different entities he's offered his blood and sperm to jockeying for influence. You have to know if you're okay having an entity or multiple entities influencing you after offering your bodily fluids.

>Offerings of Blood

>JoS soul dedication
Anonymous 2018-04-14 18:18:48 No. 1982
I know they're persistant and trying to persuade people in all kinds of ways, a bit like jehova's witnesses. If you where on fringechan you probably saw parts of the drama it caused. Whatever someone asked for help with, they were told to do the JoS blood ritual as a standard solution, that shit (from what I heard) took over the private channels used, like IRC and discord.

But this was done by individual members, there still is no problem with the entity behind JoS, he's just attracted insufferable followers. Of course they don't think it's bad, they want it. I don't know exactly what they're telling newcomers because I have no interest in joining their organization. I've communicated directly their patron who's a quite powerful incubus type demon lord and there's no problem with him or his party cave. It may just be that his followers lack the ability to receive messages properly or pervert things for personal gain.
Anonymous 2018-04-14 18:21:03 No. 1983
I was the one who said the guy has some parasites before OP confirmed it, and from where I’m standing those attachments are older and deeper than they would if they were from blood or semen (I don’t think I’m capable of easily detecting those). It’s probably childhood or adolescence stuff. Everyone has them to an extent.
Blood and semen provide great influence over you, but they’re always bound by the terms of the pact you make (unless they are collected without your consent and used in a curse). In that sense it’s much more dangerous being a blood or semen donor than making a pact with those, as long as you know what you’re doing with that pact.
Anonymous 2018-04-15 03:00:59 No. 1985
Learning telepathy. I'm currently trying the psionic approach, just to have some kind of basic knowledge (because, among every esoteric topic, this is the most unexplored for me).

Op said that it's more a trial and error process, so I'll have to start somewere and learn what works and what doesn't for me.
Anonymous 2018-04-15 04:15:25 No. 1987
After watching parts of >>1962 video I somehow ended up at this video here

That night I had a dream where I was hurt(?) or bitten by a vampire(?), and ended up on a bed with a female vampire which was not the same person who hurt/bit me. She offered me her blood, and I drank it and became a vampire then some lewd stuff happend.

I can't remember her face/hairstyle but I know she had long dark hair, pale skin, and was a 10/10 (kinda like Elvira Mistress of the Dark but even hotter :^)). I don't remember much about this part of the dream, but I recall she was respected and much more powerful than most vampires and could make them fall asleep/faint when they where close. I remember she putting my hand on her ass in front of some qts in the street, and that made me feel pretty good.

Then there was a part of the dream where we were separated on a puplic space and there were some bodies on the floor, so I took a gun from the body of some female cop/soldier to defend myself, and went away from that place. Soon I found 3 veteran soldiers who welcomed me in ther group and we were just waiting for some enemy to show up (the streets were deserted now). Then 3 werewolves and 3 Aliens (from the Alien franchise) were fighting and we just waited as they killed each other, in the end a single alien was standing so we killed it.

After this I learned this was some kind of test/training the vampire wanted me to go through. I don't think it was malicious or anything, felt like she wanted me to go through some hardship in order to get stronger/grow-up.

She was always very kind and caring to me, I felt loved and loved her back. I haven't really been able to connect/care about people aside from close family for years, so that was a great feeling.
Anonymous 2018-04-15 10:06:47 No. 1990
Anonymous 2018-04-15 10:43:26 No. 1991
sorry about that, I should have mentioned that the video is unimportant. It's just some fake eyebrows talking about a dream she had with vampires.

I just found it interesting how I found it after a couple of clicks from this thread, and that I dreamt about vampires that same night.
Anonymous 2018-04-15 13:50:29 No. 1993
> she was respected and much more powerful than most vampires
I had this theory about the relation between the "religious" vampirism i.e. those who call themselves "born vampires" and gather their coven again in every lifetime being at the extreme edges and waiting for an opening when they can step into the main line and receive the original vampirism. I mentioned this briefly in the old threads.
Don't confuse this with "psychic vampirism", that's just stealing trash energy if done wrong, or a method for gaining energy by transforming the life force of hostile beings if done right (most people don't do it right).
When I've tried asking the cabal about these things they don't give any clear answers, they either seem like they didn't think about it, don't care, or don't know, they're indifferent to the idea.
The woman represented by the pic for the OP of the second thread (pic), I'm convinced she's a prehistoric vampire who left the physical plane way earlier than the time of founding of the current traditition on earth. Her body looks young/20s with a nice figure but it's obvious she's very mature by her movements and manners. There's no sign of "degenerative aging", but there are some kind of lines running across her body energetically similar to the lines you can see on a human skull (sutures).

It wouldn't surprise me if there are more like her out there.
Anonymous 2018-04-15 17:59:51 No. 1994
I'm not sure if this is related but lately I've been dreaming as normal but I'll realize I'm in a dream. Most of the time it's just a run of the mill lucid dream but recently whenever it happens my physical eyes start to open as I'm dreaming and I can see the dream under my lids but my room otherwise. This wouldn't be very strange but a jet engine sound starts happening mixed with tv static and I start seeing lines plus flashing lights. The last time this happened numbers began appearing and disappearing in my field of view and when I close my eyes again the numbers become more erratic and four of them appear in the middle of my view statically, the noise also becomes deafening and when I get up my ears are still ringing from it. It's not frightening more curious than anything, any thoughts?
Anonymous 2018-04-15 18:23:33 No. 1995
>my physical eyes start to open as I'm dreaming and I can see the dream under my lids but my room otherwise
You're having a spontaneous astral projection. The rest of it sounds like hypnogogic hallucinations.
You can learn to control the first (and project into meaningful places, not just random fantasies) by doing the visionary magic exercises from Quareia, for instance. And you can sort of control the latter and use them as a method for divination by becoming more mindful (meditate every fucking day son).

Since we're doing reports, some time ago I reported I could kind of make people turn around or ask me "what?" when I posed mental questions to them with some intention but only accidentally. I can now say I'm able to communicate with people's subconscious and ask things of them (information or actions), as well as "incept" ideas this way. I also catch "notifications" in my mind from time to time when people want things from me.

Is clear verbal conscious telephone-like telepathy a pipe dream?
Anonymous 2018-04-15 19:58:40 No. 1996
You won't have telepathic communications with unaware mundanes, that won't work. But you can read their mind like listening to a radio broadcast if they're clearheaded. Someone reading a book for example will be very stable and you can pick up the exact words the person is reading. It's harder with everyday thinking since that's often quite messy.

With older cabal members, library wizards and different non physical entitites you can have crystal clear telepathy. It's just that issue that you won't be able to think of something to say and that makes practice hard. You don't want to bother ancient entities with silly small talk unless they have some good reason to help you with it. That's why talking to simpler spirits is a good way to practice, they like the attention. Communications are often very concise with telepathy, you have something to say and get a reply and it's over. Courtesies are a waste of time so don't bother thinking along the lines of normal human interactions, that will cause a hindrance.

I mentioned before you can contact Shizuka Arakawa if you want to try it. Don't ask me how or why, but she is very good at telepathy and you may feel like she's dominating you completely so be careful if you do attempt it. Expect full visual, auditory and emotion, she's that good. You can project in your own language, it will be translated automatically.

I've asked her and she says it's ok, you can use one of the vids of her to make it easier to connect.
Anonymous 2018-04-15 20:59:29 No. 1997
OP, I collected the following material. I'm sharing with everyone here.

From Psionic Nation (new website)

The Psion's handbook

I feel they are a good starting point
Anonymous 2018-04-15 23:19:40 No. 1998
Thanks alot, really helpful. Will share my research too if I find anything good.
Anonymous 2018-04-16 01:21:31 No. 1999
Read Draja Mickaharic
Anonymous 2018-04-16 06:35:39 No. 2000
Can you read me, OP? I want/need to know if I did it.
Anonymous 2018-04-16 10:09:56 No. 2001
There are strong indications you made it through, that's all I can say. This is like reading rings on the water to determine how large a rock fell in the water in some cases.
Anonymous 2018-04-16 11:27:41 No. 2002
Did you go through a near-death-experience or something?
Anonymous 2018-04-16 13:09:51 No. 2003
No, best description I can give is a deep and disconnected calm feeling.
Anonymous 2018-04-16 19:29:15 No. 2004
>Draja Mickaharic
You mean one book randomly or are you suggesting to read the magickal course?
Anonymous 2018-04-17 06:10:04 No. 2006
I should give you what you're due and tell you my experience, although I've read that you're not interested in it anymore. In a single day: burning heart and root sometimes in intense physically spastic and painful bursts. "With" and "followed" not accurate, same occurrence as burning pain: disconnected calmness, tangible difference between body and mind , mind feels like butter. Not edible, smooth wall feeling. Best description is that my mind begins at my eyebrows. Feelings of lust is brief, NoFap is natural state. First day no dreams. Second day reporting. Muscle pain in certain areas of body, may be unrelated but due to minor assymetry in skeletal structure. By some of your descriptions I believe I've went through something. Am thankful, trying out telepathy. No one outside of family gave me food.
Anonymous 2018-04-17 17:46:49 No. 2008
> although I've read that you're not interested in it anymore
This must be a misunderstanding, maybe the context was different? I never meant I'm not interested in reports, I still am. Thanks.
I may have said something along the lines of
>what happens after you're through isn't the main focus of this thread
because at that point you're safe. But I'm still interested in your experiences. It's just that it's important to get things right for those who want to enter first.

