Manifestation 101 Anonymous 2017-12-11 21:31:06 No. 1055
OK nigras, it doesn't get any better than this. This is it. It has been around for ages. It's not complicated, it's not mysterious. It's hardly esoteric at this point.

If you have trouble manifesting whatever it is you want your life to be like, here you go. You need look no further, and if you don't look here, you're not gonna make it breh.

Come at me.
Anonymous 2017-12-12 22:59:34 No. 1060
Jesus, 9 hours?

Is it really that complicated? I just try to go on higher planes and vibe with what I want.
Anonymous 2017-12-12 23:01:36 No. 1061
not to say I'm not interested but damn
Anonymous 2017-12-13 00:39:47 No. 1062
Funny you should say that. I've been in a spiral of self-introspection, suffering, overcoming and self-empowerment for two years now and you think nine hours is "complicated"?

Keep vibing with what you want if that is working out for you.
Anonymous 2017-12-13 03:16:45 No. 1063

yeah I have most of what I want tbh. I've been on the Path for 2 and a third years myself.

I'm sure I'll get to it in time, it's just that I've got a good year's worth of material already lol
Anonymous 2017-12-13 21:12:02 No. 1070
I'm loving this guy tbh

He's a truly dedicated redpiller.
Anonymous 2017-12-15 07:35:36 No. 1076
notes so far:

"you will not be seeing or hearing anything new here today"
yeah I figured.

I like his idea to pronounce it ignore-ance.
and to use the word nescience, though I used ignorance and willful ignorance.

"truth is objective." i wonder
"perception is not truth" i wonder
he disagrees with "my perceptions are important." I'd think they kind of are
disagree with "my perceptions are accurate" and I'd say yeah they're not necessarily so.

I wonder.
I think maybe some truths are immutable but many arent, and it depends on the level one works at.

in a later part he says stuff about it though,

"truth is that which does not waver, that which was and is."

so like the basic laws I guess, and he's right enough that that's objective enough for the moment.

"changing my behavior."
"it's not easy. it took me probably about 8 years to do it."
wew that's a while

he says "nobody can change the past."
I wonder about this/ kind of don't believe it. I mean, maybe it's true but I think at worst one can't change what happened in the current dimension and they can change dimensions.
Is the mandela effect a mass delusion in his eyes?

When he talked about solipsism as a delusion, and it being offensive to others to not believe they exist, I was thinking "well what if I don't necessarily believe even I exist" lol.
"I" being the character of the ego I suppose.

Interesting talk on sins in Satanism and how they're encouraged in the general public as a control mechanism.

he takes an entire minute to define definition lol

His definition of consciousness applies, imo, to humans/sapient.

I think part 1 is obvious but I'd show it to newbies/mundies/solipsists,

anyway, seems legit and practical, at least so far.
I look forward to continuing, may even finish in the next day.
Anonymous 2017-12-15 07:39:45 No. 1077
I wonder why he calls his store items "donation gifts"/the link "gifts" rather than "store".
Anonymous 2017-12-15 19:45:32 No. 1079
these make me think of the extremes of 'dark'/lhp and 'light'/rhp
Anonymous 2017-12-16 01:51:06 No. 1082
near an hour into the 2nd vid. "7 principles."

Me: is it the kybalion? *5 mins later* eeyup. well I didn't read it yet anyway even if I know much of it so I'll listen
Anonymous 2017-12-16 08:15:09 No. 1085
He recommends this book super-highly.

moral relativists contradictory to belief in karma.
ooh good point.

he says everyone is necessarily sovereign.
what about if you sell your soul tho

he's certainly got a different idea of morality/karma than cory.

inaction there isn't evil I believe. No karmic consequence as karma is having done to you what you do to others exactly or close enough.

He has a big lecture on right and wrong, good and evil.
Which hey, I think I'm pretty good in general so I'm ok with, but would peeve me if I weren't/weren't aligned with truth.

I think only the 2nd video is really necessary and there's a lot of preaching, but it's, by definition, the right thing to do, and needed for societal manifestation, if not personal.
Anonymous 2017-12-16 08:16:03 No. 1086
Anonymous 2017-12-17 06:55:02 No. 1094
so 9 hours to say basically the same thing as the kybalion plus this as well as saying ROW ROW FIGHT DA POWA/society's current incarnation is evil and if you don't fight it you're a bad person?
Anonymous 2018-04-06 22:05:43 No. 1890
As requested, I’m going to write a primer that should get any newbie going on this journey.