I do believe you are through but the origin of your energy signature - the supposed zero particle - lies so deep I can't perceive it.

>trying out telepathy
That's your means of learning more, receiving the information and guidance you personally need and taking part in the "invisible" communities. Keep going even if you don't get results at first.
It took me 2 years to make the first connection.
Anonymous 2018-04-17 18:12:47 No. 2009
Is telepathy necessary to join the cabal or is it an automatic thing once we're through and have developed the zero particle? Also if the spell has failed would you need to manually recast it on us, I'm not sure where I'm at now but I feel like I'm through just curious on that. (I'm someone you used the wand on)
Anonymous 2018-04-17 18:42:56 No. 2010
Automatic is the wrong word. I think you will develop your sensitivity over time and then you'll start to hear things. But practicing will make it go faster.
I've seen this discussed by some of the halfbreed vampires (those who can't become immortal because they used a diluted version of the magic) where they said their "elders" could use short range telepathy, and going by their - relatively - short lifespan that means as of now someone who lived at the time of the american civil war or revolutionary war. In cabal terms that's nothing.

They've sent some younger members to me to have me cast my version of the spell on them in person. If it was possible for them to contact me telepathically or by the "behind dimension" they would have used that method instead of seeking me out. So for some reason there are members who made it through, started learning their magic system, but still didn't learn enough telepathy to contact me about this, even after a few 100 years. I believe this is caused by personal circumstances, just as you may want to call my technical skill level a "talent."

But since you received this from me, it contains traces of my acievements and it should at a minimum guide you to learn it the way I did.
Anonymous 2018-04-17 19:04:22 No. 2011
So your spell passes on parts of you sort of like genetics?
Anonymous 2018-04-17 19:49:08 No. 2012
I will have to refer to the "blood memory" concepts used in fiction, like the Underworld movies. It's kinda like that. If, when using blood, you get it from a certain person, it includes the full line of previous vampires. Now supposedly everyone links back to the oldest, but there are different routes like a family tree, you know? So whoever is "downstream" from someone is likely to get most of the imprint of their knowledge while those further upstream have less of an impact since it was diluted. So the best would be to get it directly from the oldest.
Which is what I did, then I modified it to make it work like this. That means what's in the spell should be 50% the matriarch and 50% me. That doesn't mean the material is diluted itself, experiences are what they are, but if you get only one type that's going to be it, while this leaves an opening for different kinds of experiences. The egregore of the cabal's magic itself should contain all experience of all members, just as the egregore of this website contains everything from every poster. But then you'd have to pick and choose and it's up to your own focus to pick the most effective parts. Just as you'd choose to read certain posts and others not.

I believe it is a kind of genetic material, except it's not really physical, but the spiritual matter overrules the physical so it will have that effect. I realize I may complicate things a lot with this post but it's not so easy to explain. It's just "there" like an awareness and it's so simple seeing it like this, but hard to explain when someone asks what it is. It's very intuitive.

So, for example, a 2000 year old vampire has a daughter, then she inherits 2000 years of experience all at once, while a normal human inherits 20-30 years experience because that's the normal age for having children. Even when you add previous generations, it's just the first 20-30 (maybe 40) years included, the rest can't be genetically passed on and everyone has to relearn the experience of old age. That's one of the dilemmas of human life.

So for that child, it's like being given a super body and mind at once, even if the daugher has no knowledge of her own everything is fine tuned to extreme levels and she'll be able to learn things with no effort because all genetic flaws have been removed.

No one of us will have that, but the magic (or blood) contains the information in a compressed version and you can apply it if you dive into it and manage to extract and use it.
Anonymous 2018-04-17 20:00:52 No. 2013
I asked since I have been researching and studying similar things, especially connected to older traditions of sages that would only pass the title from father to son, which to me suggested exactly what you just mentioned.

Is a person's own approval necessary for this sort of process or could you forcibly obtain a powerful being's blood or "spiritual residue"(not sure if that's possible) and use it to receive their experience?

Another question is could someone just keep doing that to multiple bloodlines in order to slowly piece together all their information? I understand in the case of an egregore that isn't necessary but think of someone on the outside that wouldn't have access to the egregore's information but would have access to the individual members anyway.

Mostly just thought experiments really, but I feel that's a good way to learn things
Anonymous 2018-04-17 20:19:40 No. 2014
An outsider couldn't steal it because in the end it's the magic itself which decides. So if someone somehow got their hands on some blood and used it, it would be with the permission of the magic/egregore itself even if the person giving the blood didn't consent. That doesn't matter at the human level, just as you could imagine a human genetic or family line that's kept alive because of an illegitimate child. The universe does things its own way and humans can't decide this.
Anonymous 2018-04-17 21:09:36 No. 2015
I tried psychic vampirism the other day after reading about it in VK Jehannum's blog. I've been hesitating about contacting the Undead Gods before going to sleep using the sigil he channeled. I'll report back (I hope) if I decide to do it.
OP, I know your opinion on taking "trash energy" as you put it. But I wanted to try it, so I sucked a friend's energy for several hours that we were together, following Mickaharic's method.
I think there was some sort of reverse reiki phenomenon going on because I've had certain pains lately and after this, he started having them (also feeling very tired and having difficulty talking fluently by the end), and I got rid of them completely, just like that.

I believe this "trash energy", especially if one has the particle, can be transmuted afterwards or during the transference process using filters and other etheric constructs into usable energy.
I've noticed children have a ton of it, and it feels great, while adults generally have very little. I've also noticed people and animals instinctively pay you extra attention when you do it to them. It's like "energy goes where attention goes", except "attention goes where energy goes" in this case.

I've also taken it from food, but it's not very abundant. Forested areas, on the other hand, have a lot of it flowing around and it feels very refreshing to just absorb it.

Regarding this topic, I've noticed attention hungry women, usually sexually frustrated or traumatized in some way, tend to be very skinny. I have a feeling this is related to energy and their personal dynamic with it. Do you have any insights on this?
Anonymous 2018-04-17 21:30:55 No. 2016
I should probably tell you this as a word of warning:
I met someone practicing falun gong who didn't listen the the warnings and did this. It's called "stealing qi" in this terminology and argued strongly against. The person connected to someone and an incurable, (under normal circumstances) non contagious illness was transferred to the person. Someone else in the community had done this as well and also had an illness transmitted to them. I don't know what it is with people and warnings but I keep seeing this happening....

And please don't do this to trees. You can kill them, they can't replenish easily and trees are meant to become very old and maintain the natural environment, many birds, insects etc live on them so if you take their energy and kill them you're hurting the natural world a lot.

I don't know what it is with these women, sorry. I don't find this question interesting.
Anonymous 2018-04-17 21:39:12 No. 2017
May, I should add, since you're using the anon flag and I don't know who of the posters from before you are; if you did have the particle formed already, the situation may be different.
It may not be that you really are connecting to them in a parasitic manner, I don't think the zero/god particle allows that. That would mean it's just communication. But the transfer of pain doesn't sound right. I can't tell what the consequences of this will be in the long run, so I have to tell you to be very catious.

If you transmit something positive, you get a positive feedback. That's the only way to do this I've practiced and it's something beneficial. The line between that and telepathy is floating. Sending someone positive feelings will make them feel better and in in turn you'll feel them feeling better and feel better yourself.

Whatever you felt directly after, I can't imagine taking someone's energy will create a positive feedback.
Anonymous 2018-04-17 21:44:06 No. 2018
In the case of the trees you don't need to take it from them. What I meant is that in forested areas, there's a lot of ambient energy that you can absorb by just walking around. In fact I think this is how it's supposed to be and one of the reasons urban environments can be so draining, because there's supposed to be a natural replenishment from your environment. Also, energy transference between people happens all the time unconsciously. In almost every interaction that involves attention, I've seen it.

I'll heed your warning, but I'm curious as to why was my "condition" transferred to my friend when I was the one "taking" from him.

In any case, I have known how to cultivate my own energy for some time now, so I don't really have an interest in meddling with other people's. I don't do this out of malice, only curiosity and experimentation.
Anonymous 2018-04-17 21:53:33 No. 2019
>I'm curious as to why was my "condition" transferred to my friend when I was the one "taking" from him
I believe this can be explained by your bodies "leveling out" what was on the surface. You connected and got an equal share of whatever both of you had.
Anonymous 2018-04-17 22:16:29 No. 2020
>May, I should add, since you're using the anon flag and I don't know who of the posters from before you are; if you did have the particle formed already, the situation may be different.
I'm one of the people you told made it through. Specifically the one who doesn't believe physical immortality is real (I'm convinced you've mistaken apotheosis for physical immortality).
Also >>1995

>It may not be that you really are connecting to them in a parasitic manner, I don't think the zero/god particle allows that.
Are you saying the particle wouldn't allow me to become infected or that the particle would prevent me from doing what it considers "wrong"?
Anonymous 2018-04-17 22:25:48 No. 2021
> that the particle would prevent me from doing what it considers "wrong"
Well "it", it's really a part of you developed to this form, so it's your own wisdom preventing you from committing self harm.

I'm looking at it this way:
The honest way of connecting to someone, in any way, is to have an exchange. You get something, and pay for it. Or you both get something, which has more value to you each because it's something you didn't have before, so the exchange of similar value increases the value.
>I have too much rice, you have too many eggs, lets trade half of my rice for half of your eggs and now we both have a decent meal

I'm understanding this in a very concrete way, my achievements in necromancy really tell me something else. But it will be shown with time, you don't have to believe in it.
Anonymous 2018-04-17 22:39:36 No. 2022
>Well "it", it's really a part of you developed to this form, so it's your own wisdom preventing you from committing self harm.
Seen that way it makes sense.
Anonymous 2018-04-20 01:36:43 No. 2033
Minor update. In my sleep I felt a sensation similar to wrestling with someone. While the feeling of wrestling took place, I was awoken to several numbers. None in particular order, I don't remember the order, them being 43, 33 for certain and 9 and 7 for fuzzy remembrance. The butter sensation I described in my previous post has spread to my body. Weight training is much easier and the mental strain is negligible. Much of the experiences that other anons have observed resonates with me. A sense of humility, emotions running off me like water, and feelings of sadness. It's possible that I wrote this post just to ask you to use your wand on me. I'm interested in the experience.
Anonymous 2018-04-20 11:20:33 No. 2035
Thanks for reporting.
>Weight training is much easier and the mental strain is negligible. Much of the experiences that other anons have observed resonates with me. A sense of humility, emotions running off me like water, and feelings of sadness
I understand the physical feelings of being uneffected but I'm not sure about the sadness. Could you describe this feeling a little more in detail?
I've had feelings of loss, and some kind of bursts of emotions caused by memories of things that I used to strive to achieve, but which in retrospective were futile and not based on reality. The feeling of remaining in that state of "want" while seeing that the desired thing never really existed, can be "sad" in some way, maybe, but it's a very hard to grasp emotion.
To use an example of a similar moment, my grandmother had a dog, and she got ill and ended up in the hospital. Later she had to live in a retirement home and was partly paralized. There was this feeling as long as the dog was still in our home, that things hadn't really changed, as if her illness was temporary. After the dog died, the link to the old normality was broken it it became final, she's not going to recover.
I don't know if I'm getting across what I mean. Does this somehow touch on what you're feeling?
>It's possible that I wrote this post just to ask you to use your wand on me
No problem. It's done.
Anonymous 2018-04-20 20:21:25 No. 2036
You described my thoughts best. A feeling of loss and realization of futility. I've thought about it over several hours and that's the only thing I came up with. It's really only noticable when I think of other people. I'm also ashamed to say that your wand had no perceivable effect on me. You did it while I slept and the only interesting happening was being assaulted by children with boomerangs. In my dream, of course.
Anonymous 2018-04-20 22:07:42 No. 2037
Semi-circular, rotating, that feels very symbolic.
Anonymous 2018-04-21 02:24:35 No. 2038
I batted most of the boomerangs away with the glaive from Warframe, they turned into orange light particles when hit, falling to the ground thus. The boomerangs kept coming, my arms became too tired, and I forget the rest. I probably gave up. The kids themselves encircled me like wolves. All took place on a ship, on an artificial cliff, only after talking to a man with a big, fat head and green eyes lying on a bed in a hallway. I gave the fat headed guy health advice, his fat not only being on his head, he didn't respond but looked ahead and disappeared into a wall with his bed. He looked similar to the car crash guy, Graham. Give him more of a dolichocephalic head, no projected forehead, and deeper eye sockets and you'll have a good idea of who I talked to. His brow ridge was projected.
What took place after the boomerang attack was simple. I was now at a gym trying to figure out a weird squat rack. Both before and after the conversation and attack I was dreaming about weight training.
Anonymous 2018-04-21 03:28:02 No. 2039
Also, last post I'll be making for a while. Dependency is a serious problem and possibility. Good luck, blood-anon.
Anonymous 2018-04-21 11:51:04 No. 2040
>my achievements in necromancy
"Necromancy" as in divination through communication with the spirits of the dead?
Anonymous 2018-04-21 20:29:14 No. 2042
> communication with the spirits of the dead
That is part of it, I can't go into details about the rest (yet) because it's controversial and would raise serious issues of disbelief. Yes we are talking about unbelievable things here already, but this is still way out there conceptually for too many people. Necromancy in the pop culture or fantasy sense means bringing the dead back to life and people get mental images of magic rituals raising corpses from graves. Things of a similar outcome is possible but not just like that. It's really an extended version of the magic of these threads, but it's stretched to extremes and discussing it here is such a leap from the initiation level things this thread is for. It would divert attention from what we are doing here and possibly cause hindrances. We will surely get there with time though.
Anonymous 2018-04-22 00:26:46 No. 2046
Why do you have to be such a tease my man, now I'm curious
Anonymous 2018-04-22 02:13:27 No. 2047
Say if there is a person who's meant to die. Maybe a politician with controversial ideas or symbolic value. It's not like the gods and spirits arranging things support murder, but there are strong forces who'll make sure this person doesn't get any formal power. Then their destiny will be just like that, unless the environment changes and there is enough support for there to be protection at the human level. If there isn't, the supportive vs the negative will end up at a conflict line, and that compromise will be reality and destiny.

Now, what if you introduce a higher tier necromancer into the game... The politician who's meant to be killed, follows his destined path, but now he's revived instead of dying. Maybe he won't do all that much, but him getting formal power has a symbolic value and this starts messing up the way the world was meant to develop. Things start deviating more and more and all sorts of organizations who thought they had the logic of the world figured out will be in disarray. There will also be other occultists resisting the change, or taking advantage of it. In short, keeping one person alive by necromancy made a mess out of a large part of the world.

You see now how "necromancy" isn't just creating a zombie like a golem and using it for some petty deeds. It's very complex.

If you wanted to attempt anything of the kind, you need to be able to
>communicate with spirits
>see spirits
>locate specific spirits
>pay off/fight off demons and vengeful spirits who'd rather see you didn't get that spirit back in a body
>change the material world to transform an event which would have caused the death of a person in such a way so as to not allow serious damage to the body, since you can't revive someone whose body has been damaged
>make deals with the gods/spirits who's arranging the reincarnation and life path of the person so they won't resist the prolonged life the person will get
>personally defend the change you brought to the world, mostly everyone will want to return things to normal

It's said Jesus revived a dead man, it was one of the few miracles he performed. The story has been used to found a religion and to prove the existence of god, it's that rare of an event when done in the open, so you could say it really did change the world quite a bit.

Explaining how to practically go about this at this time would be futile. If I could figure this out, you can too. An instruction isn't really needed.
Anonymous 2018-04-22 03:37:53 No. 2048
Thanks for putting it into perspective, funny enough it sort of reminds me of how John Constantine operates, a lot more to this and to the consequences than you'd expect.
Anonymous 2018-04-22 12:21:22 No. 2050
Gnostic poster here with my 4th monthly report. Although there's nothing much to report on except that fatigue and depression are back since early April. In other words, no progress whatsoever.
Anonymous 2018-04-22 12:29:54 No. 2051
If that's any consolation you do have a strand of the magic in you, it just hasn't activated yet. Meaning; it will, sometime later.
Anonymous 2018-04-22 19:13:12 No. 2052
>taking the bible literally
>understanding the term necromancy as videogames have taught you ("reviving dead people") instead of its original and only legitimate meaning ("divination by communicating with the dead")
>having the exact same writing style as smiley
smhfam I had hopes for this not to be a larp but it's clear you're either clueless or a dangerous liar.
Also dead people are as stupid and unreliable as living people, if not more.
Anonymous 2018-04-22 20:32:51 No. 2053
>Necromancy (/ˈnɛkrəˌmænsi, -roʊ-/[1][2]) is a practice of magic involving communication with the deceased – either by summoning their spirit as an apparition or raising them bodily – for the purpose of divination, imparting the means to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge, to bring someone back from the dead, or to use the deceased as a weapon, as the term may sometimes be used in a more general sense to refer to black magic or witchcraft.

I'm using the term as it is understood today. Divination by spirit communication, particularly with dead humans, is mostly useless, as you said yourself.
I explained the process and requirements for literally bringing someone back from the dead, which is different from the pop culture portrayal of it.

As the vampirism of this denomination requires the physical death and revival of the person during transformation (or initiation, whichever you prefer) it's very close to necromancy in the "reviving the dead" understanding of the word. It's really the same thing, only it takes place within the person and not by external means, and there won't be any noticable change from a mundane viewpoint.