But first, we need to lay down some basic information that even supposedly more advanced practitioners don’t always consider.
Most if not all magic relies on the action of spirits. Whether we consciously know we’re commanding them or not, they mediate all magical action. Some of these spirits, however, are so simple, we generally don’t refer to them as such. When we speak of thoughtforms or energies, in reality we’re talking about spirits. Even when doing something as simple as a chaos magick style sigil, it will be a suitable spirit or energy that which will carry out your will. Even when we do energy work with our bodies or visionary magic, we’re interacting with the spirits of our bodies and our minds. All forces in magic—including the multiple aggregate layers surrounding the magicians soul, which we sometimes call ego, subconscious, shadow and others—are animated consciousness. Depending on the complexity of these entities, we call them spirits, thoughtforms, servitors, egregores… All is mind, as the Kybalion says. The fundamental stuff of the universe is consciousness.
The same way gravity pulls, water makes things wet or fire burns, different entities do different things. It’s their thing. There are spirits who kill, spirits who heal, spirits who make cars break down, plants grow, etc. The more complex ones sometimes require a sacrifice or something in return, or want you to work on yourself in return, and most don’t. Think of hiring a hitman versus dragging a tiger into someone’s house in order to kill them. For the tiger, the kill is its own reward, but you don’t risk the hitman turning against you for no reason.

Get those juices flowing
In order to properly get these forces to obey or listen to you, there are a couple of things you need to take into account.
First of all: like attracts like. Unless you want to call on a specific entity to do your bidding or give you information (something beyond the scope of this tutorial), the kind of energies that you will command depend on the environment you project. If you are plagued by astral parasites and weighted down by unresolved mommy issues, you will fling shit around with every spell you cast, and in some cases you can hurt yourself and others around you. Likewise, if you’re enveloped in self-rightous candy cotton Sunday school baby wipes, the forces affine to your “vibration” will probably reject the dirtier deeds you might want to perform. Take this into account. You should strive to meditate dialy and take care of your traumas, grudges and attachments. Take charge of the astral (emotional) signature you put out at all times. The better you get at this, the more reliable your magic will be.
With all that taken into consideration, you need to get their attention. Announce yourself as no longer a sleeping sheep, and show you want to start commanding these forces around. This is generally done with some variation of a daily calling of the quarters. Aim to perform this ritual daily or nightly for 3 months or so. I will give you three alternatives which work:

Buy this book and make sure to read it. Then perform the Headless Rite daily as explained in it for the duration of your choosing (1 to 3 months recommended). I ask you to buy it because you need to take the material seriously. You’re no longer browsing Facebook.

Buy this book and do the initiation as described. You can continue on your own with the grades after that if you feel like it. I ask you to buy it because you need to take the material seriously. You’re no longer browsing Facebook.

Head over to and do the apprentice module. And then hope this site is still around when you finish it. Then again, at that point you will probably have progressed past what I’m teaching here.

Sigil magic
You might think sigils are newfag stuff no serious magician would bother with, but you would be mistaken. Sigils are implicit pacts with spiritual forces and energies. In a sense, a precursor to evocation. Some people will tell you they are a way to put things into your subconscious or what have you. The reality is, it doesn’t matter ”why” things work at this point (and depending on your disposition, it may never do).
This is one way of creating a sigil:

>take a piece of paper and black pen
>decide statement of intent
>formulate as you would an hypnotic suggestion (avoid negatives and use simple sentences) and write it down in caps
>write it again removing vowels and repeated letters
>make a drawing by transforming and combining those, making sure to make something you engage with and find “cool”. Iterate. You definitely want that feeling of artistic achievement when you’re done, even if it objectively looks like shit or you can’t draw
>tear a round piece of paper out of a blank sheet and draw your sigil in all its glory on it with a marker or something
>destroy the sheet where you went through the creation process and store away the sigil for a month or until you forget what it was about
>do a sigil every couple of days or every week, that way you’ll forget them easily. They’re free to make, so go wild with it

A word of caution: this magic takes the path of least resistance. For instance, asking for a fuckload of money can end up killing a relative, causing you to inherit, or maiming you in exchange for an insurance. Although this is dependent on the astral environment we were talking about earlier, it’s good practice to add “harming none” or “benefiting all those involved” or something similar to your statements of intent.

After you have forgotten about the meaning of your sigil, it’s time to activate it.