The specifics of my own application of this apart from the spell offered here will not be discussed as it involves named persons and the consequences of exposing it can't be predicted.

>le smileberg strawman
Come on, have you ever seen him keep something up this long without losing it? He's busy redpilling redditors on /pol/.
Anonymous 2018-04-22 22:05:53 No. 2056
He also wouldn't go this long without making at least one reference to loosh, how much he lacks the "loosh to do things" or some other bullshit related to why he can't get results even though he knows so much.
Anonymous 2018-04-22 22:23:03 No. 2058
4 months and two days in. Some stuff is happening with me but not knowing if it's because of the spell or not I don't really feel like reporting it. No clear indications of vampirism. The wand still interests me. Op will you be so kind and look into my signature to see how the spell is progressing in me? It will impact my decision on taking the wand or not directly. and I might even take it as soon as you reply.
I'll report the general status. I have been tormented much more recently I feel, but I also became much stronger and got back a lot of my personal power. I feel I got detached more from my family and I feel more confident now, like I can crush anybody in coversation online or in real life conflict. (May be not true tho lol). I feel like I am traveling in cycles, motivation and depression come and go in turns. But I can overcome the bad parts much faster and easier now, fueling myself with motivation and fire. Also I feel like a schizophrenic now, I really want to purge all my shit habits and the degeneracy from me but it keeps fighting back the harder. It is like I have two personalities; one higher and one degenerate and the higher is trying to purge the degenerate. I try to make it easy and do do some compromisses but it barely works. Give in to the degenerate only a little and it takes over faster than you think. The crazy part is that the battle is so massive now that both personalities change daily, sometimes they switch multiple times a day.
The most memorable dream I had in recent weeks is about me going to the dentist and it was a beautiful woman. She asked me if I want anesthesia and I said "Yeah as much as possible, I wanna drift away completely". And so it happened, while gone I went to dreamland and she was there too. I realized I am actually astral projecting or something like that while being at the dentist and the woman turned into a dragon and told me to come to her. We were floating in space btw. I asked her if this is all real or I am just dreaming while in reality she actually worked on my teeth. She said the dentist stuff was a setup anyway to get me here so she can show me something, and this was real. So I had to learn how to float through the space to the woman who now was a dragon. I willed it and flew to her and then I hugged her and it felt pretty amazing, I felt love (I believe). Rest I cannot remember clearly, I woke up shortly after.

Well, I guess that's all for now, greetings to OP and all fellow anons. I hope you are all doing well.
Anonymous 2018-04-22 22:52:55 No. 2059
That's interesting, about the dragon woman.
I've been hesitant to say so but I think I was approached by someone similar to what was described here
We may have attracted different entities with our activities here. Just as I was contacted by someone after having a realization about ONA, there seems to be entities further away, only showing themselves when you make the right kind of effort or gain some influence.

There's a rather thick and "fluffy" orange field surrounding a dark core, there's white substance building up around the bottom. Going by the qualities of it it's not the harmful white, rather it's the "de", virtue described in taoism (depending on the spelling; Tao Te Ching/Dao De Jing, second word "virtue"), so either way what you are going through is having a positive effect. Still no sign of forming the zero particle though. I'm not sure what's going on, it's still active but doesn't seem to work in that direction. It could simply be the entity of the spell (the winged loli) helping you as far as possible but not really trying to complete it.

>It is like I have two personalities
You can use the self hypnosis from the art of covert hypnosis to stabilize yourself.
Anonymous 2018-04-22 23:32:19 No. 2064
>It could simply be the entity of the spell (the winged loli) helping you as far as possible but not really trying to complete it.
Of course, it makes sense. I think I even know why she won't complete it. You created a good entity, I like her.
>I'm not sure what's going on
Well I guess we can say that one must create his own zero particle after all, philosophically speaking at last. I guess I was never truely ready for it and never had the real will for it because often enough I expressed doubts and wishes to be dead, to die like a normal human being because I cannot stand this world. I thought living in this world for so long would be pure torment, especially when the handful of people I love are dead and left in the astral planes without me. The entity must either be forced to respect my free will or she just is so kind not to form the particle if I don't actually want it. Either way I am thankful to her for her help and consideration. Now would I really want the wand cast on me? If the entity knows what's best for me even if I cannot decide for real then I will not try to brute force my way to the zero particle but instead take more time to think. When I am ready it will be formed. If I will be truely ready in this lifetime.

It's still 2 months till the 6 month mark, maybe she just clears the path for the zero particle and will create it just in time.

>We may have attracted different entities with our activities here
That's a good thing. More interesting possibilities and lessons to be learned. Maybe some of those different entities will provide valuable help or insight to at least one of us.
Anonymous 2018-04-23 01:44:05 No. 2065
Good day OP. Here's my report of this month:


- Stopped the weight loss
- sleep schedule went back to my old "4am to 1pm". (i know this is screwing me up, i'm looking to fix it again)
- been feeling physically weak and exhausted all the time


- not meditating as much as before, this week it became a real pain to do it. Can't even move past the 20 minutes and sessions are full of loose thoughts.
- i wake up with this mental haze from time to time that doesn't let me think straight. Can barely focus


- Not so long ago had an amazing increase of energy while meditating. I felt in complete control:

my breathing was almost "primal" (doing full breathing, and as i exhaled i could hear a faint inner animalistic growl). Visualized myself as some sort of caged giant lion trapped in this body, experienced anger and happiness at the same time during this. On the moment of trance i remember thinking about vampirism and imagined my eyes turning a pinkish color and the happy/angry emotion stopped being so wild and somehow "compressed" to a flat line, this is when i felt in control and the clarity started . As soon as i finished the session i felt great, and had the urge to take a shower and cleaned every single bit of my body while being extremely mindful of every sensation.

After this experience passed i started falling again in this downward spiral of lethargy.

- two days ago my brother told me of a man in a long black coat that started showing up in different parts of my town just walking around. Everyone's talking about it, apparently.. I'm genuinely
curious if it has to do with all of this or just a coincidence.

That's all the relevant experiences i've had so far.

I'm seriously considering asking you for a checkup because of this lethargy and low energy feeling i've been having.

If something's off, i'll gladly accept the wand if you find it pertinent to do so.
Anonymous 2018-04-23 08:50:14 No. 2066
>if you find it pertinend to do so.
Same for me. Maybe in my case the entity didn't create the zero particle so that I can specifically experience the full effect of the wand. What do you think? I feel like going with it.
Anonymous 2018-04-23 08:51:04 No. 2067
I'm Tinfoiler btw, the flag just resetted itself
Anonymous 2018-04-23 10:41:09 No. 2068
I'm somewhat reluctant to ask for the wand without OP's opinion and advice first .
OP even said the results might be violent under the effects of the wand, but he never specified exactly what type of violence so i can't really evaluate whether it is a good idea or not.

Even so, i am in need for willpower and the ability to act in congruence to my conscious thoughts with more fluidity in this point of my life (to get out of the lethargy as i said, and fix my shit up), and i would gladly take the wand or any other kind of aid if it is absolutely necessary to bring me the wisdom, power and balance I'm looking for.
Anonymous 2018-04-23 11:02:24 No. 2069
Thanks for your report.
If I remember it right I observed a feedback message a bit after our last exchange, I think you already made it.
You can think of it as the eye of the storm, which is why you still feel everything but if you focus you'll be calm, where as before there was no "eye", only the storm.

>man in long black coat
This sounds like them, but it's impossible to know from just hearing it. Could be some illuminati type secret society member as well, they notice people who start making progress in the occult even if you do absolutely nothing in the open. I suspect they have psychics or occultists working for them to monitor people overall.

There were some changes in your signature since yesterday, maybe as a result of letting go of expectations. Positive changes. Maybe you won't need anything more, but it's up to you.

There is no guarantee that lethargy and other problems will instantly go away from using the wand. It's just a different approach to achieve a similar thing.

So far there were no negative reactions from using the wand, I said "violent" since it's not deviced with a target, it's more of a compound of all sorts of different things being inserted all at once.

If you want it, say so, it doesn't take any real effort on my part.
Anonymous 2018-04-23 21:08:29 No. 2070
Alright then. Use the wand on me OP.

I'll keep you informed
Anonymous 2018-04-23 22:42:01 No. 2071
Anonymous 2018-04-23 23:24:15 No. 2072
Hit the 4 month mark yesterday. I haven't had an erection in the past 5 days, except maybe once or twice in the morning, nor have I desired to do anything sexual, which could be a sign the spell or wand is having a good effect. I've also been coughing from time to time, as if I had a very slight cold, which I haven't had in a long time. That and the dreams are the only things of note which have happened over the last 4 months.
Anonymous 2018-04-24 00:01:12 No. 2073
>>2072 q
Can confirm, I have no sexual drive too. But im thankfull that I can still be turned on,(i used to have a very high sexual drive before this and now its gone.) and that my lust and love can be conjured back again if I focus heavily on it or force masturbation without any sex drive. We are sexual beings after all, all of creation is based on sexual energy.
Anonymous 2018-04-24 17:47:56 No. 2074
I had this too. The spell has the effect of clearing out any parasitic entities. I not only noticed the urge to fap obsessively was gone, but also dark thoughts about the past which I had been clearing with my own alchemy anyway and other unwanted bug visits.

In time it's probable you will rediscover lust in a healthy manner.
Anonymous 2018-04-24 19:11:03 No. 2075
Magic Simplified and then Practice of Magic. Don’t be a fool and think the text is for beginners. If you really are an advanced magician you will again a lot of insight.

All of his books are filled with invaluable tidbits.
Anonymous 2018-04-24 19:11:49 No. 2076
Also do the fucking work or you’ll never amount to shit.
Anonymous 2018-04-24 21:57:25 No. 2077
OP, would you be able to receive an e-mail address telepathically if I really put my mind to it? No pun intended.
Anonymous 2018-04-24 22:42:26 No. 2079
Probably not, messages tend to appear in translation which means the core meaning is what I receive, not the exact words.
I have to question the purpose of telepathically telling me your e-mail since if you can speak with that much accuracy you can just tell me the message directly :^)
Anonymous 2018-04-24 22:46:38 No. 2080
I was obsessing over the fact that it's basically impossible to authenticate the sender. But I suppose what's really important is the message, not who is sending it.
It just feels lonely to communicate with people's unconscious all the time.
Anonymous 2018-04-24 23:27:00 No. 2082
Could you put a complex idea into my head telepathically? Something I’ll know comes from you. Or do I need proficiency on my side?
I don’t have anyone with whom to practice that I can also communicate to normally.
Anonymous 2018-04-25 01:30:46 No. 2083
After you talked to someone at least once you'll know who it is. The message will have their image, like every person will be their own exact color, taste, sound, smell. It's not based on your ordinary senses but just as you know a certain kind of green from another one, you'll be able to tell that this is one of two sisters, or if it's the mother or the daughter, even when they're very similar. Telepathy is based on trust, with people you don't know you'll feel catious and sometimes you know the other person is actually a hostile wizard attempting to send you a "letter bomb" in which the message will contain a harmful spell and not something you'd be interested in.
At least that's me. I'm assuming you'd have the same basic standard if you learn it with the zero particle formed and the "tricks" won't work against you since you can tell the difference between different kinds of messages intuitively.
A lot of people in the occult field are very rudimentary in their telepathy. They know how to send spell manuals but they can't speak, all that's transmitted is a "sss!" sound. Maybe there is some difference in frequency causing this but the problem isn't on my end when it's working perfectly with cabal members, library wizards and non physical entities but not them.

That's would be like intruding I think. Communication is based on interest and need, so the connection needs to be formed on a mutual interest emotionally. Maybe that's the key? Being able to have a positive feeling and using that as the bridge.
Anonymous 2018-04-27 13:53:53 No. 2101
I'm going to ask you to please read me. Something important is going on. I'll give you more details afterwards.
Anonymous 2018-04-27 17:52:39 No. 2102
This is complex and I don't know what it means. It looks as if the white hostile field, which is usually related to negative past actions of the person, is attempting to cut you off from your path up. This is futile as the red field of the vampire magic is above and can't be effected. The area where you develop the god particle now only contains the remnants of the "false society" (see universal map >>1504 ) manifesting as a black semi circle. The white field on the bottom is raw material which may transform into the red field later, it's gathering up as a result of wearing down the black core.

To make a more mundane explanation of it:
>you will face the consequences of something you did previously, which may work against you in a hostile manner
>but you will defeat it because you are actually above it, though it may feel like an extreme situation while it is happening
>it may be something social in which people turn against you for no appearant reason, or another material or psychological condition
Anonymous 2018-04-27 18:56:39 No. 2103

I've been very frustrated with society as a whole lately. Seeing right through people beyond what they themselves think they know about themselves. And I've been a dismissive dick a bunch of times simply because I wasn't in the mood to get to people's level or what they think is important in life. I've had to control it because I realized I was quickly getting into "fuck you money" territory without having the fuck you money. And besides I don't want to hurt people's feelings for no reason. In the end it's just been a case of "I was going through a very stressful week".
In general I've been extremely irritable and intolerant, but not bitter. I've also had bouts of benevolence towards strangers, going out of my way to help them for no reason. This includes animals.

I've noticed from time to time people and circumstances being dicks to me. Dropping stuff around me, accidentally being disrespectful, screwing me over unknowingly, etc. Sometimes it felt as if there was "something" trying to provoke me into reacting. I'm happy to say I've done extensive depolarization and meditation work over the years, so I can handle it and be non-reactive even on relatively extreme situations.

Do you know if this thing I did previously is far in the past or more recent? I can't think of anything bad I've done that would be that serious. I'm a ridiculously nice guy. Unless having the particle means I've got to be a saint no matter what.
Anonymous 2018-04-27 19:24:37 No. 2104
It would usually be when you just went along with mundane society the way it is today. It's a false construct, it's based on lies so just living a normal life and accepting the everyday ways of thinking people have, you are slowly building up this hostile field. As long as you are adding to it you won't notice, it's when you start resisting it ever so slightly that this happens.

Take for example "the false god of equality." How many times have you just accepted different versions of this idea and acted in accordance with it? It seems like it isn't harmful, but it also isn't real. Everyone was created as individuals, not as equals, it should be obvious to anyone, yet this idea is very persistant.

So when you see someone who's homeless or poor, if you believe everyone to have been born equal, you'll think at the back of your head that this person wasted their chances by their own doing and deserve to live in poverty.
In reality they may never have been given a chance, then your judging of them will prevent you from treating them with kindness.
Add countless small acts and attitudes like this and that's what's created that field.
Anonymous 2018-04-29 10:40:56 No. 2110
OP I have stumbled into, or been guided to find, an organization that 1. confirms many of my personal beliefs about magic, reality, life and death in a way nobody has until now. 2. Mirrors your "teachings" sometimes verbatim.
I won't talk about them here. They are a secret organization. But at least, if you know about them and they are somehow a part of all this, I have informed you as best as I can in a public manner.
Anonymous 2018-04-29 10:41:34 No. 2111
*if they are a part of all this
Anonymous 2018-04-29 15:06:59 No. 2112
It's spurdo sparde from 8chins. I saw somebody else use the spurdo flag in this thread, so I'll just wojack.

I made a brief post in the 8chins thread a couple of days ago, and then I remembered this thread also exists so I thought I'd drop by. To repeat myself, I haven't been experiencing anything at all, and this combined with the 'it can take months for anything at all to show up' has certainly made extremely wary of the whole affair.
Since, everybody's experience seems to be quite positive, I'd thought I'd leave a 'negative review', so to speak -perhaps for the people lurking or something.
That is all really.
Anonymous 2018-04-29 15:09:05 No. 2113
If I understood correctly, you have some sort of long term political agenda. Would you mind explaining it? I would like to perform parallel actions in my country for greater effevt, but certainly not reveal my location. WHat would be the general principle of these actions?
Anonymous 2018-04-29 16:17:31 No. 2114
Anyone speaking of the real situation would say the same things, so it's not necessary that there's a connection. I've come across books from all sorts of groups talking about the Undead Gods and they all more or less match my experiences with the vampire elders and ancients. The only thing I think I did differently was to connect the information in a new way based on my own experiences which makes it easier to see the big picture.

My only comment is you may change your view at a later time, or, I'm quite certain you will. Astral senses and other things are side effects after all, vampirism with no blood lust can be boiled down to one essential quality and it's something you can't prove objectively within a reasonable time frame.

I don't have principles, rather I'd say it's a world view based on personality, of having personality and focusing on the relations between people rather than public institutions. Today it's considered "horrible" to not have democratic and public institutions but I would have to ask why? The existence of those only allow for professional politicians to abuse the ability of these institutions to gain income by taxation rather than achievement and contribution.
I find it mindboggling that people are so willing to hand over their ability to decide for themselves, again and again, after being ripped off so many times.
The attached image describes the inevitable development this has lead to, what I'm doing is merely working alongside this natural process of localization.
Anonymous 2018-04-29 16:28:13 No. 2115
I think I can work with this.
Anonymous 2018-04-29 19:01:07 No. 2116
>Anyone speaking of the real situation would say the same things, so it's not necessary that there's a connection. I've come across books from all sorts of groups talking about the Undead Gods and they all more or less match my experiences with the vampire elders and ancients. The only thing I think I did differently was to connect the information in a new way based on my own experiences which makes it easier to see the big picture.

Well, either you are a certain Satanist Magister and public Vampire that has talked about all this in detail in interviews and websites before, or consider me officially impressed. Beyond coincidence for sure.

You said we can join organizations without worrying about incompatibilities, right? These people defend the absorption of excess qi from people which they claim goes to waste anyway and have a safeguard method for immortality that involves stealing a vacant body if you do die for some reason.
Anonymous 2018-04-29 20:47:27 No. 2119
>You said we can join organizations without worrying about incompatibilities, right? These people defend the absorption of excess qi from people which they claim goes to waste anyway and have a safeguard method for immortality that involves stealing a vacant body if you do die for some reason.