>turn off the lights, close the shades, and light a candle
>place your sigil in front of you
>get into a gnostic trance / theta-gamma sync / self-hypnotic trance (
>stare into the sigil as you would a Magic Eye 3D Illusions book
>once it starts to shift, glow and deform in your actual vision, it’s charging. You can keep at it for some five minutes or wait until it stops on its own
>burn it
>consider the deed done, and move on with your life. Results will not come until you stop lusting for them

Enhancing the ritual
You can enhance the effects of this ritual by looking up lunar days and planetary hours ( and performing the activation ritual on the appropriate day and hour for what it is you want to achieve. Bonus points if you get a grimoire like the Hygromanteia and call for the assistance of the ruling spirits of the day/hour.

Candle magic
You can improve sigil magic with candles. Like so:

>create your sigil as above
>acquire a colored candle (solid, make sure it’s not white inside) that matches your intent according to planetary magick colors
>carve your sigil on the candle
>after activating it, place your paper sigil underneath the candle holder and let the candle burn to completion
>optionally, you can place your sigil so that it will ignite once the candle is almost consumed. Be careful not to burn your house down

Enhancing the ritual
What applied to the basic sigil ritual applies to this one as well. You can also get essential oils that have matching correspondences to your intent and dress the candle with them prior to the ritual.
Anonymous 2018-04-06 23:45:47 No. 1892
This is a decent introduction, but I have to say don't fully agree with the standard method for creating and activating sigils. Using roman letters which are phonetic is ineffective, you will have better results if using a self made logogram created from a simplified pictogram or a schematic. The "charging and forgetting" is also bulky and mentally straining imo. It's easier to work on it by visualization and define its meaning over a period of time until you know every aspect of what you want to do. Let it take the time you need, maybe 1 - 3 months will do. Then draw the sigil outside on the ground in the dirt using a stick (keep it primitive) as if writing calligraphy in the park, ONCE perfectly. Erase it after you felt it activate. This is a sure way to attract the desired spirits, they understand rituals like this and will be sure to pay attention if you're already mentally determined to do it only once.
Anonymous 2018-04-07 00:21:55 No. 1894
I wrote this because a total newbie asked me for some basic guidance. I started with these and they brought me much success.
But please elaborate on your method. Can you post an example? That's what this thread is all about, so we can all learn from others' experience.
Anonymous 2018-04-07 02:18:32 No. 1897
It's not much more than what I wrote already. The only thing I didn't spell out is that all sigils designed for specific puposes are single use. They're supposed to work on the first try so no second use is needed.

The only reason I see for reusing sigils is if they're well known sigils for specific demons or entities, or if they gave you a sigil to use when contacting them, such as the "angels" sigil posted in the entities thread. (pic)

From my experience all spiritual beings who are used to interact with the human world pay a lot of attention to what humans draw on the ground. This method of communication has been used for ages, and it's been used in any time period, when in a primitive society all you have is sticks and stones and you can use them to draw stuff on the ground. When in an advanced society, occultists still use similar methods, like drawing with charcoal on a stone floor etc, I think you should stick with that simple approach, it's an established method. The spirits can read online as well but that's more like mind reading because it's not physical letters so it's a bit more complicated for them to make out what you want. Same with focusing and visualizing in it itself. If you want to make sure you get the message across you need to draw it, knowing the meaning of what you draw is the important part. You can refer to what you are thinking of, and say to yourself, "this line represents..." and they will have to go by that, as if it was a programming language. Symbols don't have meaning in themselves, they have the meaning you decide. And that's why I think phonetic letters are not suitable, images or simple symbolism work better because it's closer to how spirits think.

There's also that issue about creating a sigil, charging it, reusing it many times, which means it wasn't successful at first use, this implies lack of faith in your magic and it's aiming too low imo. If you are to then delete the sigil by forgetting it, that means it still has a charge which hasn't been used for achieving your goal. If you used it properly all the energy put into it would have been used up when the effect was released onto the world. This also means that you don't need to overcharge it, give it just enough for it to do what you want, no more or less.