Unless they are explicitly against vampires there is no problem.
Because of my previous negative experiences with taking qi from other people, I'd have to advice against it, see >>2016
> It's called "stealing qi" in this terminology and argued strongly against. The person connected to someone and an incurable, (under normal circumstances) non contagious illness was transferred to the person. Someone else in the community had done this as well and also had an illness transmitted to them
I'm also a bit allergic to the term "psychic vampirism" because imo it's used by edgy goth kids so they can say they're vampires after practicing what's just beginner level qigong. Someone in another thread on here said something about dilution of terminology, in this case I think that's exactly what it is. Vampires suck blood, even if it was just a matter of fiction I wouldn't want to read about a vampire sneaking up on people to steal their "life force" from a distance, that would defeat the purpose of the theme. If you want to call yourself "vampire", dress up, put on make up and do so, but don't change the meaning of the word by adding "psychic", all vampires are psychic to some degree, in the conventional sense of what a "psychic" is; having some extraordinary mental abilities.

Sorry for rant, but I think the sliding of the meaning of the word "vampire" is harming the credibility of the community as a whole. LARP or not, do it right.

What was described by V.K on his blog seems like a different method even if he calls it "psychic vampirism" so if it was anything like that I have nothing to object, but I have to warn you about taking it from other people because that's not pure.

About the last part:
There's already a way to create a qi body out of nothing to keep a person here if they die, if that's something you're worrying about and you -really- want to stay, there's another spell for that.
That's what I'm talking about when I'm referring to achievements in necromancy. You place this spell on a person and if they die, they will be "running on the spell" instead of on their original fate and remain as a human. Their soul didn't learn anything and didn't change, this can be done on basically anyone because it's external. But I'd rather not because it will be powered by the god particle of the caster, and it's annoying even if it doesn't put on more than say 1% load per use. It's a constant drain, so it's preferable that the person can support themselves instead.
Anonymous 2018-04-29 21:36:08 No. 2121
I understand what you're saying, but aren't you using the term "vampire" in an even more diluted way? No blood sucking, no life force taking...
Also, what even is the god particle? A super thoughtform? Your essential self? A power source of some kind?
Anonymous 2018-04-29 22:03:32 No. 2122
Vampirism refers to the magical tradition of forming the god particle within the bloodstream. It won't be just one particle, but you're through and successful when you have just one, because it's strong enough to overpower anything mortal, which will render you immortal. The bloodlust is a side effect, which created the myth and image of what a vampire is in folklore. It is indeed possible to transfer the magic by consuming the blood of a vampire, so the act of swallowing blood (tho sperm should also do it) is an inseperable part of the lore.

The god particle, or as I labeled it in the schematic; the zero particle, is the most perfect and original essence of a being. It's your original nature, the purest form of who you are. It is a perfect circle, unbreakable, and it can inspire creation in matter around it and power your spiritual and physical development.

Removing the bloodlust changes nothing else. It's still the same tradition, it's still in your blood, it can still be transferred by blood, if you wanted to. This is why I use the same word, because the change is just the diverting of the desire for a socially controversial act. It's still blood magic.

That's why I don't like the changing of it to mean something not blood related when there's already a word for that: "stealing qi", which doesn't make you immortal, doesn't connect you with the magic tradition, doesn't do anything at all that would make it deserving of the "vampirism" label.

Fake vampires are still spreading the concept if they play along correctly so that's not an issue.
Anonymous 2018-04-30 14:27:57 No. 2132
Community man checking in.
I fell in love, with a girl which came from holland. We cuddled and kisses out in my nature/land. She stayed here for 4 days, then needed to go back, but she will come again very soon. She was like my soulmate or twinflame. We dident make love yet, so I haven't made her immortal yet (she dident tell me her age, but she was like 20years older than me, and still beautiful). But i will also say that if you fall in love with someone. You will still feel desire and love from the heart, (because I was worried I couldn't feel that anymore.) So my experience confirmed that you can feel real love/soul connection with someone, even if you are a "vampire" :^).

Just wanted to share this, and I also feel the magick very deep in me now. Its like its in all of my body. And I also got a pan flute from her. That I played around the fire.

I also told her I was immortal, but not that I was a vampire, because she might get the wrong expression of me, because vampires dosent have the best rep. She wasn't surprised because she was very empathic like me and also very understanding. Later if we stay together I will tell the whole story.
Anonymous 2018-04-30 15:24:22 No. 2133
Also I was popping a million boners with her. So yeah with real love you get your normal sex drive but in a more loving way.
Anonymous 2018-04-30 18:59:52 No. 2138
This is just an egregore tbh
Anonymous 2018-04-30 19:17:20 No. 2143
Fringe has really gone to shit since I last visited it. RIP /fringe/
Anonymous 2018-04-30 19:26:33 No. 2144
So.... where do I sign? I want in!
Anonymous 2018-04-30 19:48:34 No. 2146
A request is enough.
Please report any changes you experience for sharing and research. Preferably pick a unique flag to make it easier to know which anon is having which development.

Yes there is an egregore, as with any group.
Anonymous 2018-04-30 19:52:51 No. 2147
Thanks for reporting. This is in line with my experiences.
Be aware that turning someone with blood may fail, just as the spell may fail. I recommend asking the "winged loli" for it instead, that's how I intended this to work after we're done with these threads.
Anonymous 2018-04-30 22:17:55 No. 2159
Thanks for confirming it for me.

How would i make her immortal with the winged loli? I told her that there is a entity which works on making you immortal and that if you focus on the entity and on immortality it will work. She said she would think about it to see if its meant to be. Im saying this because she doesn't have a chan background and it might put her off if she visits the chan culture here, but maybe not.
Anonymous 2018-04-30 23:25:43 No. 2160
You just ask her, reach out to her in your mind or pray to her, present your wish. There are three elements that are important if you want to reach her specifically by focusing on her nature:
>the colour orange

That's about it. But if you are explaining this to the recruit it's sure to work because you already have the magic, so the wrong entity won't appear.
Anonymous 2018-04-30 23:53:53 No. 2161
I've been keeping an eye on this series since stumbling across the thread on infinity and I have to say you and the anons involved in the experiment have been fun to observe. Thank you for all these continued updates and dialogues.
Anonymous 2018-05-01 12:07:13 No. 2165
>the experiment
Anonymous 2018-05-01 15:47:29 No. 2166
>you will face the consequences of something you did previously, which may work against you in a hostile manner
>but you will defeat it because you are actually above it, though it may feel like an extreme situation while it is happening
>it may be something social in which people turn against you for no appearant reason, or another material or psychological condition

It happened just as described. I can't go into details, but it was pretty extreme. Holy shit. The outcome was beneficial.
Anonymous 2018-05-03 23:19:26 No. 2179
OP I don’t know if you still lurk, but I have found an IRL church of sorts that describes everything you describe. Perfectly coincident, down to the initiation you described, for which they have devised a ritual that induces it. And that leads to the transformation which you described. It’s all described exactly the same.

The guy in charge of this group is about mid 70s, but in all interviews I’ve heard since his 60s (unrelated to vampirism), he sounds like he’s 30. However, because of some of the things they talk about and their practices I think they are either hangarounds or have the version of the magic that’s not the cool, perfect one.
I’m afraid I can’t go into more details because I’m bound by secrecy. But I was guided as you said some of us would be if we needed it. I’m sure others will be if they need it.

Holy shit OP. Holy shit indeed. I think you were not larping after all.
Anonymous 2018-05-04 00:08:21 No. 2180
I'm still here. Thank you for sharig this.
It's a common story that vampirism was created 4000 years ago and that this spell was lost with the death of the warlock who created it. This refers to the "light" version and no one from that time is still around. But incidentally it was rumoured that this spell had somehow been recovered. I don't know the significance of this.
Anonymous 2018-05-04 01:11:03 No. 2181
I met people doing free energy devices, we talked together and I had parked my van outside. On the way back my wheel exploded but I drove slowly back to my place, at the house I was visiting the man came home and said that he saw somebody suspicious outside on their property, and then the wheel exploded, but I think because im protected now nothing dangerous happened to me.

Thoughts on this?
Anonymous 2018-05-04 03:34:51 No. 2183
anon, i do not know for sure and i am just a random person giving sorta and a random opinion:

the synchronicity may be involved as well during these sorts of occurrences to make it confusing for us to discern
Anonymous 2018-05-04 03:35:25 No. 2184
giving sorta novice opinion and sorta a random opinion*
Anonymous 2018-05-04 06:28:32 No. 2186
A shame that immortality doesn't help with allergies.
Anonymous 2018-05-04 07:36:37 No. 2189
>It's a common story that vampirism was created 4000 years ago and that this spell was lost with the death of the warlock who created it
Yes. This is the one. I suppose it's fine for me to work with them? For now our paths are parallel.
Anonymous 2018-05-04 18:35:03 No. 2191
May be nothing, or someone's messing with you (could be an occult attack which sent a random vandal to you), it's not strange when you get more serious about free energy and living off the grid.
They also have these shields, referred to as "electric fences" meant to stop people from leaving the mainstream or changing society in an (to them) undesired way. In this case the cabal also has a shield which is most likely one of the strongest in the world so there will be a conflict when they meet, like an electric shock as if putting two live wires together. I talked about shields in the old threads and how they function by making use of material conditions locally.

It will wear off with time, but this may be different from the illnesses which take 7 years at most. Vampires with bloodlust will experience symptoms like allergy or a flu if they abstain from blood. The main obstacle to leaving the physical plane is that the bloodlust forces them to come back even after staying in other dimensions for several days at a time.
The updated version of the spell makes use of your own body so there won't be an external addiction, but it will exist internally. Based on which version was effective, see >>1506
it will manifest differently. It is likely to be related to something you'd like to do or think about, maybe obsess over. This will be your "addiction" which replaces the bloodlust, and if you abstain from it you may have those symptoms. But it's individual and solving it will be a matter of becoming self supporting within yourself. Find out what part of you represents the "addiction" and take control of it, use meditation, self hypnosis or any method you prefer to become aware of it. But you'll probably know what it is, because it's something you'll naturally relate to feeling strong and healthy.

Just like the old vampires can internalize the bloodlust and control that part of themselves more and more, so can you. The difference is you won't need to do something which is socially difficult in the way vampirism has manifested in history.

I consider those using other weak versions of the magic to be "lost tribes", if you get what I mean, you can try to reconnect them.
Anonymous 2018-05-04 21:59:54 No. 2192
Actually allergies goes away when you connect to nature and your spirit. I was allergic to many things, but now im not allergic anymore. I think allergies is a symptom of being disconnected from yourself and nature.

Observe where you are disconnected, and reconnect. I was allergic to even grass when I was young, and now I walk barefeet everywhere.
Anonymous 2018-05-04 22:42:03 No. 2193
wow really beautiful picture!
Anonymous 2018-05-04 23:01:39 No. 2198
anyone dumb enough for fall for this dead yet?
Anonymous 2018-05-04 23:14:09 No. 2200
I've been through something similar, 2-3 years of bones and ligaments moving around inside the body, realigning, but that was selfinitiation into kundalini.

I'm reading stuff about the creation of black energies within the body and I worry.

I never bothered with this thread on 8/fringe because I didn't feel that it was something for me, it also felt really fucking larpy - So I never bothered, now, reading the thread, because I'm forced to, and all the people who've accepted this mystery box, with obvious and drastic changes..

OP, if this is a looshfarm project you're going to hell with my blessing.
Anonymous 2018-05-04 23:21:09 No. 2201
My bones and muscles are moving, I can tell you that. All of my body has become more symmetrical.
Anonymous 2018-05-04 23:37:13 No. 2202
Mine to and I'm no vampire fam.
Anonymous 2018-05-04 23:40:16 No. 2203
I don't believe in "loosh."
If you'd read the threads I've argued against it on several occasions.
Anonymous 2018-05-04 23:47:35 No. 2204
>you go pale, lose hair, nails, teeth, all good tho, you'll come back


People falling for this almost deserve it. I so, so, so bad want to call you a nigger, OP, and delete the thread so that no more idiots can harm themselves with astral aids cause I'm fairly certain this is a scam.
Anonymous 2018-05-04 23:49:55 No. 2205
If scam, with my blessing, friend. The darkest pits. A very long time.
Anonymous 2018-05-05 00:06:48 No. 2206
>you go pale, lose hair, nails, teeth, all good tho, you'll come back
Interesting that you say that. There's a supposedly real alchemical concoction that does exactly this. If you drink too much, it kills you outright. If you don't, you are totally dependent and messed up for months, and when you recuperate, you are immortal.
This has nothing to do with OP. By the way, you might think this is a scam, or whatever, but it's on-topic as fuck, even if it's the LARP for the ages, it's one of the few interesting things to happen around here for a long time. And it actually brought real and positive changes to my development through synchronicities and reflecting on OP's ramblings. You would be doing a disservice to /fringe/ if you deleted it. And certainly sending a messed up message.
Anonymous 2018-05-05 00:12:56 No. 2208
>I know better than everyone else, thank me later filthy mundanes.
Anonymous 2018-05-05 00:16:59 No. 2209
You talking about the Aquarius stone?
Anonymous 2018-05-05 00:18:00 No. 2210
Lel, this
Anonymous 2018-05-05 00:21:03 No. 2211
>I don't believe in loosh
Anonymous 2018-05-05 00:39:49 No. 2212
I'm usually the only one on /fringe/ who actually believes hell is real.

I see this got too popular... when the supposed site owners doesn't even want traffic brought here, I don't see a reason to keep using this place.
Maybe it's not needed to keep communicating online any longer. You already know what to do to spread this and how the community works.
Anonymous 2018-05-05 00:46:23 No. 2213
>when the site owners don’t want traffic
I’m fine with this thread. It’s the other guy who doesn’t like it.
But traffic is irrelevant. We don’t sell anything nor run ads. All traffic does is take a bite of the server’s monthly limits.

I don’t like the flat earth one
tipp 2018-05-05 00:59:09 No. 2214
>> You would be doing a disservice to /fringe/ if you deleted it

Would I really?

The only reason this thread is still up is because I'm not naive enough to try this to call bull on it, and without knowing for sure, I'll refrain from doing anything that is not in accordance with the will and health of the community.

That said, this spell is intricate and dangerous, its beyond the casual. As far as I can tell it works in parts, by introducing a higher vibe, buzzing you to make you feel clean, then it jumpstarts some basic energywork in the body and starts siphoning away all your current energy until you're running on fumes (evidenced by pale skin, losing hair and nails), then, once you're so weak you couldn't fight it if you wanted the curse will start settling in all new cells in the body, programming them.

Its similar to kundalini but it is very different, the energywork starting up per automatic once the curse is accepted forces your body into overdrive to produce energy. Where does this energy go? Its getting stolen. Kundalini invigorates you immediately, this is weakening you so that it can set hold, turning you into a living battery.

This is a curse. This is probably irreversible. You probably wont become immortal.
This is literally astral aids and I would be doing the community a service by removing this thread.

>>I know better than everyone else, thank me later filthy mundanes.
>capitol letters
>a dot

Please find another flag to make look stupid.
Anonymous 2018-05-05 01:01:45 No. 2215
>literally astral aids
Your standard chan experience then!
Anonymous 2018-05-05 01:03:00 No. 2216
There is that thing about what this place was founded on, it was said
>this is fringechan, because the people, the egregore, is the same
and there is an issue with that - fringechan 2.0 had some major flaws, namely that the people running it and some of the flagfags wanted it to be their own little circlejerk with no external influences.
So far fringebay has been too inactive to attract much attention, but as soon as there was a small increase, it started going bad. I don't like the feeling, if it starts going in the direction fringechan did in late 2016... maybe 6 months of activity is all you can expect from a dedicated occult imageboard.
Anonymous 2018-05-05 01:16:56 No. 2217
If that scares you, don't try to understand these pics.
Anonymous 2018-05-05 01:30:57 No. 2218
This is very reversible if anyone is regretting doing it.
Anonymous 2018-05-05 01:44:44 No. 2219
Anonymous 2018-05-05 01:51:20 No. 2220
Please don't abandon the vampire threads because some bored autists shit up this comfy, reporting thread. Posting here is about as low-maintenance as it gets to retain group cohesion to share experiences.

We've had one guy report "sped up aging" and hair falling out. Relax. Everyone else more or less for the past months has said the spell acted more as placebo and helped inspire them to be more efficient. I can report I'm actually more muscularly filled-out than my usual self after some time with the spell.
And even if you're right about the energy being stolen, that's normal with Undead god rituals from what I've read. You offer up your energy as tribute and if they deem you worthy they fill you back up with their superior energy.

If we do get astral aids, good. Now we'll have something for /x/ to go ham on to churn out some freshly made creepy pasta and conjunctively serve as a reminder for channers to watch out for le spooky Vampire larp lore pact threads.
Anonymous 2018-05-05 02:06:49 No. 2221
Seems to me like an organized attempt to discredit Blood-anon, or just a singular shitposter. I've not experienced any of the rapid aging effects, loss of hair, paleness, or loss of nails. I don't know where the loss of nails was heard. I have noticed that my skin is ruddier and clearer than normal. I've been having vivid dreams and am capable of remembering them, two of my dreams have been a call to do more cardio. The only side-effect is a new found obsession with yuri. Perhaps astal aids have given me the gay.
Anonymous 2018-05-05 02:13:41 No. 2222
>>Seems to me like an organized attempt to discredit Blood-anon, or just a singular shitposter

Just the Mod. Don't want to see anyone get hurt. That is all.
Anonymous 2018-05-05 02:25:27 No. 2223
Tipp owns the website. You can see his opinion right there >>2214
I've been aware of this because we had arguments on fringechan already. But mewch is worse as far as discussions go, because Megamilk may delete entire boards on a whim. Or so I thought.
If it was one autist it wouldn't matter, this is different. It's exactly what happened before. I do find it a bit ironic that the most popular thread here gets threatened, while my old threads are kept in the archive... to be saved for the future as part of /fringe/ history. That's nothing but historical revisionism, and a repeat of the 4chan style moderation.
Maybe this summary of the /a/ vs /u/ drama can serve as an illustration:
When the moderators start working against the userbase, it's time to leave.