These are just my opinions on how you do this more effectively, it's a bit different from the guides everyone is using. I'm not going to post any of the sigils I've used because those are to be drawn only once and they don't work for anyone else. Part of the point is that this method will make a statement of your determination and this will send a much stronger message. You don't want to fuck up when drawing something if you spent a few months on visualizing it and you only have one try, so you'll need to be focused.
Anonymous 2018-04-07 09:35:32 No. 1899
Does all the creation process happen in your head? Besides deciding what the logogram means and why, do you do any special impregnation visualization? Do you utter any words out loud? Do I need to be in trance to do this? Do you involve other senses or just sight? Thanks
Anonymous 2018-04-07 11:24:45 No. 1901
The most important part is research of the area you're working to change. If you make false assumptions about something and include those, it will not work properly. So information gathering takes up most of the time. You can make drafts, sketching up different parts as you go along, just don't connect the different parts to create the full sigil, that is for the activation and needs to be done with full attention in a "ritual setting" state of mind. You do need to have the full design clear in your mind before drawing it, but there's no actual charging involved, you align what you do in a way to make use of existing forces, your sigil is a command or message which will attract them. It doesn't have power of its own other than your creative suggestion for these forces to carry this out. So it needs to be beneficial for whoever you're calling on to do this, you're selling them an idea, which just happens to benefit both of you. The sigil explains this idea.
Anonymous 2018-04-07 11:49:12 No. 1902
When you say it needs to be beneficial to both, does it mean it can't be used for baneful magick?
Anonymous 2018-04-07 12:27:37 No. 1903
Mindlessly attacking someone isn't recommended, but if you can show that you're being wronged against and you are merely retaliating based on your own honest values, then asking for assistance isn't wrong. This should be a given in any magic but you do have to stand for what you do, if you attack something, you can't yourself do that thing later, then your previous attack on that thing will turn against you. Sometimes you may think it's still worth it just to stop someone, but then that should be a part of your calculated pay. I can't recommend that, but it's still possible, sometimes the long term effect of an act that harms you in the short term may still outweight the negative. Consider all these things thoroughly or you may get in trouble.
Anonymous 2018-04-07 14:04:58 No. 1904
Could you make up and post an example of the whole process please?
Anonymous 2018-04-07 14:44:48 No. 1906
Creation of single use sigils

>Decide what you want to achieve.
>Analyze the situation and determine what parts are relevant.
>Look into those parts and learn how they function. This can be done by searching information and using logic to determine what the true situation is like. Sometimes you may not be able to determine what is true or false. At this point you may use a another sigil to rectrieve that information, meaning you create a sigil with the defined purpose of exposing the truth of this matter to you, so that you can design your main sigil properly.
>Using visualization or drawings, create representations of the things involved in your goal. The important part is that YOU know the meaning, the spirits will read your mind to find out what you mean, so it doesn't have to make sense to other people as long as you know what it means to you. For example, if I wanted to represent a beach, I'd make a single curved line.
>You now have a number of pictograms. Make them as simple as possible, keep in mind that these are to be added into one image.
>Go through the components in your mind until you know them by heart. Then preferably you throw away or burn your sketches and move to the next step.
>Using visualization, create your sigil in the form of a logogram, using the different parts you already examined. This works similar to how kanji is constructed where two or more images create a new meaning when added.
>Observe your surroundings and get a feel for when the sigil will have best effect, and where. Dirt roads or road crossings are usually good places, and you'd want to do it at a time when there is no disturbance since that would lessen the effect. Imagine the roads as infrastructure which carry messages and information, just like phone lines or broadband cables. The spiritual world sees no difference between them.
>When you have determined the right time and place, clear your mind, go through the sigil in your head so that it is all you think about. When you reach the location, decide for a method of drawing. Pick a stick off the ground, or you can use your foot to draw in the mud.
>With an empty mind, let the sigil visualisation pass out into your body and draw it with a flowing motion, one line after a another. It may be a good idea to decide on a drawing order before if you feel this may cause a pace problem. Drawing the sigil has to be perceived as one act.
>After you finished drawing with full attention, you will feel that the energy built up within you has been transferred to the sigil.
>Wait until you feel a "click" in your mind, meaning the message of the sigil as merged with your choosen infrastructure for dissemination. (i.e. the road or field)
>Erase the sigil and stop thinking about it.
>The effect when using this method in my experience starts manifesting after a minimum of 3 weeks.

This can be used as an alternative to the charging method here
but you still need to mind how you form your goals, this is just a method, so everything else that was post in the introduction still holds.

When you get better at it, or for smaller things, you will be able to activate it only by your mind, but this requires an ability to connect to the external system directly. If you don't understand how to do this, or for more important things, use the full drawing method.
Anonymous 2018-04-19 11:20:55 No. 2032
>I think maybe some truths are immutable but many arent, and it depends on the level one works at.

I would like to agree. Perspectives are also important, one perspective, one person, one life, all perspectives, reaching unto omniscience.