New thread here, for as long as that may work:
Anonymous 2018-05-05 10:46:57 No. 2226
We are like nomads now, kek
Anonymous 2018-05-05 13:05:27 No. 2227
"The Wandering Jew is a mythical immortal man whose legend began to spread in Europe in the 13th century."
Anonymous 2018-05-05 23:13:56 No. 2232
I actually bought that book a few weeks back, but I haven't read it yet. It's about the life of an immortal jew (Cartaphilus).
Anonymous 2018-05-06 18:25:08 No. 2233
That pic wants me to be a girl and then a lesbian. wtf
Anonymous 2018-05-07 21:28:12 No. 2236
>-Ingrid Pitt
>Based on the J. Sheridan Le Fanu novella Carmilla and is part of the so-called Karnstein Trilogy of films, the other films being Lust for a Vampire (1971) and Twins of Evil (1972).
>The three films were somewhat daring for the time in explicitly depicting lesbian vampire themes.
Anonymous 2018-05-09 03:59:01 No. 2240
/Gross posting and blog posting/

A couple weeks back, 4 days before I passed the half-way mark on my 40 days of mantra to Shiva I noticed a pimple under the skin of my chin. Then the next day I noticed I had a pimple on my right nipple which turned out to be a lot more than that. It was a large abscess about an inch cubed and I could feel a much smaller abscess developing behind the other nipple as well.
The next few days, I could feel a tingle of energy there every once and a while, feeling activity or perhaps alteration in size. The abscesses have now shrunk to a very small size but it's perpetual presence still has the people around me unnerved due to my family's history with blood, skin and especially breast cancer which took my mother. Reading upon symptoms of male breast abscess rolling out a 50/50 odds of breast cancer added credence to these suspicions.

I figured when it first happened it was a physical manifestation of a subconscious release, however upon my own divinations there were implications that agreed with my suspicions. I am fascinated to see how the threat of cancer parlays with the 0D particle and membership within the cabal. The most likely boring scenario is it fades on its own, or is removed along with my ta-tas, or the (((chemo-meme))) rears its ugly head (which I'll just pass on). If Blood-anon would be so kind as to perform a reading on me I would deeply appreciate it. I'm curios to see if these symptoms have a correspondence to what you'd see and that perhaps more future shenanigans can be vaguely predicted from a reading as well like you've mentioned to others.

The day before the abscess was found I experienced symptoms of what appeared to be "Low Blood-Qi" expressing itself with significantly more lethargy, eye-strain, cold hands and feet, extreme exhaustion at 3pm, fickle heart rhythm and reoccurring dull pain at the back of the hips (which still rarely resurfaces and is less painful). It's odd I would have Low Blood-Qi as I am very health conscious and have an extremely low stress life, the only other possible causal factor would be emotional suppression and isolation. Now I just have reoccurring and random placement body aches a few times a day that last from 2 to 10 seconds. For instance the last one was stronger and felt like a dull bite on the bottom right side of my neck which is a new placement for me.

On a more fun note, I had a dream 3 nights ago that my bushman uncle-in-law with dementia and I were in an abandoned house in a field behind a small forest which was adjacent to the cross between two rural roads. He spoke of hostile folk-lore forest entities in this area he claimed to have spotted before in his life. Within a few minutes of exploring the house separately he was gone without a trace. I returned to the camp at dusk where his wife and a dozen or so other campers along with an aboriginal shaman and apprentice argued about what happened and what to do but it devolved into petty arguments. The staunch atheist got up suddenly for a bloody nose and walking outside from the group circle a flying cloak zipped by and snatched him up and one other and within a heart beat it flew back and was hovering at the forest's tree tops the in the distance as it handed off the two to another floating cloak. Impulsively I walked out from the panicked circle and bellowed as loud as I could, "YOU FORGOT SOMEONE YOU STUPID FAGGOTS!" I could see the first cloaked entity creak it's hood towards me and raise it's shoulders in surmounting anger before dashing head-long for me. I frantically attempted to recall defensive wards, protocols and sigils in vain and resorted to screaming to Shiva and Michael whereupon I immediately woke up.
I took it initially as a warning to buff up on my knowledge of spiritual defense and only recently did it dawn on me that they resembled the grim reaper archetype, just without the scythe or any discernible body parts underneath the cloak.
Anonymous 2018-05-09 10:50:43 No. 2241
Your signature is pretty straight forward. See pic.
Similar to >>2102
there is a destruction white field moving upward, but in your case the red field does not cover the area where it is attacking, rather it is surfacing directly into your faith field.

>What this means:
Relying on faith alone, you can wear this destructive field down and close the gap in your red magic field. You need to "let go" and trust that your own ability to control your own life can make this go away. A strong and determined mind is the key here.

If you were to start worrying and obsess negatively over the condition, it may worsen and your yellow faith field would weaken. The red field itself can already purge any illnesses from the body, so the condition can't remain in the long run. But how this plays out in the near future is determined by how you treat what you experience. Your thinking controls reality.
If this runs in the family, the white destructive field comes from your ancestors, and the reason you have to handle it has to do with why you incarnated in this family in the first place. (things I can't tell by a simple reading like this)

The cloaked beings could be any grunt demon or someone working for an organization of some kind. Try to look at it from the context of your physical condition and see if it makes sense. Maybe they're demons handling illnesses and they're trying to determine what to do in relation to you.
Anonymous 2018-05-09 13:21:47 No. 2242
Maybe this is relevant.
Anonymous 2018-05-15 11:27:05 No. 2268
found all this stuff like a few days ago, its a lot to go through.

Someone tell me what to do, how do I into vampire magic
Anonymous 2018-05-15 20:13:25 No. 2269
Read a bit from the beginning of the first thread, after that it's mostly anons' reports and Q&A.
Anonymous 2018-05-18 21:15:47 No. 2283
After simply referring to the autocast function as a "summoned entity" for a while I felt it wasn't appropriate any longer and asked her what name to call her by. She replied to use the name Alissa.
So when expressing intent to receive the magic, you can direct it at Alissa and visualize a winged female entity in the color orange, pic related.
An anon from the new thread asked for a sigil for easier connection, this has been included in the other pic.
Explanation of the sigil:
>If drawn on the ground, draw the circle first. The zigzag line represents, from botton left to top right, the level of the illusory society, hell, the human world, and last the world of demigods, once again connecting to the other side of the circle. The circle represents Alissa's perception of the world as finite and under her control.

If you want, you can just communicate with her. Though her mission is spreading the magic and guiding its users, she is also an independent being. She is not a regular being with a bodily form, rather she would place in the category of elementals, as a personification of this specific strand of magic.
Anonymous 2018-05-19 13:43:37 No. 2286
Hi, any advices regarding books on telepathy?
I found .pdf related, but I'm still wondering if this one is useful in itself.
Anonymous 2018-05-27 12:53:19 No. 2330
I just recently found this image. For the other OPs I just happened to come across an image for that purpose just in time, but I don't see we need a new thread now so I'll just post it.
The composition along with the characteristics of the woman is pretty strong. I think this represents the last area to open up, the energy behind it reminds me of someone from high school who kept talking about the satanist bible and who was the most self centered person I've ever met. Not just arrogant "I abuse other people" selfish, rather
>I don't even notice other people and I'm only talking to you because it's part of me to do so
But it does make sense that an immortal god would have this view as humans come and go too quickly to notice in the long run.

>Second pic:
I'll draw this up and be done with it, it should be self explantory if you saw the first one.
Anonymous 2018-06-05 18:05:49 No. 2347
Addition to the drawing above.
Anonymous 2018-06-09 06:43:42 No. 2349
Please Use the wand if the spell doesn't work on me.
Anonymous 2018-06-09 08:20:51 No. 2350
Please cast the vampire spell on me.
Anonymous 2018-06-09 21:31:58 No. 2351
Alissa handles the spell now, but I used the wand since you asked for it.
See further discussion linked here:
for more information.
Anonymous 2018-06-10 06:23:57 No. 2352
Thank you.
Olaf 2018-08-19 16:01:47 No. 2391
Cast this on me. Willing to work with you, tried calling but didn’t get an answer.
Anonymous 2018-08-20 11:21:20 No. 2392
How would you summarize the way your spell works and what kind of effects people are expected to get from it?
Are you also able to remove it if they want to change back or suffer any negatives?
sage 2018-08-20 17:35:34 No. 2394
OP is gone, but you'll have a better chance of finding him on meguca/fringe/ or mewch/fringe/
This whole thing is little more than a larp. Just let the thread die.
Anonymous 2018-09-11 21:23:40 No. 2493
Suffering ended. I feel completely differenti now. Human world is not relevant anymore even if I have to deal with it update coming soon.